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Friday, July 28, 2006

Don't Miss This Tourney!

Tim "TajMahal" Sportin' the bad a$$ Shark tee in Vegas.

Shark No Limit Guru Taj Mahal (Tim,from Colorado)invites all to the "Shark Vet Series" this Sunday 7/30, 8PM! Titan Poker supplies the cashish and software to welcome our best players. Thats right laggsters. 2500 chippies, 20 min. blinds and 6 seated. This structure will lead to the best players at the final table most nites. Every Sunday attempt to kick a Shark Vet to the curb for FREE Shark swagola and infamy. 8PM every Sunday, NL Poker, 64 Funny Cars, Budweiser Grrrls, and at least $200 added every week. $5.50 buyin. If entries increase each week so will the added cash.

Register Here

Password to enter is tajmahal
in·fa·my ( P ) Pronunciation Key (nf-m)
n. pl. in·fa·mies
1) Evil fame or reputation.
2) The condition of being infamous.
3) An evil or criminal act that is publicly known.

Take yer pick, 1 2 or 3. I'd pick 3 but thats just me.

Chip slinggin', smack talkin', porn sendin' Stew "stewnana" above. My daughters and Raisin all say hes "HOT" so I posted his mug and added his screen name to the list of future Shark Vet hosts. Stewie is a great guy and you can meet him in Vegas May 07 at "Sharks do Vegas ll". He works at a Starbucks so try to find out which one in Portland, OR and post in comments. I believe there are only 3 Starbucks in Portland.

20 events are now locked and loaded for August! Check out the link at the TOP of this page for the Shark schedule. Should be a fun month.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Ramblin' Post, Lotsa Poker and Cleavage.

Politics deal online poker a shaky hand

By Brandon Lowrey
Denver Post Staff Writer

Ken Bell, a former dot-com entrepreneur, lost his business two years ago and fell deep into debt.

The 45-year-old's search for a way to repay his overwhelming bills led him to online poker tables.

And that gamble has paid off.

Over the past year and a half, Bell, playing eight hours a day, has won enough to dig himself out from his failed business.

Internet poker "has basically allowed me to have a working income," Bell said. "If it didn't come through, they would have put me and my company into bankruptcy. Things would have gotten really bleak."

But the future is uncertain for Bell's new career and the online gambling industry.

This month, the U.S. House of Representatives approved a bill that would make Internet gambling a federal crime.

Supporters of the Internet Gambling Prohibition Act say it's long overdue.

"This legislation provides real protection to American families from destructive and unlawful Internet gambling," said Tom McCluskey, the Family Research Council's vice president, who supports the bill, in a written statement.

If the Senate joins the House in passing a bill to ban Internet gambling and President Bush signs it, Colorado's professional online gamblers will be particularly at-risk. While many other states have land-based casinos with high-limit poker games, Colorado's $5 bet limit makes it nearly impossible to make a living at the state's casinos.

So, the Internet is the only option for professional gamblers who want to stay in Colorado and make a living at poker.

The act, as passed by the House, would modify the 1961 Wire Act, which courts have ruled covers only sports betting, to cover all types of gambling and communication facilities.

It would also prohibit the use of credit cards, checks from U.S. banks and money-transfer services that Americans use to send and receive money from offshore gambling sites.

The bill's supporters argue that gambling sites are accessible to children and that it's too easy to lose massive amounts of money on the Web.

But for more than a decade, similar bills have died.

"It never seems to be a real priority, and given the list of priorities Congress has, it never seems to rise to the top," said Gregory Gemignani, a lawyer with Lionel Sawyer & Collins in Las Vegas who specializes in online gaming law. "There's certainly no assurance the Senate will act on this."

If the U.S. government were to legalize and regulate the Internet poker industry, a study commissioned by the Poker Players Alliance estimated, it could bring in $3.3 billion a year in taxes. But that also seems unlikely.

A ban, however, would force Colorado's professional poker players to find another line of work or move out of the state.

Boulder resident Jonmichael Hands bought a car and is putting himself through the Colorado School of Mines using his online poker winnings. The 21- year-old engineering senior's first major win brought in $33,000.

"I had never even seen that much money in my life," he said. "I wish I would have been a little bit smarter with it."

He continues to play to keep money rolling in instead of picking up a minimum-wage job.

Hands' college poker career started with quarters in the dorms at the Colorado School of Mines. A year later, he hit an online jackpot and his life changed.

Hands exemplifies a younger demographic becoming part of the game. He plays long sessions for a consistent income. His record was 30 hours straight. Like Bell, Hands said he has read about 30 books on poker.

"I didn't accidentally win a big tournament," he said. "You have to get lucky and be playing well - you have to know what to do with your luck."

As evidence, on a bad night he lost $10,000 in a single hand.

"I was, like, distraught," he said. "I couldn't even sleep for a week."

Cal Spears, president of the online poker community, said poker is not a viable career for most people.

"I wouldn't recommend it to anyone - it's only for a certain kind of person," he said.

Hands doesn't want to see online gambling outlawed, and Bell, a former musician who tried to cash in on the dot-com boom, says poker really isn't gambling.

"You don't see any professional roulette players," he said, pointing out that poker is a game of skill with an element of luck while other casino games are mostly luck.

Sitting at twin LCD monitors in his home office, Bell watches the faceless poker mannequins surrounding a table - avatars of real players around the world. His 2-year-old German shepherd watches from his perch on a cushion as sometimes thousands of dollars are won and lost with the click of a mouse.

Bell has enjoyed his new career, but he concedes it has limited his choices.

"If I wanted to go back into the job market now, I'd be in for a rude awakening. I'm a dinosaur," said Bell, who is heading in August to the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas. "I don't think I'm going to be doing this for a living 20 years from now."


My wife today asked me: How can all these celebrities (Pamela Anderson the latest, Ja Rule last week)open up online poker rooms when it is illegal to gamble online in all the USA?

My reply:

I believe playing online poker is a lesser crime then jaywalking. Really. If you jaywalk right in front of a cop car you are probably 50-50 to get a ticket. I have done it 3 or 4 times in front of my work and never got a ticket with a cop nearby (we all have to jaywalk across a busy street to get to work). Usually they have more important business then writing you a ticket.

To the best of my knowledge, not one online poker player has ever been prosecuted or written a ticket in the USA. Prosecutors have more important things to do. Many of them would never jaywalk in front of a cop but they would certainly tell a cop that they took down a $5 sit n go or won $1200 in a UB $20 MTT!

Cops, lawyers, prosecutors and judges all play Poker! They smoke cigars, drink expensive scotch & bourbon, have fun and don't hurt anyone. Now its cool for their wives and daughters to play. My wife use to cost me money every time we went to Vegas or Reno (slots, BJ). Now shes a heavy favorite to pay for her half of the trip at the Mirage 6/12 game.

Man Show (Shark Version) Cleavage Break:

Vanessa Rousso

Hottest "Poker Babe" on Tour just signed a sweet deal with Pokerstars (link above).

She needs a new photographer to compete with Shark honorary member, vixen and Unabomber main squeeze Jenny Tilly. Check her out in good flick (w/Michael Madsen, Alec Baldwin) The Getaway. This shot is a connjure favorite.

Tilly with nipple wandering, NSFW (not safe for work computers)

This next cleavage shot is hard to see. Watch carefully as the Grinder kisses momma goodbye while he heads out to the WSOP event. You may have to rewind 8 or 12 times like I did born, Lazzy. Good vid to. Day in the life of Grinder. Funny how they call 2 year old "baby grinder".

Day with da Grinder

Lotsa great posts in our forum currently. Check out this one. I can't resist funny Philly Boy Hellmuth stories

So far Shark Player of the Month honors go to Lazrus. Check out this guys cashes and fine play culminating in a $2,000 cash this week!

Shark Vet LAZZY en fuego, clik and post here ya laggs

First Sharks Vet Series a BLAST! 44 entered at and plunked down 5.50 to be seated with my best players. Man, what a field. The PRO structure and 2500 chips to start gave all lots of bang for the buck and encouraged aggressive play. was our sponsor and set up a Shark Pool Party Table! Shark Legend GARY812 was too tough on this hot summer day as the heads up battle with strong newcomer DINGO64 went on forever. I didnt get a total time cause I had to go to bed but when they knocked me out in third I checked back much later and DINGO was still in the lead.

GAR ended up cashing $168 for first, Dinger got 105 and yours truly paid for the next trip to the Sizzler with a sweet 63 buck casher. I launched known min. bettor and host Clayshooter so no need to send a shark tee this week. Sorry, brudda, he played great and finished 5th for 33. and change.

I made one fatal error when GAR bet 3X BB into my SB. I smelled a rat since he had been raisin a ton. I look at A2o and push 16K (short stack). He insta calls with AKo and its nitey nite for yer one toofed leader. Bad play, had time to find a better spot. Cardluvr and Reel were tough as always and seated to my left (yuck).

Congrats to newcomer MUZZA who finished 4th. This UK young lady has a ton of game, so look out for her in the future. She made her first post in our forum after playing in this event. Please join our forum, introduce yourself and post. Its scary at first but everyone is friendly and helpful. This event is every Sunday! Next up:

7/30 Host: Feared Shark Vet, TajMahal Titan Poker 8:00 PM EST Password is: tajmahal 6 seated, 2500 chipsters, 20 min. blinds! $200 added! $5.50 buyin
Plus $33 Satellite for host! TITAN POKER

MUZZA, send me your tee size and address, i'll send ya a Shark tee for the nice forum intro and great first cash with us! All non USA players:Please be patient when waiting for Shark gear. We send promptly but since we pay postage it must go slow mail and sometimes takes 4-6 weeks to receive it.

1 Hour Free in a Great Online Casino
Click Here To Play

Friday, July 21, 2006

My bud Conn hits the Road!

The Big Easy. Harrahs Casino Trip Report. By Doug Conn

Thought it might be fun/interesting to take a few minutes and post some hands / experiences from my semi-regular visits to Harrah's Poker Room.

I usually make it out there once/twice a week...

I'll be making posts here if/when I take my shot @ the touri-donks


Arrived @ Harrah's a lil after Noon.

Was happy to see a 'list of interest' for Omaha Hi-Lo (4-8-12) 5 people were on the list... I promptly added my name
(they won't open a table unless they have @ least 10/11 peeps)
So, While waiting I head over to a $3/$6 holdem game.

I move into the game on the 'cutoff' (one off button)
... First hand, I get dealt KK!
whooo hooo.... gonna be a good day!
(well... at least that's what I thought)
board comes 10-5-2 rainbow....
Guy in early position bets... 3 callers... I raise
... to make a long story short: I was head's up by the river (with the original better)... and.... I lose to 85o...
when a 3rd five hit the river to give the donk trips... whee

5 min in and I'm stuck $30

The pain continued as I proceed to fold for an hour 1/2...
didn't rake in single pot...

so, I get up for a walk.... and go ta check the Omaha hi-lo status...
Still only 5 peeps on list
Looks like the Hi-Lo session aint gonna happen. ;(

I get back to the table just in time for my BB
75off suit... (the fun continues)
Family Pot... 7 peeps in...
Flop comes: 3-6-4 rainbow. I Flopped the nuts! whoohooo!
I check..... UTG bets
Mid position raises... EVERYONE calls
It gets back to me, I re-raise / make it $9 ... everyone calls
Turn comes another 6 (and puts 2 hearts out there)
Scary card .... but... I gotta bet... I do... 5 callers
River is an 7 (no heart) at this point, I'm either beat or tying (with another straight) so, I check....
mid position bets.... buttons calls... I call (expecting the worst)
and guy in early position calls.

...dig it...

UTG had 10-10, Guy in Mid position had KK (thank god he didn't raise pre... I'd have folded my 75o!) and a guy in late position had trip 6's

I SCOOPED that monster pot!

That HUGE win put me back in the green
(I bought in for $100... now had almost $200 in front of me)

A few hands later, I get AA UTG
I raise.... 3 callers
Flop = A-K-10
board ends up pairing giving me AAA1010
and I take down another bigun

Then I went card dead for aprox 2 hours...
fold, fold, fold, fold, fold
(I did take down a small pot when I flopped 2 pair from sb)

Then, I finally get a hand.... AA again
I raise... 4 callers (fn 3/6 donks just won't fold!)
Board comes K-6-8...
and I end up losing ($50+) to QJ
who hits runner runner JJ for trip Jacks

@ that point, I felt a lil Tilt comin on...
and decided I should leave while I was ahead
left before the next hand was dealt..

all in all, a good session

Walked with $120 profit & that's after spending $15 on lunch;
Mcallisters Rueben.... yum! and a Carmel Frappacino from Starbucks
(needed sugar and caffiene: was up till 4am playin Badugi!)

I talked to the Poker room manager before I split....
He said they've been running a regular O8/b on Wed.
I hope he's right... I'll be back on Wed to check it out

I'll prolly be going back on Mon as well
(fave day to play: Cracked Aces = a rack ($100)

Well, that's the news for today.


Well, I went ta check out the 8/b situ (yesterday a.m.)

Arrived @ 10a.m. and was happy to see a list of 8 waiting for Omaha Hi-Lo

10 minutes after I arrived, they called us to the table

When the peeps took their seat,
I realized I was @ Mega-tough table... filled w/grizzled vets
I was the yougest guy @ the table... (I'm 37)
Don't think there was anyone under 50
This crowd makes the 4/8 Omaha game look like a day care

I've seen many of these guys playing @ the higher stakes tables
& from the converstation, I gathered that many of em were invited via phone calls from some old crusty old guy in seat 4 who apparently is the person responsible for getting this weekly 8/b game going

I looked around the table... and tried to spot the sucker...
I couldn't find him (uh oh)

Stakes = 4-8-12 with a 1/2 kill

first hour was uneventful, I was playing MEGA tight and folded just about everything...

Sidenote: Wed is 'lucky table day' @ Harrah's: Every hour they draw a table #, and if your table wins, everyone gets $25.. well, we won the 11a.m draw (the only time they called our table during the 10 hour session) & put me up $5(whooo hoooo)

Just when I was feeling lucky...
I ran into a bad streak...
and dropped 1/2 of my stack over the next 2 hours
(one of these days, I'll learn to let a low draw go on the turn
....especially when it's an $18 bet!)

I began to get that 'you're goin busto' feeling
when the following hand goes down:

I get AA45 in the BB
6 callers in a kill pot ($36 preflop)
Flop comes A-A-6 (I flopped Aces full)
I check, wanting to see if anyone's gonna bet this thing...
Guy immediately to my left fires out... button calls, I call
Turn = 8d
I check again... lefty bets..button calls, I raise (bets are $12 @ this point)
lefty RE-RAISES! button calls and I cap it @ $48 (button still calls)
River = Kh
I bet $18.... lefty calls, putting in his last $16 into the pot *buttons folds in disgust (missed his low draw obv.)

Lefty turns over A-6.... for AA666 (ouch... for him)
My AAA66 scoops the whollllllle thing

That single pot was pretty much my profit for the 10 hour session

I picked up a few splits (and won a couple small ones)
but, that was 'the biggie'

Had a real bad turn of fortune when I ran into quads... twice!

1st time: I Had A2KK ... board = 336Q3j
& on 2nd hand
I had AA2Q on a 33355 board
was drawing to nut low on both hands
(& expecting to scoop w/boat and low)
Low missed both.... and neither boat was good
(ran into quad 3333's each time... sheesh)
Painful stuff

those two pots cost me $50+ ea

without that BS, I woulda walked away a BIG winner

all together, I walked away w/ $100+ (after lunch, starbucks,etc)

I had a GREAT time and will def be going back for more.
Hanging tough w/the old timers was a big confidence boost
+ after a couple hours, I managed to spot a couple 'suckers'
(yeah! I wasn't 'the one' !!!) hopefully they'll be back next wed.... I know I will


Decided to make run out to Harrah's this eve
Had some $$$ (winnings from yesterday) burning a hole in my pocket
and had 7 kids/girls @ the house... so, I decided to make my 'escape'

Good thing I did... my timing was excellent:

I arrived in the poker room about 6pm
I took a seat @ a 3-6 table (only game that had a seat)

Very 1st hand I get AK UTG.... I raise it up and get 3 callers
Flop comes rags... I bet... 3 callers.... turn and river are more rags...
it goes check check (turn/river) and... my A high is good
nice way to start a session

2 hands later, I get AA in the Cutoff I raise it up... & get 4 callers
It's checked to me on every street... and I bet every street
board = 8 - 3- Q- K - K.... the bullets held true (no K! whew) and I took down a $70+ pot

and then... bout a 1/2 hour later.... the mac daddy pot:
there's a live straddle (UTG posts an extra bb in the dark)
I Pick up KK in mid position... & raise it up to $9 ... two callers (button and SB)
then, mr straddle makes it $12... Since it was a "live straddle" I get to make a 4th raise I cap it @ 15... everyone calls...
$60 in the pot preflop... 4 way action....
to make a long story short: the kings held and I raked a $120+ pot

A few hands later I got AA again! (wow! talk about getting hit w/the deck)
alas, the bullets didn't hold up that hand (lost to 10d-8d who hit his flush on the river)

then .... I folded trash hands for another hour or so
@ decided the rush was over... I cashed in and split

All in all, I had a sweet lil 3 hour session

Bought in for $90 &
Walked w/ $240
$150 profit in 3 hours @ 3/6 = 8bbs p/hr (not bad eh?)

if this keeps up, I'm gonna be making my trips to
Harrah's MUCH more frequent!

that's the news from the big easy
check ya next time,

Do you have a trip report or Tourney story? POST IT HERE!

If selected for a Road Warrior "guest blog" you will receive fine Shark logo gear/swagola

Hope to see you all Sunday night at the first weekly VET Series Event!

Time, and all details here

2500 chips, 6 handed, 20 min. levels (similar to 50-60 min pro structure live)

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Shark Member, Jimmy "Raecer" From Sweden

Next Week, our Shark Vet Series Starts! Every Sunday.
More details in the Forum.

7/23 Host: ClayShoota 8:00 PM EST
Custom Shark Pool Party table courtesy of!
6 seated, 2500 chipsters, 20 min. blinds! $200 added! $5.50 buyin.
Plus $33 Satellite for host!

7/30 Host: TajMahal Titan Poker 8:00 PM EST 6 seated,2500 chipsters, 20 min. blinds! $200 added! $5.50 buyin This Series Event will have an add'l, $50 for 1st, $30 for 2nd and $20 for third (Shark Direct Transfer)if we reach 50 entries on 7/23. For a total add of $300. Plus $33 Satellite for host!

Titan Poker

8/6 Host: ReelCrazy SUN POKER 8:30 PM EST 6 seated, 2500 chipsters, 20 min. blinds! $200 added! $5.50 buyin This Series Event will have an add'l, $50 for 1st, $30 for 2nd and $20 for third (Shark Direct Transfer) if we reach 50 entries on 7/23 and 7/30. For a total add of $300. Plus $33 Satellite for host!

Sun Poker

New Shark Linked Depositors - Don't Forget to qualify for a FREE Shark hat or Tee.

Drop Kick a Shark Veteran Host to the curb for a Shark Tee. S to XXXXL.
Email Shark with size and address to collect yer swagola.

Go here for Passwords NOW. Events will be up soon.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

New Shark Member has a Question

John posted this in our Forum:

I'm new to shark poker. I've read alot of posts about depositing $$$ I use netteller but to what site do I deposit??? some sites require as little as $10 and others require a min of $25. Since I new here guys a little direction as to were and what I'm suppose to do will help. Do I deposit to pokeriime, absolute poker ? some other site. I'm disable attempting to live in a shark infested world on a small income ( and I mean really small) but I'll do what I can to support Shark Forum.

Hey John,
Thanks for being our newest member!

I'm working on a new Bonus Whoring article to build rookies bankrolls. Its not ready so heres what I suggest (briefly to get you started, more later)

Go Here:
Titan Poker
Deposit as much as you can to get good chunk of bonus $$. Then play the worst players on the net. If you break even you will have a nice stack of bonus cashish. If you win you will be lookin real good. If you lose you will quit (if you are a quitter) or hopefully post here for help and re-deposit and become a winner. See my swag info and pick up some gear as well.
Then go here:
Poker Ocean
Change your screen name, make it really different so no one knows its you.

Deposit as much as you can to get good chunk of bonus $$. Then play the worst players on the net. If you break even you will have a nice stack of bonus cashish. See my swag info and pick up some gear as well.

Okay, thats good for now. What is your best game? No limit ring? Limit? 6 Man, 10 man? Sit n Gos? How much poker cash you got? Can you invest $55 in Pokertracker? Do you drink fortified wine or moonshine while seated (sooted up). Do you like to watch movies about Roman gladiators?

How did you do in above ipoker (Titan software) challenge? Did you win and collect bonus? Give me these answers and ask more questions. I'll help.

Don't panic if you lose playing! It happens. Don't get discouraged. Work on your game, don't repeat mistakes and maybe you just were not lucky the first 2 days. No one wins every day. If I win 3 outa 4 days i'm happy.

Check out this blogger. One of my favorites. Law School Dropout

He was killing high limits for months and now is getting pounded. Its not pretty, but it happens. Lose a lil confidence, get a bad runs of cards, then you start playing passive and sharks eat yer ass up. At his limits they will spank you all day if you are not confident and well funded. At lower limits (say 2/4 or 3/6) you get the 12 tablin pros that pay their bills on guys that are not ready for strong tight agg play.

It ain't easy. You must learn strategy, practice shorthanded, read a ton, and not tilt when things go bad. Cause they will. When i'm 4 or 6 tablin i'll have 2 or 3 horrible runs in a 6 hour session and 2 or 3 great runs. If I play my game it works out well at the end of the week (most times). But I have had a losing month also. My bonus money and previous wins got me thru the rough spots.

If it was easy everyone would be doin it. I'll recommend a book or 3 when you answer back on questions, Johnny.


Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Fun Casino Promo, I WON!

We tried our first Casino email mailout to all our members 2 nights ago. It was the best offer I could find and had heard some good word of mouth on it.

So far, 140 players have downloaded and the players are beating the HOUSE!

So far the TOP Shark player is +181 for this fun promo.

Try it out if you can. Would love to hear comments here on how you liked it and just your general opinion, good or bad. Our first Casino site is now under construction. Sharks Vegas Strip will be a fun site for BJ, Slots and all Casino games. BJ Tourneys at Global and AP as well.
The html mailer didnt work for all.

Heres a text link if ya wanna try yer luck.
Free Hours Play, Any Casino Game

I played it last night (BJ) fun deal. I made $24 in 1 hr . Great software, I had a blast trying to get to $520 by the end of the hour. With 9 minutes left I was even and got it to $524 at 3 minutes and shut er down. You need min. $520 to win. You start with $500. WINNER!

You can play any game you like I think. free hours play at worst. As always, read the fine print, its well posted and clear.

Had the wife cheering for me over a $4 bj wager and shes doesnt even glance at the screen if i'm in a $200 pot. Funny.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Nice Blog Site


A listing of 150 Top Poker blogs. Click the link then click the Road Warrior blog to move us up to the first page. Check out some good reads while you are there (especially on page 1).

Not sure why but I still love this fries dude

Great Trip Report (in the forum) from Clayshooter
he shoots at flying spheres of clay and wins Poker Tourneys then writes about it. Check out his fine bloggage!

Hiya all,

Been shooting in Atlanta for a week and then a business conference in Puerto Rico. I know, life is rough.

I'll update my website about the shooting, I took 9th in the World event in Atlanta. I was third high American. I was in second place after my Thursday-Friday which I thought was good as I was only 4 targets behind 14 time world champion, 133/150 and top 6 went to a shootoff in the stadium. Other shooters could shoot Sat-Sun, so I was not assured of a shootoff berth. We had cold and rainy weather and so my showing was paticularily good. Fate would deal a cruel blow as the weather was perfect Sat-Sun and 5 brits advanced above me to the shootoff. Weather was the main difference as I missed the shootoff by two targets.

Shooting was fun but I have to tell you about the poker, I mean what good is this post in a poker forum without some kind of report, right?

The Conquistidor Hotel in Puerto Rice is a five star hotel and with my broker dealer picking up the tab...I'm living the high life this week. The hotel has a casino and the casino has ONE poker table. Yes, only one. The game starts at 9pm and breaks at 3am. It is a 5/10 limit game, $100 buyin minimum and full of people who make $500K a year so $100 means very lttle to most at this table.

I should start by saying that I have played about 6 times at casinos and stuck to 2/4 and 3/6. I know I can play with most anyone but I specialize in tourney play so both the fact that it is a limit game and it is above my comfort level were concerning. I thought I'd buyin the fisrt night and see how it goes.

My first table was a mix of playboys who thought they needed to show every hand...and so did everyone else. They were trying to get a read on what hole cards people were playing. I start off most tourneies playing loose and showing losers to expand the range of cards opponents will put me on later. This seemed to work as every pot was 4-5 handed. Play was loose and people were going to showdown with third and fourth pair but I just wasn't catching cards. After an three hours I had played three hands lost all and bought in for a total of $200. I had about $60 left and thought I should buyin again in case I get a big hand and want chips to get max value. I bought in for the third $100, swearing it was the last $100 for the night.

Long story short, I had a run where three mid PP in a row caught the flop making a set and two boats winners and I was counting $400 in chips after three hands. One hand alone was a $250 pot as my pocket 8's hit the 578 flop and I drew a boat on the turn. Good thing as the guy that fed my pot flopped a straight and didn't seem to mind capping the bets after the boat was poss.

I cashed out that night +$600. at 2:45am I made all the other progress when the table was short handed from 1:30 on. As the game was comming to an end people were playing crazy and I was catching cards, what a wonderful combination.

Day two saw a signup list with me at 14 and so I didn't get on until about 11:30pm. While I missed the first hour and a half, I sat down with a good feel for who could play as there were 6 new faces at the table. I watched the action from a nearby Roulette table where I kept myself amused and played even for the 1 1/2 hour wait. One of the new guys had his WSOP hat that he spent $10,000 for last year. He continually complimented me on my play and would avoid any pot with me, so I got table cred from the one guy who actually knew how to play!! sweet. Table of fish, pockets of gold. +$500

I'll update ya on the third night after I play tonight...

I can't thank my new friends here enough for the confidence and practice to play at the higher levels. I knew the money was more than I felt comfortable with but I knew that no one had my experience playing with a group as tough and cut-throught as the shark army. I know that if I can win here, I can win anywhere.

You can too. Thanks Shark!!

Beer, Chippie, NRG, TXDan, Sweetness, Born, Reel, Shark, Taj, Stewart, Carey Bear, and all my friends at the Shark Army....

I'm having a Bahama Mamma on you all!!

Later that trip......

Great to know everybody was reading my drivil...

OK, you have to hear this....

I'm at this conference I told ya the high life wining on the $5/10 game enough to double my BR the first night. Then I follow that up with another $500+ winner the next couldn't get any better, could it?

The sea, the rum, the string bikinis...oh my!

BUT... None of it compared to my third night.

I have to tell you the long version. If you have ADD - skip to the highlighted part at the end. There's no way you don't come back to here and read the whole thing.

I was kind frustrated that I couldn't get on the top of the list on my second night. The Casino director told me the list to play poker started at 7pm and he had 13 names on the list at 6:55, so i was slightly pissed. I did take comfort in cashing $520 the second night so I wasn't too pissed but I did want to be at the table when the game opened Sat night.

I decided to go the casino early, about noon, and talk to the manager. The Casino manager told me the lists starts when they open, AND they already had 14 names on the list for that nights game!! MOTHER F#@ker!!

I was pissed. I put myself down at 15 and prayed 5 of the guys above me would suffer from heat stroke on the golf course that afternoon, lol.

I was kinda bored and decided to play a little roulette and after running through $100 I had a win to get me to +$25. Note to self: $5 bet on 31 Black pays $175 when the little white marble does its job ;o).

I figured I ran through my luck there and so I watched some people play carribean stud poker. I'd never played and it took about 20 hands of watching before I jumped in to try my luck. About $100 later I figured it was not my game but I tried one last $25 bet and hit a flush that paid $150. Maybe this could be my new game..hmmmm.

I showed up at the poker table at 7pm hoping to get lucky and get a seat. I wasn't. Not only did I not get on the table but I was 4th on the waiting list and there was little hope I'd get on before midnight.

I was kinda pissed but figured it would be worth the wait so I drowned my sorrows on the roulette table. $100 in chips was quickly turned into $250 and I thought it best to quit ahead and try another game. I wondered over to the carribean stud game.

I waited about 30 minutes before a seat opened up. As a nice asian guy tried to politely sit down in front of me I tried to nicely point out that I had been waiting longer...when ...not again...there was a freakn list for this table too! He sits, I wait. Luckily no one else knew about the list and with a little help from the prettiest girl in the casino who I was chatting with, playing in the 6 seat, her dark black hair and flower tied amidts her long curly hair. The lowest cut black dress and .... Wait, Poker; yeah right - Poker. Whew, good thing we were both married...but I digress, she acknowldged I had waited the longest. So, I was first on the list and next in line when a seat opened.

About ten minutes later the seat next my new girl friend opened up when the guy next to her proclaimed, "gotta leave when yer ahead!" and I was happy to see him go. I sat down.

Now a few things you should know about this game; first, you have the option of paying the house $1 in the off chance that you get a flush or better and collect part of the jackpot. Second, you only get 5 cards. No community cards. You are basically playing against the dealer. The dealer basically folds with anything under AK, but plays AK and all hands better. If the dealer folds you get your bet matched, if you fold you lose your always act first. If you stay and the dealer "qualifies" you go to showdown but must bet twice your primary bet and so you stand to lose 3XB or win multiples of your bet based on hands you make. Royal is 100-1, one pair is 1-1; everthing between has a scheduled payout that is based on the probability you can make that hand.

After about ten hands I'm behind and not drawing anything. I double my bets hoping to hit something good. Then I pull this hand, I flip over my 5 cards and see a straight 2-6. No jackpot but still good. All cards are red, wait... a closer look reveals they are all diamonds. HOLY SHIT I calmly lay it down, placing my bet on the table. Now I'm praying the dealer qualifies as my hand pays 50-1 and I have $30 on the table. Cmon dealer. Dealer turns over her cards to reveal no qualifier...Damn, $1500 down the drain. BUT, I still have a piece of the jackpot. I know it, but nobody else does because I haven't let on yet. They know I have something cause I'm begging the dealer to qualify. I bump my girlfriend on the arm and interrupt her discussion with a player waiting to get in; I say "watch this" and point to my cards. She keeps talking. I again bump her, obviously interupting. " yer gonna want to watch this," I tell her.

The dealer turns over the 6, then the 5, then the 4. By now everybody is aware they are suited. Next she turns the 2. I left them out of order because you have to belive if someone hit it they would line the hand up...hehe. She says..."NO WAY" as the dealer spreads the cards to find the 3 on the bottom. I don't know who was happier, me or the people at my table. They just went nuts. A straight flush paid 10% of the jackpot which stood at $123,632.70; I'm sitting here admiring my check reciept fo $12,363.27!!
How about them apples?

I did play poker that night. I had this funny chip marker that looked like a check for $12,363, lol. I dropped $200 playing so loose I'd make the working girls in vegas look like nuns and I was loving every minute of it.

I think I'll see you all back on the table mid week. I'm sure I'll get a chance to tell this story a couple more times as I try to come down from my poker high this week. No one better then my shark army buds to keep me in line.


Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Poker Savants? NL Shark Animals?

Shark Vets Netsurfer and Clayshooter

Sum dudes and chicks with bad gamblin' problems? Call'em what you want. They don't care as long as they are takin your chippies.

I have been trying to decide how to give my loyal veterans a lil payback for all the great support, help, free porn and viagra bulk emails (thx stewie, born).

Here it is! Starting July 23rd at 8PM EST we will run our first Shark Vet Tourney. This event will be every Sunday at 8PM. It will revolve between 3-4 of our best Poker sites. I will be adding Shark money as well as Poker site money to many of these to increase the cashish for our buyin players.
As we get better turnouts the cash will increase. Summer is always slow so lets get a good start then crank it up in September.

Here's the format:
A different Shark Veteran will host each week. If sum lagg with an itchy all in finger kicks you to the rail, tell them to email me for a bad a$$ Shark tee. If they don't know my email tell them to go to one of our sites after his 10 7o doesn't hold up on his 9th all in. Then explain to your family how you didnt cash and its top ramen time (again). Bad beat? Use the bad beat thread. ha!

If you are selected to host our regular game on Sunday you will receive a Satellite Seat compliments of the Online Shark Satellite Tour. You pick the event (make sure it's at one of our revolving Sunday sites), Max. $33 value. We transfer the cashish to you via Neteller. Email us the name of the event, site and buyin inc/ juice/vig with neteller email address.

You MUST play in a Satellite event with the money and all need to post results of the Satellite here click here laggs

Win, lose or cash, we want to hear about how you did. If you make it to a big event please wear our Shark gear and say nice things about me in the TV interview.

How to be a Sunday Host:
I'll pick our best supporters and eventually all will do it. If you would like to lobby for your spot, post why you are worthy in our forum. I need posts anyway I can get them so whine or beg if you like.

Keys to hosting:
Support our cause by posting in the Forum
Play in Buyin Events
Encourage and help Shark newbs here and at the tables
Newbs=live ones, ATM's, all-in specialists, donks, call stations, etc.
We were all donks at one point, help them succeed.
Write cool Poker content for us (reviews, trip reports, etc)
Go to Vegas with the Shark Family (every May) and buy us adult beverages, sashimi and lap dances.

Here are the Veterans selected for the first 2 months. I can't get all great Shark supporters in the first 2 months, so be patient, I know who you are.

BeerMan Mike
Netsurfer and Sharks Main Man Matt "stealurchips" (2 satts and 2 knockouts)
Guy and Jo "PokerPadre" "SempaiiJo" (2 satts, 2 knockouts)

I'll set the schedule here soon. If the date doesn't work for you just let me know and i'll adjust to a better date for you.

Good skill everyone! Tell your friends, neighbors and clergy, more entries and the added cash goes up.