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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Trip/Tournament Report: WSOP Circuit Event

Trip/Tournament Report: WSOP Circuit Event -- Horseshoe Hammond

This from one of our long time and well respected forum Vets - lightning36.

Waaaay back when, I used to delight in going to Opening Day when the baseball season began. Growing up outside Chicago, this usually meant sitting in 40 degree weather watching the Cubs or White Sox lose. So, when I saw that the 2009-2010 WSOP Circuit was going to start at the Horseshoe Hammond, it seemed like a natural for me to go to the opening event -- a $345 NL tournament on October 16.

Harrah's allowed a three-hour preregistration the night before. I heard that 500-600 people chose that option. I got to the casino about two hours before the opening hand. I was surprised to see that there were 200-300 people in line ahead of me. It took 75 minutes for me to get to the front of the line. After I registered, I saw at least another 200-300 still waiting in line. Last year's opening tournament attracted over 1,100 entrants. It would be interesting to see how Harrah's would handle this large crowd.

The tournament began on time at noon. Most of the tables were set up in The Venue -- the small second floor concert hall in the complex. My table was in the regular poker room on the main floor. Starting chip stack: 10,000. Levels: 45 minutes! This was one heck of a structure for an inexpensive tournament. No matter what, I expected to get in a lot of poker for my money.

The worst part of the tournament was that Harrah's allowed alternates to come in for several hours. I believe that over 300 alternates came in, bringing the total up to 1,412. First place paid almost $80,000 -- not bad for a $345 buy in!

My table had solid players. Too solid, in fact. We kept passing about 40,000 chips back and forth for several hours. I got some big hands the first hour or so (A-A, K-K), but couldn't drum up much action. However, I limped in with 2-2 and hit my set on the flop. The guy to my left didn't believe my check raise, so he reraised me. Two hearts on the flop kept me from flat calling, so I reraised his reraise. He reluctantly folded. Too bad he only had top pair, top kicker, or I might have busted him.

I took a big hit when I flopped top two in an almost family pot. There was a realistic straight possibility on the board, so I didn't want to push as hard as I would have liked. I got rid of everyone but one seemingly tight player who apparently chased a flush to the river -- and hit it.

We kept seeing the average stack size going up as players were felted, but we just kept passing the chips back and forth. After 6+ hours we had only lost two players. Soon we were moved upstairs.

The last two hours I played were very frustrating. Sensing the need to make a move since my M kept dipping lower, I kept seeing rag-rag, paint-rag, and rag-rag. Our table was finally broken and I was moved to a new table where half the people had decent stacks. A guy to my left was calling almost all the all-ins, so I knew I couldn't bluff. I was hoping to go all in before the dinner break and either double up or go home, but the cards did not come. And I wasn't even hungry.

Right after the break, I had A-9sooted and pushed. One guy thought long and hard, but folded. I stayed alive. Another orbit or two later I was praying for a good hand. I was dealt A-Jos. A raise came from under the gun, and I pushed all in. Everyone else folded. The original raiser called -- putting almost half his stack at risk -- with Q-10hearts! Of course, you know how the story ends. The flop brought a Queen and two hearts. He faded the few outs on the flop and river. It was over. Just before 9:00 pm.

They announced that a new Harrah's Circuit record had been set with the 1412 players. They also gave players interesting news -- that they should be prepared to play until 3 or 4 am to complete the day. Looks like letting all those alternates in so late screwed up the expected timetable.

Although I ended the tournament sooner than I would have liked, working with 10,000 chips and 45-minute blinds was great. The banter at the table picked up after a few hours and was pleasant. I had a good time and can't wait for my next chance to get in a quality tournament.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Shark Poker Tour League Play & Weekend Events

Poker Road and the
Shark Poker Tour

We are not on Poker Road Radio yet but
we are hoping we will be soon. (:

Full weekend schedule below.

Registration info posted at

The top 9 (8 played) September League players played in a sit and
go last night for $50 and:

1st - one ticket to $40,000k Sniper (Value $130)
2nd - one ticket to $10,000k guar (Value $27.50)
3rd - one ticket to $10,000k guar (Value $27.50)

For October top 18 will play for $90,000
in guar tickets at Absolute Poker.

The result of September League Winners:

1: JUSTIN749, payout $20.00, and $40,000 ticket
2: VPSADIEVP, payout $17.50 and $10,000 ticket
3: JEPULATOR2, payout $12.50 and $10,000 ticket
4: NADI26
6: VEX44
7: TMAC681,

October League Play - Game Tonight
You can play from Abolute Poker & Ultimate Bet
with everyone playing to win six tickets to
Guaranteed tournaments totalling $90,000. This in addition
to the added money already on the table. Still tons of time
to get in top 9 or top 18 for October and play for those
guaranteed tickets. All 6 tickets will be given away
including one to the $132 buyin $40,000 k sniper.

League stats are posted in the forum
and you need to post your AP/UB screen name in
the forum so we can track you properly.

If you do not have an account at any of the
Poker Sites where we hold our events please
open them at
We offer the best bonuses possible and
there will be future benefits when
playing in our events. Your support is


Tonight- Saturday- League Game
Shark Poker Tour League Game- $3- $40 added -
10/17/2009. 9 pm EST. password – six

OTHER EVENTS – for registration and password go to

Sunday - SPT freeroll $100 Freeroll –
Titan Poker - Sorry No US players 10/18/2009. 4 pm EST

Sunday - Shark Poker Tour $50 Freeroll
Ultimate Bet
10/18/2009 6 pm EST

Good Luck Everyone

Thursday, October 15, 2009

September 2009 League Winners

Congrats to the September league winners
who will play for $50 cash and 3 tickets to guaranteed
$60,000 tournaments with the winner getting a ticket to
the Sniper $40,000 k on AP. Value of ticket for this
is $130. 2nd and 3rd get tickets to $10,000 guar tourneys
Value $27.50 per ticket.
Friday, Oct 16, 2009 @ 9pm est on Absolute Poker
Tickets will be issued next week to the winners.

Good Luck everyone: