Poker Road Warrior: November 2007
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Friday, November 16, 2007

Load "o" Iron and a Freeroll

No time to write this month. My boss bought about 80 vehicles in the last 10 days and i'm buried in inventory and the sweet paperwork that follows a 2 million dollar purchase. I now have 185 beautiful used cars & trucks for me and our 12 peddlers to sell (both stores).

Here is the INFO on this Saturdays Freeroll. Have a good time and be careful out there on the virtual felt.

AP continues to be our #1 site and we broke the previous record for earnings at AP in October! Thx to all that played real money tourneys or cash ring games.

Clik one of my Absolute Poker banners to register and play:

Type of Tournament (Buyin or Freeroll):Freeroll

Name of Tournament (lobby info):Shark Tour

Tourney page info: Road Warrior Blog, Shark Poker Tour

Date: 11/17/2007


Registration time (EST):72 hrs prior

Password: shark33

Buyin: free

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Sittin with the ATM's, Sippin the Bourbon and "Entertainers"

I know I preach Pokertracker, Poker Asst Heads up Display and other poker software here (try The Absolute Solution, for AP!) to often. Its not cause I like to repeat myself over and over.

Its simple. I want all my Shark members to use something that will help you profit and plug the leaks that we all have. Some need journeyman plumbers, duct tape and silly putty to plug all the holes in their names will be mentioned here......matt, tgreer, badbob, shant (38 vpip! rigged, superacct, donk acct, hahaha!).

EVERY player I have directed, setup, guided or taught these software apps are a much better player than they were. Many dismantle and rape the games they play. They know when 2 skilled animals with big stacks are to their left, BEFORE they take that seat that is doomed for a bad session. Am I better than those guys to my left? Who fuckin cares. I'm sitting to pay bills and buy the best Bourbon I can find (currently Blantons single barrel, Kentucky, USA) Get it here, best price avail. Shipping from the distributor in NY is less than the shitty taxes where I live.

If you like good bourbon you will get wood when you drink this stuff. If yer a grrrl will like it a bunch and it will make ya wanna go shoppin.

oops. Got sidetracked. Killer Bourbon or talk of Belvedere dry Martinis with an olive will always trump talk of software...sorry.

The readers digest version? Sit with ATM's. Its easier and more profitable. Use this shit/links below to make it happen. Or continue to get pounded by the RAKE and players that use software against you. Then get drunkey and go shoppin'.

Any questions? Good...... I didnt think so.


HU Display

Download (top left) "autohotkey"

This works in conjuction with "absolute solution" below

Download "Absolute solution" (clik download source code) This grabs the hands off the tables (only at AP) so PT can load them (PT = Pokertracker)


Bet on sum FOOTBALL this weekend my lovely and talented lil poker monkeys

I recommend "the DOG" bodoggie for all Sportsbetting!
Enter here to WIN, Bodog Sportsbook


If you live in Newfoundland (Canada) like my good bruddha Trevor you can't enter the doggie. But everyone else can. This is due to the extreme number of strip clubs and hockey action in Canada. Bodog is attempting to keep Canadians focused on whats important. Hockey, "entertainers", and keeping the USA safe from foreign superpowers (sorry, couldnt let that one go my canuck friends).

I highly recommend Cecils on Granville in Vancouver BC. My Pops took me there for TWINS night my first time (1982?). I can't describe all the action but lets just say this: Twin sisters giving each other a nude sponge bath on stage in a giant champagne glass is the mortal nutz. i love me sum oh oh oh Canada! Big beers and 4 sets of twins and 8 sponges and me and dad and 2 bros and cousin Phil with our chins resting on the stage. I felt like a piece of meat in there. Some say me dad was a bad influence on Me, 2 bros and cousin Phil. I say to that......ROADTRIP to Ceeeeeeeeeecils! I'm gonna be late RAISIN! Don't wait up!

Hi Trev/Treebor! His son Jamie just got back from Vegas, I need a trip report in the forum please/thx. Jamie was the leader of Canadas Gold Medal curlin team and im 99% sure hes been at Cecils more than once. Pick me up on the way next time kids! Jamie use to play with my Army before he became a big shot and started doing corporate outings.

I'm off to my real job now and gotta move some iron. I have 5 good IRON Merchants (reps) now and things are looking good, even though Nov and Dec can be ruff months in our biz. After 17 years of our shitty winters its just something you get thru as you dream about Maui or "Precious" at Cecils.

Play sum pokers today and email me if you need a great used car/truck or a new Volvo. I have many friends that run dealerships so if you have a specific hard to find rig you are searching for drop me an email and i'll go to work for you. I can ship it to anywhere in the world by container or truck. I'll send you a bunch of pics, a clean CARFAX, and have a mechanics inspection for you before you make a decision. If you want to pay for an EXTENSIVE mechanics check (compression, 200 point check, whatever) let me know and i'll schedule that before you make a decision.

My customers are taken care of, and will be happy with their purchase.

Have a good weekend,


Friday, November 02, 2007

Good Action at AP!

Last night my Army sooted up and played Absolute Poker with our $5 buyin Home Game. $130 was added and 47 runners saw the first flop.

I hadnt been able to play with me crew in a while so I must note a very impressive display of poker from sum new Army chipslingers. Chatoman (3rd last night) appears to be the real deal and is killing my fat ass on avatar final table bonuses.

The unknown 1 "UkP' was witnessed trying wild bluffs on several occasions and came up dry and chipless early. I was stuck at a very tuff table with Treebor, reelcrazy wifey/hottie Tammy and other known entities that can play the pokers.

Above is Normans screenshot of the final table cashers. Thx again mister cardluvr.


Launch report by the Bad1, Dr Bob bc5457:

Bounties will be paid to Clasik25 ($20 2 bounties) and xxMRHxx ($10) nice work!

Clasik25 took out Cardluver, xxMRHxx took out the Bad One, then Clasik25 (Dave the Donk)took out Sharky, good game, till next week this is the Bad One, Bob.


Good sportsmanship and strong aggro play was watched by yours truly as NL animal FQ_330 took it down, Supervago cashed large in second and FORUM poster! Chatoman pounded my army early for a sweet cash in third. I have this event locked and loaded for the next 4 weeks.

See ya next thursday kids.