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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Freeroll This Saturday!

Absolute Poker Freeroll, password is Free555

Join my crew every Thursday at Absolute for the Shark Home Game. This weeks password is Reeler, next week it is Gar

No Poker to report, buried deep at new job and still working on the FREE video training area on Sharks Vegas Strip. Hope everyone had a good month. For most of us the good weather is starting to arrive! I'll have a good post up soon.......

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Jigdog Rules! Wombat destroys Freeroll!

Freeroll Password is Free999

I put a bounty on prolific Shark Forum poster "jigdog", for the rebuy at Bodog on Sunday knowing full well no one would take him out. Bodog put the early line at the Tiger Woods like even money he would take er down, and Jig did not disappoint me. The other 40 laggs left unsatisfied, however. I think Jiggy may be the next Phil Ivey. A budding superstar, he comes outa the south, a cinderella boy, unheralded, and until recently overlooked. This man is a playa, haters. The Chula Vista Express? He takes your T1500 then smack talks what little self esteem you have left. Short stacked? He goes into super stealth ninja warrior mode and sends you to the fridge, out in the 2nd level.

I'm sending him some Shark logo adult diapers and a case of cha cha cha chingas (dba David Crosby, CSNY) home brew (MGD, ickey) for the sweet win. Nice cash in a star studded field my brother. Hdub dba Headwaiter took out my weak sauce in 12th, 2 outa the cashish. He was drunk and talkin up a storm by that point. He didnt want the $20 transfer for my bounty so I got a pic of the vn vn missus waiter (hot) and she scored a small shark logo tee for the killshot on your tour flounder (me). He way over chicked, IMO. I had to promise I would not post lovely bikini pic of hdubs dolly on Al Gores interwebs or send to Jiggy. Sorry jiggs! Thx DuB!

TajMahal (Tim) dba @ Bodog as DaBears made the worst call I have seen in 3 years and sucked out when his A high call of an allin early saw the lovely Acer hit the turn. We all tortured him until he apologized to the whole table (fun).

Rebuys are definately a blast, especially when played with good friends. Our table was a riot. Jiggy had to apologize to PokerPadre at least 20 times, and PP had a few good comebacks, also.

No sign of Cardrack (cardluvr) at my tables so that was a nice relief. He owns me. Just a quick tip. If you don't know what the bad guy has and he always knows what you have, thats not good.

WOMBAT destroyed the 345 man Freeroll on Saturday and was very impressive at the final table. He then supported our TOUR by sooting up for the buyin the next day. Nice job, Wobster, very much appreciated. Hope to see you every thursday at AP. Pack a lunch and say yer prayers, for the Shark Home game every Thursday. Send the kids to your creepy neighbors home, then open the drapes and play nekkid with your shark logo hat on, like BadBob does.

Treebor, Hyppiechyk/Jiggy, Reeler and myself are all putting together videos that will be free to watch on Sharks Vegas Strip soon.

5 NEW Tourneys are up at our 2 tourney sites below;

Online Shark

Shark Poker Tour

Several nice cashes, funny anecdotes, horrible tilting and enough bad beat stories for a lifetime here: Shark Network Forum

Our recommended sites: #1 Tour Stop Available to all players worldwide Absolute Poker

Great software and great micro limit "no Limit" action Ultimate Bet

Long Time Shark Tour supporter, and more donkeys per capita (build your roll against horrible players here)

BODOG Casino and Poker Another site housing thousands of weak players. Very few pro grinders play here. Bet MMA or boxing too! All Casino games. A virtual one stop gamblin mecca.

I'll be sootin up for the Shark Slug Fest Thursday Night. 54 Funny Cars, fire breathin, jet fuel burnin mayhem!! Shirley "chacha" Muldowney and Big Daddy Don Garlits will be there. Join me and my veteran players if you think you got skilz, donkeys.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Lets git er Rockin' at BIG Bad Bodog!

Big bad Bodoggie! Freeroll this Saturday! Passwords are at I'm not available for the freeroll but will be sooted up in speedos and my jiggy fan boi hat will be represented or in da house or whatever cool term they use on MTV cribs.

Knock out, launch or slapp my weak sauce to the rail on Sunday at the DOG and I will transfer you $20 on AP (not sure Bodog has a transfer system).This is a rebuy so it must be the final launch, cause I gotta plenty a cheese to rebuy with and will be laying beats on all that dare to meander into my kill zone.

Oh yes. I like the rebuy action. I'll give the bad beat whiners a month of posts in our forum this Sunday. OMG...rigged! *&%#@+*^ "insert any poker site name here" is sooooooooooo rigged!!!

Theres a bounty on my main man JIGGY as well. Final launch gets you a shark logo bad to the bone and double live gonzo tee. Bring it, losers. Only 13 are entered! This is a $1 rebuy! Action junkies lets see yer weak skilz now. Don't wanna wait for the mortal NUTS like Shark studs cardluvr, reelcrazy or super tight GAR812? Play every hand like me Sunday and let the chips fall where they may. RELOAD! Tyvmtytyttyl. I have saved $50 for this $1 rebuy. Thats bad for you.

Launch me or highly skilled ninja warrior jiggeee for more swag and cashish. Chinga a $20 transfer will buy 2 cases of that piss water you call beer. MGD. weeee.

sign up here

Then go to private tourneys and sign up for the freeroll or better yet the buyin. Buyin password is rebuy222 $100 added, plus $20 to launch me, plus a shirt if you can whip my boy, jig.