Poker Road Warrior: June 2009
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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Full Tilt - Low Risk High Reward Poker Tournaments

When I want a break for the grind of the cash tables do this:
This is a forum post form last year but I am just back doing it again.

Actually in March and April I am a busy guy and my job tends to burn me out a bit. That's a time, among other times, that I go for my low risk/low stress Full Tilt SNG strategy. Here is how it works.

At Full Tilt they have these 18 person $8 turbo sng's. Top 5 get a $24
tournament token and 6th gets 14 bucks. I play a bunch of these and then use the tokens to play in $24 18 man tourneys. Again top 5 players get a $75 token and 6th get around $55 bucks. Once I finish in the top 5 and get the $75 token its time to dance.

In the 45 player multi's I won about 1,180(1st) one night and 776(2nd) the next night. So i won about $2,500 in a week.

I like this strategy as you can play in fairly good tournaments for little investment. I figure most shark players are good enough to do very well in these 18 man tourney. Getting in the top 5 is not that tough and even if you are only doing it 50% of the time it you will get a $75 token for 24 bucks and maybe even less. Worst case scenario is your getting some reasonable action for a pretty good price.
I also find these 18 man tourneys quite relaxing after grinding the cash games for a while and if you go in the 45 man tourney the field is small enough that you have an ok chance to get in the money. Anyways try it out and let us know how you do.

If you look below there are quite a few firsts (and yes some losses)
because if you get in the top 6 you are in the "money" and all those players get a first. Not to bad for the confidence either. "oh look another first!"

Try this out at Full Tilt.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Shark Poker Tour League Play

Written by awesome forum member and da leauge stat man Ed - aka bpm2b

The hottest poker tour on the net, the Shark Poker Tour, has been around for a few years now. To remain the hottest tour on the net the SPT this year started its Player Of the Year race where members of the Tour can earn valuable POY points each month at select events.

This tour showcases some of the best players on the net, and some of the up and coming greats. We have had members qualify for WPT events, major online events and other live and online events.

The Shark Poker Tour POY race has only been running for just over four months. In that very short time the total prize pool from all POY events that has been paid out is just under $8300. That is about a average of $1800 a month going out to our members from buyins and money added to the prize pool. We are looking at in our first year of the Player Of the Year paying out over $23,000.

There have been over 130 members on the Tour who have earned POY points and many more that have not. We have had 25 different players score the almighty win that is so hard to do in Multi Table Tournaments. Some of those 25 winners have gone and won two events so far this year a few of them have done and won three. With the caliber of players on the Shark Poker Tour, winning just one event is hard enough.

In addition to the Player Of the Year race, the Shark Poker Tour also runs a Player Of the Month challenge. In those same events that players score those valuable POY points at the same time they earn POM points. Over a long period of time a consistent player will be in the top of the POY standings, but we also like to showcase who is the best for that one month.

So what are you waiting for? Join the hottest Poker Tour on the virtual felt, the Shark Poker Tour and show us that you can swim with the sharks or be the food for us chip tossing, Kool-Aid drinking sharks to eat.