Poker Road Warrior: February 2009
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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Shark Poker Tour Events This Week -We win OFC!

3 upcoming Events including $400 freeroll for winning the Fulltilt OFC - see
Event 3 below.

Event 1 Absolute Poker

$100 Post to Play Freeroll this weekend. Registration on the forum closes
Wednesday at midnight eastern. Be sure and read the sticky here:

Event 2 Absolute Poker

LEAGUE GAMES - click link to open your poker account at Absolute Poker

AP- Cereus Poker - Shark's Home Game- $4 - $80 added 02/12/2009 21:00 password- three

AP - Cereus Poker - Shark Poker Tour- $2- $40 added -rebuy 02/13/2009 21:00 password -four

The top 9 finishers in this month's league will
play in a SNG for $50 and the top 3 will also win
themselves Shark Swag! All League play will be covered here.

Event 3 Absolute Poker

OFC - Fulltilt $400 free roll

Do you need a Full Tilt Poker Account and $600 bonus? Click Here

Well as you all remember we rocked in the Fulltilt OFC buyin with
Acefishing taking down 1st, Gar getting 5th and Tgeer getting 22nd
making us the #1 Forum.

For this great showing we won a $400 freeroll which is scheduled below. This tournament is for all those that registered under our banner for the OFC. .This is the second player win for us (Gar won the Absolute buyin)in the last few months and our second forum Freeroll win. So if your not playing under our banner for these I suggest you start with this month's Fulltilt OFC here: viewtopic.php?f=97&t=6897

Here are $400 freeroll details:

Tournament name: Shark Poker Tour OFC $400 Freeroll Tournament date: 02/15/09. Time: 15:00 eastern. Money added $400 nl holdem top 9 paid. The list of players that are eligible to register are those that registered for our foum for the Fulltilt OFC in January and are listed here:

Poker Rocks!!! at the Shark Poker Tour

Friday, February 06, 2009

Shark Poker Tour League Has Begun

So the Shark Poker Tour League started last night and continues again tonight. In addtion to the regular payouts there will be ongoing prizes for this league including monthly, quaterly , and of course Player of the Year awards. This month the top 9 will play in a $50 exclusive freeroll and the top 3 will win great Shark Swag ( as well of bragging rights) .

All league play is covered here.
For this month you must post your Absolute Poker Screen name to be eligible for prizes.

So here is the weekend lineup

1. Shark Poker Tour-$2 -$40 added - rebuy 02/06/2009 21:00 password - two
This is a league game and counts for points.

2. Shark Poker Tour $50 freeroll 02/07/2009 15:00 password - sharks

Here is a recap of last night's league kindly provided by our individual leaguecoordinator forum member and all-round great guy (: bpm2b :

The 2009 Shark Poker Tour Player Of the Year race got underway last night at Absolute Poker and saw 49 entrants kicking things off. With only the top 18 players earning points towards POY standings and only the top 9 players cashing, the play at the tables was stepped up a notch. Once the points bubble was popped the play at the tables was fierce. Players were definitely bringing their A / EH game to the tables trying to earn as many points as they possibly could, and to let everyone know that they were gunning to be the top Shark in the waters.
The money bubble finally popped and the final table was set. Gar812 had a very dominate 3:1 chip lead over 2nd place in chips going into the final table and he continued to build on that chip lead. Short stacks started making moves but it seemed each time Gar812 was there to scoop the pot up playing a solid game. Down to four players left and Gar812 was still rolling along playing a great short handed big stack poker game. Reelcrazy11 was sitting quietly in 2nd in chips and making his moves and getting the money in the pot at the best possible times.
The final table was loaded with talent and some very tough vets were sitting there but in the end it came down to two Shark Poker Tour vets to fight it out for the win, Gar812 and Reelcrazy11. Gar812 had a pretty good chip lead but Reelcrazy11 was only two double ups away from taking that lead from Gar812, and that’s just what happened. Gar812 went on a run of cold cards and when it was all said and done, Reelcrazy11 scooped up the final pot and took the win, earning him 62.5 POY points and the top spot on the leader board.
The next stop on the Shark Poker Tour POY race is 6 February 2009 at Absolute Poker and has a $2.20 buy-in with $40 added to the prize pool.

See ya at the Tables

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Shark Poker Tour February Events

This month over $800 in tourneys including 6 freerolls
and a brand new LEAGUE (cash and other prizes)
that many of our games will count towards. First game
that counts for league is this Thursday's $80 added Home Game.

All games are listed below.

All games are n/l Holdem. All times posted are eastern.
Absolute Poker games are listed first followed by the
Ultimate Bet games.

Dont have Absolute Poker?

Then get your account and 100% deposit bonus HERE!

Dont have Ultimate Bet?

Then get your account and 100% deposit bonus HERE!

Two of the freerolls are $100 Post to Play Freerolls. Be sure and
read the sticky here: viewtopic.php?f=16&t=6466

New this month - LEAGUE GAMES - To start the league
we will do 6 league games this month at Absolute.
The top 9 finishers will play in a SNG for $50 and the
top 3 will also win themselves Shark Swag!

We will run ths league and a POY- Player of the Year will be crowned! All League play will be covered here. viewforum.php?f=98 All this months league games are in Green below.

Absolute Poker Schedule

1. Shark's Home Game- $4 -$80 added 02/05/2009 21:00
password - one

2. Shark Poker Tour-$2 -$40 added - rebuy 02/06/2009 21:00
password - two

3. Shark Poker Tour $50 freeroll 02/07/2009 15:00
password - sharks

4. Shark's Home Game- $4 - $80 added 02/12/2009 21:00
password- three

5. Shark Poker Tour- $2- $40 added -rebuy 02/13/2009 21:00
password -four

6. Shark's Home Game- $4-$80 added 02/19/2009 21:00
password - five

7. Shark Poker Tour- $2- $40 added -rebuy 02/20/2009 21:00
password - six

8. Shark Poker Tour $50 freeroll 02/21/2009 15:00
password - TBA

9. Shark's Home Game- $4- $80 added 02/26/2009 21:00
password - vegas

Ultimate Bet Schedule

1. Shark Poker Tour $50 Freeroll 14/02/2009 15:00
password - TBA

2. Shark Poker Tour $100 Freeroll - Post to Play 15/02/2009 21:00
Read this Sticky: viewtopic.php?f=16&t=6466

3. Shark Poker Tour $100 Freeroll - Post to Play 22/02/2009 21:00
Read this Sticky: viewtopic.php?f=16&t=6466

4. Shark's Poker Tour $50 Freeroll 28/02/2009 21:00
password - TBA

So there we have it. By the way our forum is rocking so drop by
and get involved. Great fun and great people.