Poker Road Warrior: January 2008
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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

BadBob and Random Pummeling at AP

Bad Bob in the forum is heating up as the temperatures dip. This funny rant was worthy of bloggage here. I lol'ed.

Ok kids its two days untill I cash in again, out of the last four weeks I have cashed three times with one win, so come one come all, come get some if you can, the Bad One is Rocking and Ready so lets do this thing, if you dare, fix up a new batch of kool aid, whisky, beer, or your drink of choice, it don't matter, I am the Bad One, Dr. Bob, the badest man online right now, ha ha ha, oh lordy, my my, chasing flushes, women, whisky, and most anything, can you step up, I don't think so, just remember You Can't Roller Skate in a Buffulo Herd, You Put the Lime in the Cocanut, and play naked, send the kids off to whoever and pull up your PC and play with the Badest Man on the net, that be me Bad Bob!!!!

As Bobby heats up I cooled off at AP. A nice easy 1K upswing this week was followed by a -280 light pummeling 2 nights ago. As you all know, this is a hi variance game and its definately a marathon not a sprint. When you are rolling everything works. When you are gettin pummeled hands like this come up too often, it seems.

6 max cash game, NL200.

I have 87o and call a small rayz outa the big blind. I have about $160, villain has me covered. Flop comes 779, I bet, he MIN rayzes I call. Turn a sweet and fun filled 8. I check he bets 3/4 pot I rayz, he calls. River blank and I fire out a small bet he pushes, I call. He shows 79 for the flopped boat and I reload.

Shit happens. A year or 2 ago I would have not played for 2 days after a shitty day like this. Now I want to play more because I know there is easy money out there and I also know that some days its a fight to lose 200 or 5 hundred. I didnt play very well and had several knarly coolers. I gotta learn from my bad days and play better, or I can't reach my goals.

I read many poker blogs and really enjoy the ones that feel "real". I want to read about the struggles not just the huge days where everything goes right. You might notice many poker blogs have 4 or 5 posts that are all about how they are killing their game or final tabling some big event. Then nothing for 2 or 3 months (some never post again, lol). Can you say DOWNSWING? They hit the skids when their heater cools down and its harder to write when you are bummed. Shouldnt that be part of your blog also? I hope I have succeeded in posting bad shit, along with the good. Many can't handle the swings in this game. Others don't manage their roll wisely. Its not just about being a good player, to survive.

Check out Touring Pro, Shannon Shorrs blog. Its real.


Plan for the next 2 days.

A nice 90 minute massage today and another 60 min massagey tommorrow followed by a chiropractor adjust. I'm really jacked about having 2 days off this week. Now I will dive into logging a bunch of new shark events, teaching badbob PT and doing some shark maintenance on all the sites. I outline what I need and our great webmaster Shailen from India puts it all together. The forum will be getting a much need upgrade and some new advertisers will be added this week.

I'm going to knock out 2000 hands at AP tonight and maybe 3000 tommorrow if I get all my chores around the house done. It snowed 2 inches this mornin so I got out of scoopin doggie poopoo and yard work today! I'm pretty sure the 308 piles of dog shit won't disappear with the snow so i'll be scoopin soon.

I'm looking for a fixer upper home in Vegas if anyone has any connections in Lost Wages. Small home (1000-1500 sq ft) small yard (big enough for a small pool though), in need of interior/exterior work would be ideal. Give me a buzz if you know any real estate peops in Vegas.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Back in the Game at AP

Been playing AP this week (200NL and 400NL) and serious donk action was discovered at many tables. I'm gonna log 20K hands this month if the games are this soft all month.

Up $700 online and $330 live in the last 4 days and only about 1600 hands (90 live).

We have a 2-8 spread game close to our home that is so weak its funny. Me and lil Raisin went there for New Years. Often the action goes like this. Blinds are 1/2. UTG bets 4 (std MIN bet) folds to me on button I rayz to 12 (max rayz is 8 on all streets) SB calls BB calls UTG calls. I flop a set of 4's and bet 8 on every street and get call stationed by 2 of the table sheriffs all the way to riv. Nice pot, push it to me tyvmywyw.

This monster hand sets up a few sweet bluffs in the next hour when I have nuttin. I rayz PRE, Bad playin 50ish asian calls all the way to the turn again on a AJ8 23 board, I bet RIV and he tanks for 3 minutes then FOLDs for the last 8 bucks in a $50 pot. I show Q4 off, and hes not happy. I always throw in a few funny comments also like "good calling" or "i'm betting sheriff" along the way.

I love call stations and enjoy punishing them for their weak play. Of course they will make sum funky str8s and river a flush or two. They are playing crap hands and calling with bottom pair or shit draws, punish them every chance you get. They are bound to hit a few. Thats what they play for. Its usually the only time they bet or rayz so often its an easy fold when they make this bold move to get aggressive.

Stations almost always go busto. Up +330 in less than 3 hrs (about 90 hands). This game has been my personal ATM for about the last year. I don't really enjoy live that much but this game is just to sweet to pass up.

If you are not playing with my crew on Thursdays at AP you need to get down there and soot up. Its a blast. Results are posted every week in the forum by good ole cardluvr (Norman).