Poker Road Warrior: September 2009
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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

SharkPokerTour October Schedule

Ok Sharks pay attention! Some Important info so please read.

We have 31 events for October. All no limit holdem. League prizes will include $90,000 in guaranteed tickets. We have 6 poker sites on this month and at one you have the chance to win tickets to two $50,000 guaranteed events. I expect Sharks to take home about $5,000 in prizes this month. Could be more with some Shark prowess in the guaranteeds!

Full schedule is posted here in the forum

For registration to all events go to , scroll down to tourney section, and register.

If you open a new poker account please do so here or on the website. Your support allows us to continue carrying all these events.

So here we go.

1) League Play at Absolute/Ultimate Bet Poker

10 league events at Absolute Poker/Ultimate Bet with $650 added. Also Top 9 will play for guaranteed tickets in a sng. Top 18 will play for guarranteed tickets in 2 table sng. Yep thats 2 tourneys for top 9 and the chance to win more than one ticket:

Top 9

1st - one ticket to $40,000k Sniper (Value $130)
2nd - one ticket to $10,000k guar (Value $27.50)
3rd - one ticket to $10,000k guar (Value $27.50)

Top 18

1st - one ticket to $10,000k guar (Value $27.50)
2nd- one ticket to $10,000k guar (Value $27.50)
3rd - one ticket to $10,000k guar (Value $27.50)

2) Power Poker - 2 $150 freerolls and a ticket to the $50,000
guaranteed (buyin $109) to the qualified winner of each.

To qualify for the $50,000 guaranteed ticket the winner must sign up a new Poker Poker account using the sharkpokertour Power Poker link above and use signup code SHARKTOUR (all caps)

3) Reefer Poker -5 freerolls and added totalling $350

4) Titan Poker - 2 freerolls totalling $150

5) Ultimate Bet - 5 freerolls totalling $300 including a Post to Play on Oct 25-
I will post the details soon but most of you know how this works.

6) Full Tilt Poker- 2 freerolls totalling $100.

7) September top 9 league winners will sit down for a $50 freeroll and:
1st - one ticket to $40,000k Sniper (Value $130)
2nd - one ticket to $10,000k guar (Value $27.50)
3rd - one ticket to $10,000k guar (Value $27.50)
at 9 pm eastern on Friday, October 16 on Absolute Poker.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Shark Poker Tour - New Webaite and $60,000 tickets

I have a great suprise for eveyone. As you know,
the top 9 league winners will play in a $50 freeroll on AP.
I have just addd this:
The top 3 in the freeroll will also win additional prizes:
1st - Ticket to $40,000k guaranteed Sniper @ Absolute
2nd - Ticket to $10,000 guaranteed @ Absolute
3rd - Ticket to $10,000 guaranteed @ Absolute

This gives a chance for some of our Sharks to win some serious coin.
2 league events are left and they are posted below.
Look for an even bigger prize pool for October League.

Shark Poker Tour September 2009 Schedule

Have you checked out our newly "renovated" sharkpokertour website

All tournaments but freerolls can be played at
your choice of AP or UB
League winners freeroll will be played at AP.
All other freerolls will be played at UB.

Upcoming Events

1) Thursday - Shark's League Game $4-$80 added 09/24/2009 21:00
password - seven

2) Saturday -Shark Poker Tour League Game- $3- $40 added -
$1 BOUNTY -09/26/2009 21:00 password - eight

3) Sunday - Shark Poker Tour $50 Freeroll - Ultimate Bet Only
everyone welcome 09/27/2009 15:00 est password
will be posted at

4) A $100 Post to Play Freeroll - Registration ends tonight (Thursday)
at 11:59 pm eastern.
Details Here
Good Luck Everyone - Have Fun and Make Some Money!!!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Limit Holdem

Some great advice for limit holdem players from one of my forum's most respected vets:

The Question:

i find i've been losing alot on limit holdem to alot of suck outs, and even thou im beat i have a bad nerve of calling. i know i should stop playing but i keep going back and losing even more, i don't know what to do or should i just avoid the limit cause i do not have the control to play rite on this type of game??? or should i just keep trying and learn to accept the beats and fold......what do you all think?

The Answer:

I think it is pretty fair to say I am one of the better limit players on this site and have played in some pretty big games, both live and on the net. I prefer limit to no limit but you do have to learn to live with the suckouts because after the flop, there is no way to protect your hand and people are more likely to call you down with an inside straight than then would in NL because it is not going to cost them very much and the return could be huge.

The first thing you need to do is start with quality hands and play positionally as well. I only play 6 tabled hands on the net as lower hands have more of a premium but hand selection is still key.

In an early position, you ONLY play big cards. Forget the suited connectors and all the other junk. You play pockets of QQ or higher and AK. When you get to middle position, you can play pretty much any pocket pair for a limp and play a high A (10,j,q or k). When you get to late position and are in on a limp, you can pretty much play like you would in no limit but with restrictions. When you play suited connectors in limit, you want everyone and their mother in that pot. The more likely all the large cards are out and the better chance you have of hitting your hand but still don't fall in love with it. When a flush hits the board and someone is pounding it that was in early position and you are sitting with 45, you need to let the hand go.

If you are first man in, I don't care what two cards are in your hand, raise the pot. The whole point of limit is to pound people and make them pay for their cards, even if they suck out and catch you on the river, let them know when they are in a hand with you they are going to pay for it. It will make them think twice later before diving in with shit cards.

When you have it in limit, bet it. Check raise only with a monster and only when you know your opponent is going to bet. You can NEVER miss an opportunity to bet when you think you have the best. You also need to take notes on everyone you play (all internet sites have this feature online). If you don't have a tracking program, the one thing you need to pay particular attention to is how often they win with check raises and in what position. If you are going up against someone who wins 90% of their hands when they check raise the turn, you know to get out of the hand. On the other hand, maybe they are super aggresive and lose 70% of the time, that is the guy you come over top of. Some players like to play middle and bottom pair all the way down and hope to catch on the river. You need to watch all of this and take notes on every player on every hand. Trust me, it will make and save you a lot of money.

Finally, on calling on the river. Yes you should if you have been in the hand the whole way and you are heads up. Maybe he caught, maybe he didn't but you need to realize, that in most cases, all you have to do is win one of those hands every ten times and it pays for itself. If you called down a $10 river bet and won $100 in the pot, you are covered for the next $10 river bets you call down. Odds are, if you are playing solid cards, you are going to win 2 or 3 of those and it is the difference from a profitable session to a loser.

There of course is a lot more to it than what I have posted here but this gives you a jist of what to do. The best thing I have ever read on Limit as Jennifer Harmon's section in The Super System. It gives you rock solid advice on how to play the game and is a must read for anyone playing limit.

You will read a lot about people who don't like limit but I love it. To me, NL is more of a luck game than limit. A lot of people just push on a draw and win big hands that they would never get in limit and people think they are great poker players because they get lucky. I have probably lost about 80% of the hands I have played recently after being all in on the flop with far and away the best but someone else walked with the pot. They never would have gotten that much off of me in limit and eventually, I would have walked away a winner but not in NL.

You have to have a strong stomach to play limit as you will take some horrible beats but if you play solid cards, you can clean up on that game. When I play live, I play 5/10 and 10/20 limit and you should see some of these pots. There are donkeys playing at that level just like anything else and they just chase that one big pot. I will sacrifice one hand to beat them in 5 others. My stack grows and theirs just exists. Stick with the game, do some reading and play lower limits until you get the hang of it and eventually, you will come out on top.

Keeping Player Notes

Here is an interesting post on player notes by one of our fourm members. Any comments?

I've noticed a tag" feature on a couple of sites. I guess tags are a good, quick way to see a sort of short-hand note about a player. I'd like to have the feature on AP.

I make -and revise- notes all the time. Detailed notes can give lots of good info about who's likely to be bluffing, chasing, etc. -and in what situations.

The only problem I've run into is that old notes can be very misleading. I've made some pretty harsh notes about some players -who may have been just starting out in poker at the time. Then after a gap of a few months I've come up against these players again and discovered that during that time they've developed into much better players than they had been. When that happens my notes are worse than useless -they're dangerous

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Mobile Poker Play

Are you the poker lovers who play day and night? On the way to work, at work and directly after work? Then it's probably time to try your luck on mobile poker. There are a number of sites that offer this service for those not able or want to wait to be near a computer. Severa sites are well advanced and offer customers the opportunity to play on their mobile. As long as you have coverage, you also have the option table, chatting and place your bets. It is best understood if you have a cell phone with really good picture, but if you are a real poker lover maybe things are going well anyway.

Just as online poker rooms offer the most as a mobile client to its customers to play for fun. Anyone who wants to play a bit casual for a while to play "for fun" where you can either play offline at any Cash-table or in a Sit & Go tournament against nine virtual players. If you after a while feel compelled to play for real, feel free to do it against anyone who is online, including those who sit at home and huddle in front of their computers.

Go Mobile Baby!

Shark Poker Tour September 2009 Schedule

Prize pool estimated to be over

Everyone welcome. Join the shark poker tour by going to our website
and registering to get tournament passwords :

NEW - All events except for freerolls can be played at both AP and UB.

If you do not have an account open it here:

For Absolute Poker: 100% up to $500 matching bonus click here

For Ultimate Bet: 200% up to $1,200 matching bonus click here

All games are No Limit Hold Em and include

1) A $100 Post to Play Freeroll
For the $100 Post to Play Freeroll be sure and read the sticky in the Shark Tour Forum here:
This is a $100 freeroll that had about 20 players last month. Great opportunity to start building a bankroll and have a good time! Don't miss it!

2) An exclusive $50 league winners freeroll.

3) Four $50 everyone welcome freerolls

4) Four Cheap Chippie Tuesdays $1 buyin

5) League Games - Check the EIGHT LEAGUE GAMES in green
Prize pool should be well over $2,000 this month.
As well as your winnings in these added league tournaments,
the top 9 finishers this month will play in a SNG for $50 and the monthly will win Shark swagola.

Absolute Poker/Ultimate Bet Events

These events can be played at both poker sites with the exception of the league winners freeroll which will be at AP only.

Absolute Poker League Events - All league games are in Green below.

1. Shark's Home Game- $4 -$80 added 09/03/2009 21:

2. Shark Poker Tour-$3 -$40 added - 09/05/09 21:00

3. Shark's Home Game- $4 - $80 added 09/10/2009 21:00

4. Shark Poker Tour- $3- $40 added - $1 BOUNTY - 09/12/2009 21:00

5. Shark's Home Game- $4-$80 added 09/17/2009 21:00

6. Shark Poker Tour- $3- $40 added - 09/19/2009 21:00

7. Shark's Home Game- $4-$80 added 09/24/2009 21:00

8. Shark Poker Tour- $3- $40 added - $1 BOUNTY -09/26/2009 21:00

Other Absolute Poker Events

1. Shark Poker Tour $50 Freeroll 09/18/2009 21:00 no password needed- automatic registration - This event can only be played at
Absolute Poker -August top 9 League players - congrats

Cheap Chippie Tuesdays That can be played at AP and UB

1. Shark Poker Tour- $1- $10 added 09/01/2009 21:00

2. Shark Poker Tour- $1- $10 added - 09/8/2009 21:00

3. Shark Poker Tour- $1- $10 added- 09/15/2009 21:00

4. Shark Poker Tour- $1- $10 added - 09/22/2009 21:00

5. Shark Poker Tour- $1- $10 added - 09/29/2009 21:00

Ultimate Bet Events - These can only be played at UB

1. Shark's Poker Tour $50 Freeroll - everyone welcome 09/06/2009 15:00 est

2. Shark Poker Tour $50 Freeroll - everyone welcome 09/13/2009 15:00 est

3. Shark Poker Tour $50 Freeroll - everyone welcome 09/20/2009 15:00 est

4. Shark Poker Tour $50 Freeroll - everyone welcome 09/27/2009 15:00 est

5. Shark Poker Tour $100 Freeroll - Post to Play 09/27/2009 21:00
Read this Sticky in the sharkpokertour forum:

Good Luck Everyone.