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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Doyle Brunson and his Poker Room Screw Over Affiliates!

Here is a sweet shot of Doyle taunting me at a recent event. He's saying "Thats 9 grand I saved by not paying you commission on your 400 USA players in the last year, Sharky!" Heres the readers digest version of how I got screwed by this "Poker legend" and his dump of a site, Doyles Room.
I signed about 400-500 players up with pro grinder Scott Fischmans "Fish Tank" site. Scott played with us and a few of the old "CREW" that he had. It was fun. Then Scotts site struggled and basically made a deal with Doyles Room to take over all his players/accounts.
Doyles finally (after many emails) agreed to let me keep all my players that were transferred over. I never received credit for all (they get to keep 100% of the rake my players generate and not pay me my 25% commission if they end my link to those players) but decided I could have received nothing and dropped the issue, vowing to pretty much stop promoting this site that doesnt care about all the work I spent promoting Fish Tank and signing 400 players.

Remember this is 25% commission for the rest of all players lives. So them snagging 100 players from me could be lotsa bucks long term.
Doyle might not have a thing to do with shady site managers (hes probably just a "spokesman" as far as daily business goes), but his name is on the door, so he can kiss my big ass.
It gets better. So then when the UIGEA laws hit Doyle is exposed. Hes got USA players and could be in trouble with jonny law, for promoting the site that invites USA players. They ceased letting USA players in and dumped all USA players that were already in.
My players were 80% USA so I lose pretty much the rest of my signed players. Fun. I had lots of tourneys and promoted fish and doyles hard for 2 years.
Thats fine, I understand they didnt want big trouble and were not gonna stand strong like FT, STARS, AP, etc. So after several months Doyle and crew decide, hey!! FT, AP and Stars are not incurring any wrath from Govt!! We can jump back in, and retain all the emails and player info from all those "affiliate signed" players AND NOT PAY THE 25% commish! Sweet, we rich, woohoo. They could have emailed me and other affiliates that worked so hard. They don't call or email. They ripped me and others off and I will never promote or recommend their weak act to anyone ever again. Doyle, if you know whats going on at your room you can fuck off to, your room screwed me and many other affiliates over. I hope you feel good about paying us nothing for years of hard work.
What comes around goes around. Myself and many other affiliates will spread the word about what you are, and how you do business.
Free Poker Training Video #3 is up in the Forum now, Check it out players!
Sorry about the weird spacing and dashes everywhere. The blogger software is not spacing correctly today.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Good Turnout At AP, TALOND takes it Down!

You DO NOT WANT Shark Veteran Anthony "TALOND" heads up!
375 Shark runners sooted up and it came down to TALOND and your favorite blogger (all 12 of you). Heres a quik report I posted in the forum after strong and tight playa TALOND FINALLY smack talked me. I think he GooGled the word smack+poker to come up with a few jems, lol.

It was a good see-saw battle Talond. You smack talk good now but very weak passive smackagge at the table. I kept telling you to read the blog so you could earn sum rags/swag/free shit, lol.

It was a very weird tounrey for me so heres a quik report. I did nothing exciting for almost 4 hours. No cards (none!) but i was "hangggin around", and stayin out of trouble. With about 16 left I was 16th and sittin on 4K with blinds at about 800/1600. TALOND was already fat with chips at this point.

I won a race and doubled up, stacked another as a small favorite, then stacked GTech Mom on the only beat I layed down in 5 hours, I think. I pressured her blind on the button with the v v pretty J8clubs and she pushed back with A10o. I still only had about 20K and had her covered (15k maybe?) and figured I was behind but needed to get lucky to survive. popped a jackson and laid a small beat on mom (sorry darlin). As all knows she plays vn vn. But I figured 2 live cards and flush possibilities so a good gamboool.

Rolled from then on as I play pretty good when i have bully chippies. This is whats weird. For 5 hours. No sets, no flush, no str8s. NONE. My best hand that I remember was 82o when I rayzed in pos HU agin Talond and flopped 2 pr and got a lil action. So I guess in retrospect I played pretty good. Many, many new players and rooks (a good thing!! we need fresh blood/meat!)

I had support knock out my nemesis cardluvr early to lead the way to this HUGE cashish and BR enlarger. $4 an hour!! sweet baybee jesus how do you guys do it!! I play one or 2 freerolls a year so see ya next April kids.

Congrats Talond! I need your posts sir! Keep helpin us here. Share your knowledge with the newbs and BORN, you got serious game and mad skilz (way to tight short, I stole you blind, sir)

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Freeroll Password, GAR and Reeler Cash!

Todays password for the AP is shark222 Go here to play today!

Kick me to the rail then smack talk my weak, tired and painful act in chat, for a NEW red Hot Shark logo tee. Email me direct with size and address. You must smack talk me hard after you do the deed or you don't collect, monkeys.

Check out the 3 Freerolls, Private Sit n Go action and fun $1 rebuy upcoming at the doggie in our forum......

If you are not hangin in the forum you are missing lotsa good laughs and strong cashes by several of me veterans. Career Shark Vet and aptly named Shark Legend GAR won a $162 buyin at UB last night. cha cha cha chinga! 57 hundred bones ($5700.). Reeler cashed large last night as well. I'm proud of my boys. My lil Raisins fav player/person on Tour is GAR, She loves him and I get tired of hearing it. lol. Read about GAR's trip report and HUGE cash here:

Good report, TEE is on the way my bruddha. You get 2 tees reeler, hi Tammy!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Its Rigged! Another Beat! 2 outer! Only at AP, FT, Stars, etc.

Lots of good posts in our forum, this week. I selected this one and went on quite a rant. Thx for putting up with me Beverlee. Email me for a Shark logo tee for posting and supporting our forum. Free shipping and handling, size, address soc sec #, visa w/expiration and 3 digits on back to, and date of birth. tyvw i appreciate ttyl.

Lets help each other get real good playin poker and torture smelly old regulars and tourists. Post in the Shark Forum and get help from Shark Vets, now.

beverlee756 wrote:
i have watched a lot of the smaller buy ins as you mentioned and have noticed a lot of the bad beats,guess I will go back now and watch some of the higher buy ins and see how that goes.I dont play on the other sites that were mentioned,just AP and there are quite a lot of "suckouts"and bad beats,just sometimes it just seems that the site has to be rigged.

Good post Beverlee, Thanks for telling us how you feel.I could be wrong in your case but heres the deal, IMO. Newer players, bad players or maybe just players that don't understand the game make statements like this.

I'm NOT putting you down, just trying to add my 2 cents, and maybe help you or another newb (not sayin yer a newb, I don't know you). The sites have NO interest (ZERO, none nadda) in changing the RNG (random number generation). They are getting very wealthy (good established sites) by making the games fair.

Poker is a game of luck and skill. Thats just the way it is. How many times have you seen a horrible donk beat skilled pros on TV (wsop, wpt, whatever). They usually get it in bad, then suck out. I hate this saying but "thats poker". They probably sucked out 10-20 other times to make the TV table. Or won 10 coin flips str8. Seen that happen, although I can't win 3 in a row.

This "donk makes good" is a good thing!! When a horrible donk wins a big freeroll he thinks hes good. He then pays off all the good players until hes broke. wash rinse repeat. Same thing happens to semi pros or donks that win a big event. They re-distribute those "ill gotten gains".

Cash players follow them, stalk them and you want them all confident and rich at yer table, if yer good. Please read up on "variance+poker" and understand what happens when you continually get yer $$ in good. It means you will be a winning player.

I can get my ass kicked for 5 days str8 playin low limit NL and get it in good 75% of the time. Don't matter sometimes. I can also suckout and win, although it doesnt happen often cause I usually git it in good. Im not braggin, im getting to me point!!

You need to get it in good most of the time.THEN, it don't matter what happens for one day or one week. You will be a winning playa, and be able to buy mass bling like mister T and wink martindale (best game show host eva). Variance is MUCH higher in MTT. Its way more luck than cash games. I was becoming a decent $20-100 buyin MTT player. Then I found NL cash games. Way less variance, more instant gratification, and I can play when I want.

In tourneys you must sit for 5, 8 or 10 hours. Might be 12 hours a day for 4 days. Thats not fun to me. I like to sit when I want to sit, and play for as long as I feel like. I like my new friend zingbust (Paul) but i'm a poker player...getting up at 10am to play a Cearsars Palace MTT with him is too friggin early. I get up at 2pm, when in poker mode. CASH GAME! I'm in!

Online I can fire up 6 tables and play 550 hands in an hour and call it a night. Thats fun, all with less variance than all you tourney players. Of course, if I hit a big MTT win i will eat all my above words and become a MTT pro, lol. Sorry for the ramble, but it will make a good blog post.

If I do post it watch the blog for a free shark logo tee, beverlee. Keep posting and give me your thoughts if ya want. If this rant didnt help you maybe jiggy will get sumthin outa it.

Are you a Sharkette? Post in Hyppiechycks thread in the forum, "Tiltin w/Tina". Shes lookin to organize a ladies "sharkette" night freeroll and will get you jacked up about playin poker. Shes got a great "tude" , and is a strong mixed game playa.


Large Freerolls at Absolute Poker on 3/22 and 3/29 ($500 added!). Details in the forum.

Bodoggie Tourneys Upcoming! Events Upcoming!

Watch our Calendar. clik here 6 tourneys up now.

Private Shark sit n gos goin' off nitely. Wanna see how you stack up in a one table tourney with my best players? Go to the forum for details. Pack yer lunch, say yer prayers and then get drop kicked to the rail, out of the money, then back to play chips. Good times!

Coming Soon To Sharks Vegas Strip:
FREE Video Poker Training

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Shark Tour Visits The Doggie!

We need a HUGE turnout for both of these events to retain BODOG's support for future events. Depositing Shark players that play cash ring games can earn NEW Shark logo tees at Bodog now. Please email Shark NOW for a personalized plan to earn swag.
onlineshark @ msn. com (no spaces)

Enter Bodog NOW as a Shark player: clik here

4/5 8:05 est. NLHE Freeroll
The Shark Tour Forum welcomes you to a $T200 added Freeroll! Launch Forum bigshot, "Tiltin' with Tina" dba Hyppiechyk for a Shark logo tee!
Pay top 10 finishers, registration will open 3 days prior to start. ALL Forum members will receive the password approx 4/1 by email.

If you CASH, we need you to register for the $1.10 rebuy the next day (Sunday 4/6 8:05 est). See below. Support our Tour and sponsors so we can continue to add more events and mo money.
4/6 8:05 est NLHE $1.10 rebuy (unlim. rebuys first hour, 2,000 add-on at hr break, must have less than 1000 chips to rebuy)
$100 added!

Enter Bodog NOW as a Shark player: clik here and enter NOW

password is rebuy222

Pay top 10 finishers, registration open now! Launch Tour flounder Shark "steamrayz" for a bad ass, highly coveted, new shark vegas strip logo tee.

Launch Forum head loon and loose cannon, "jigdog" for a Shark logo Tee!
Launch bonuses are not paid if jig or shark rebuys. Only when they are drop kicked to the rail. Pack yer lunch and say yer prayers kids. We won't go down easy.

We always pay all shipping and handling on all swag deliveries.

Inappropriate behavior.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Improve Your Game Now!

The forum is really rockin'. We are holding a $500 Freeroll for all players that put in 5 posts by 3/28 so thats helping a bit. But many vets have stepped up their forum presence to help out the Shark cause. It's much appreciated.

I don't want to make too many predictions on what continued FORUM growth could lead to for our Shark Army but it will be huge for our members. The problem with regular poker websites (like and ) is that once you all have read the info on the sites they become stale and I don't have the time to continually refresh the info. So you go there to quickly grab your passwords now and you are done there.

The forum is different. I have a hundred or more contributing writers. We don't need to just talk poker. We are making friends, working on meeting "online friends" in live situations (Hi Paul and Nancy!), and finding out where the best place to eat is in a strange city we will be visiting.

As the forum grows I can sell advertising on the forum on a large scale (we are already doing this a lil) and not relie on commision based links like we have with Absolute, Full Tilt etc. The banner at the top of our forum can rotate 6 times and be 1000. a month eventually for each of the 6 ads (or more). I'll put a nice % of that income into added money and premium shark swag, for you, my donkelicious members.

Good post in the forum this mornin' from one of our best players "lightning36" PM me in the forum for your NEW Shark tee "lighter", address and size please. Randomly selected posts score Shark hi-end swag. This new shirt will blow you away sir! Shipping and handling $35. (j/k)

Lighter (partial qoute from post):

The whole online poker world really changed 14 months ago when the US government started getting involved and Neteller was frozen for US players. So many sites were closed to US players and so many really bad players were chased away. With some of the terrible players that used to play, making money at ring tables was so much easier. I find that now, even though I am a much better player, I have a hard time winning consistently.

Shark post:

Good post lighter. The games are tougher at every level, IMO. I still see newbs coming back now just not as many. I'd like to add a few things to your info that I mostly agree with.

Nows the time to work harder on your game, add pokertracker/HUD if you don't have it. Learn it and use it. Plug your leaks, identify good/bad players. Data mine every nite. I have been winning very consistently but I don't sit with many 12 tablin animals, players with strong stats or known regulars.

I don't play sites I can't datamine, or use PT with (Stars for one). I also quit if the nite is bringing lotsa beats and my "tude" starts going downhill. I got plenty a honeydews and shark shit to do if I need to shut er down.

I don't agree with certain sites giving more beats. I believe in random shuffling that the sites use. We see unreal hands, miracle beats , etc, etc because we see so many hands. I play 600 hands an hour at home and 33 per hour at the Flamingo. The chances for weird, crazy beats and runner runner bullshit is gonna happen at home way more. And its gonna happen at all sites.

I pick my sites by how bad the players are, and table select carefully. If you players are doing all of the above and still not winning consistently then you gotta drop down a level or 2. Crush the level you are playing before you move up. I 100% believe and know I can beat the next level up. But i'm in no hurry to get there. Winning most nights is fun. The next level is tougher and has less tables to select from.

Check out our forum! Nice people, helpful veterans and no drama or soap opera bullshit. Get your 5 posts in this month to secure your spot in our AP $500 added roll on 3/29. Should be a great event with a small field.

This week lotsa fun in "Shark Members Success Stories" Huge cash from TajMahal, multiple wins (again!) from Cardluvr, Mixed game animal Hyppiechyck notches a HO win, jiggster battles heads up for the Shark Home game WIN last week (one of the toughest 50 man events on the net), and several other nice cashes (shammy, superdad/bustalot).

Vegas trip report from badbob coming in about a week. Have a great time mister and missus bad1!