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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Improve Your Game Now!

The forum is really rockin'. We are holding a $500 Freeroll for all players that put in 5 posts by 3/28 so thats helping a bit. But many vets have stepped up their forum presence to help out the Shark cause. It's much appreciated.

I don't want to make too many predictions on what continued FORUM growth could lead to for our Shark Army but it will be huge for our members. The problem with regular poker websites (like and ) is that once you all have read the info on the sites they become stale and I don't have the time to continually refresh the info. So you go there to quickly grab your passwords now and you are done there.

The forum is different. I have a hundred or more contributing writers. We don't need to just talk poker. We are making friends, working on meeting "online friends" in live situations (Hi Paul and Nancy!), and finding out where the best place to eat is in a strange city we will be visiting.

As the forum grows I can sell advertising on the forum on a large scale (we are already doing this a lil) and not relie on commision based links like we have with Absolute, Full Tilt etc. The banner at the top of our forum can rotate 6 times and be 1000. a month eventually for each of the 6 ads (or more). I'll put a nice % of that income into added money and premium shark swag, for you, my donkelicious members.

Good post in the forum this mornin' from one of our best players "lightning36" PM me in the forum for your NEW Shark tee "lighter", address and size please. Randomly selected posts score Shark hi-end swag. This new shirt will blow you away sir! Shipping and handling $35. (j/k)

Lighter (partial qoute from post):

The whole online poker world really changed 14 months ago when the US government started getting involved and Neteller was frozen for US players. So many sites were closed to US players and so many really bad players were chased away. With some of the terrible players that used to play, making money at ring tables was so much easier. I find that now, even though I am a much better player, I have a hard time winning consistently.

Shark post:

Good post lighter. The games are tougher at every level, IMO. I still see newbs coming back now just not as many. I'd like to add a few things to your info that I mostly agree with.

Nows the time to work harder on your game, add pokertracker/HUD if you don't have it. Learn it and use it. Plug your leaks, identify good/bad players. Data mine every nite. I have been winning very consistently but I don't sit with many 12 tablin animals, players with strong stats or known regulars.

I don't play sites I can't datamine, or use PT with (Stars for one). I also quit if the nite is bringing lotsa beats and my "tude" starts going downhill. I got plenty a honeydews and shark shit to do if I need to shut er down.

I don't agree with certain sites giving more beats. I believe in random shuffling that the sites use. We see unreal hands, miracle beats , etc, etc because we see so many hands. I play 600 hands an hour at home and 33 per hour at the Flamingo. The chances for weird, crazy beats and runner runner bullshit is gonna happen at home way more. And its gonna happen at all sites.

I pick my sites by how bad the players are, and table select carefully. If you players are doing all of the above and still not winning consistently then you gotta drop down a level or 2. Crush the level you are playing before you move up. I 100% believe and know I can beat the next level up. But i'm in no hurry to get there. Winning most nights is fun. The next level is tougher and has less tables to select from.

Check out our forum! Nice people, helpful veterans and no drama or soap opera bullshit. Get your 5 posts in this month to secure your spot in our AP $500 added roll on 3/29. Should be a great event with a small field.

This week lotsa fun in "Shark Members Success Stories" Huge cash from TajMahal, multiple wins (again!) from Cardluvr, Mixed game animal Hyppiechyck notches a HO win, jiggster battles heads up for the Shark Home game WIN last week (one of the toughest 50 man events on the net), and several other nice cashes (shammy, superdad/bustalot).

Vegas trip report from badbob coming in about a week. Have a great time mister and missus bad1!


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