Poker Road Warrior: February 2008
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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Shark Forum on a Roll!

Good posting, great success stories, new posters, nice upgrade. We rollin, ladies.

One of our longtime aging (lol) vets "CPGoldaddict" posted an excellent question this week. I had just finished reading Cardplayer CEO Barry Schulmans interview on his newest business, "SpadeClub", when CP wrote this:

Whadya all think of the way SpadeClub intends to handle their poker in the US? Pay by the month to enter into "sweepstakes" that happen to be poker. No ring games for $, but tourneys where you can win cash.

My reply:

I think its a great marketing plan to gather millions of poker players info (emails mostly) so Cardplayer CEO Barry Schulman can make billions.I don't like freerolls with 12,847 entries, but thats just me.I have read an interview with him and thats basically what they are doing. Once they have this HUGE list of emails they can bombard you 24/7 with offers and links (kinda like I do but on a lil bigger scale, lol).

Tina dba hippiechick added this strong post:

UB has already set up a sweepstakes site, i thinks it's club ubt or something like that.... I tried the free trial period.. they were giving away big screen tvs and the like... you collect points by playin freerolls and then they have "points buyins" to win the bigger prizes. I suppose it's ok if you don't mind playin poker like bingo. Most of the ppl I got on tables were not even up to par to the usual freerollers you see on other sites and "points" were easy to collect. However, having said that... I decided not continue my subscription... When I final table, I'd like to see a bit o cash in my account, not more points that I can't really use for anything but another tourney where a great bingo player will hit....LOLTina

shark added:

I agree with everything you said Tina. One thing that is great about that BINGO, Playchip, Play for points, player:If they switch to cash games after playing the above games for a while they are pretty much donks for life. They have created horrible habits that are really tough to change. I'm not saying a few select indivuals couldnt do it, but most just end up dead money for players that have honed their game with real money play, practice, and study.

Winners need this constant flow of fresh meat (sorry, best term I could muster) to keep our games good. These FREE sites/events are building the fish that we will gobble up in a few months, years, whatever. So i'm not "anti-spade club" or anti play chip player. I just wouldnt recommend it for my members/players/friends.

I want players that strive to be winners so they can play more and have more fun. Anyone can deposit $20, study a little, watch a video, start at .05/.10 and probably go up 1 level a month for 6 months. I know I could teach a complete rook to do this in 1-3 hours. I would be surprised if they needed to deposit more than once or twice on their way up. I think this challenge would be way more fun than playing 12,000 man freerolls for UB PTS or spadeclub tee-shirts.

There are more good posts on this subject here:

Add your take to this interesting subject or find another topic that catches your eye.

Lots of nice people in my Shark crew that will help guide you if ya need help posting. Just ask!

See you tonight at 8pm est, another Shark Pool Par-tay. $5.50 to swim, bring yer arm floaties and speedos or play nekkid. It's a personal choice. $20 transfer if you launch me tonight (steamrayz at i think?). I'm about 80% that I will be able to play (workin real job today) so buyer beware.

I'm working on poker video #2 which I must say is pretty good. I got in several sticky situations you might enjoy. 73 min long so i'm working on condensing the file for all to watch this week. I ended up a little but got red hot after I turned off the video (rats). Had a +550 day in about 1400 hands.

Runnin good, and sending shorties back to spadeclub or UB points.

Off to Vegas with the warden "raisin" and "theStamper" (Dad) on 3/3. I have not had a 3 day weekend (and no vacations) in 7 months, bring it.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Free Poker Training Video, Freeroll Password

Shark Vid #1 The audio got out of sync about 3/4 of the way thru here. I'll get that corrected on the next video. 53 minutes running time. Hit this link, add the 3 initials into the box and hit send. Then wait 45 seconds and hit Free Download. Then click "open file" and it will play in Windows Media Viewer (wmv). I'm still working on file sizes and video quality so look for improved video next week. <------------Best Quality Link

The password for our Freeroll at this Saturday at 8pm EST is 3shark3

4 Freerolls and 8, $5 buyins have been loaded. Watch here for more announcements.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Heat Continues

Played 330 hands this mornin before work. All week have been averaging about $1 per hand and made $328 to keep the sweet average going. 4 tablin, 6 max this was a 50 min session for a rather large $396 hourly rate. cha cha ching.

Just wish I had time to put in some long sessions. I have been working on my aggression (mostly 3 and 4 betting preflop) and my stats are looking pretty good. This week in 1600 hands played, stats are 24/15/4.2. (see flop/rayzpre/total aggression). I can always tell by one stat when the cards are being kind. My river aggression goes thru the roof. Clean/dry board, value town the chasers.

I'm happy with aggress. anywhere between 3.4-5 at these lower limits. Might have to tone it down a little when I move up a couple levels. Several of the high limit/nl/ short/ pros are 2-3 in total aggression. We'll see how it goes.

I'll post a few fun hands tommorrow (at work PC now). I made a few really nice plays that you might like to check out/try.

My Pops made another nice "Let it Ride" cash in Vegas last week. Came back with a large chunk a change so hes going down on 3/3 with me and the warden. He got the rooms (comped baybee) and we got the air. Should be a good trip. Hope it gets close to 80 for sum pool tyme.

Shout out to my forum buds! Jiggydog, BadBob, HippyChick, tgreer, reel, GTMom, cardluvr, shammy, and of course treebor! I appreciate all the good/funny/strong/informative/perverted posts lately. If you are a shark army supporter playing nekkid, with the drapes open during our Thursday Home game is not enough. No. We NEED your posts. Lets get this forum rockin and i'll schedule more tourneys with more cashish added if we get more shark vets contributing.

Cardluvr appears to be the hottest Shark currently. 2 nice cashes including a $2 buyin WIN (729 runners!). This win paid close to $800 bones. Not bad for a $2 buyin. Post your success stories in the forum NOW. Keep it rollin Norman!

I am having some success selling advertising (paid/guaranteed monthly, instead of commission) and it will increase if we get the forum hot. I'll put some of that cash into added money at sites that have discontinued their support post UIGEA.

I just requested 12 Tourneys (4 freeroll, 8 buyin) at Absolute and Watch the forum for dates and password help.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Nice Heater!

I got deck slapped in a short session yesterday at NL200 & NL400. Made $590 in only about 500 hands then pored a few drinks down the warden and talked her into going to play live at the local 2-8 spread game (Club Casino). As mentioned previous this game is donkelicious.

I again got nice hole cards and hit some sweet flushies in large pots. We played about 2.5 hours, +220. The warden has struggled here and again got beat up a little so went to blackjack so she could add to the small loss. I hate BJ.

You might wanna try this trick. Early in the session here I always pull off 1 or 2 huge bluffs with complete air. 84o, 72o, whatever. Make your hole cards really bad cause that tilts bad players more. Scoop a big pot, show the table you rayzed to 10 pre, and bet/rayzed all the way till all fold. Then quietly flip your 7 hi over. Most of your new friends will now chase you to the riv with crap. That tends to get expensive for your new buds, plus its fun.

Off to Vegas with wifey and Dad on 3/3-3/6. Probably stayin at the RIO this trip. I'll post a report when I get back.

The car dealership I manage is getting busier and I have a fun group of sales guys. They only work 34 hours a week and have every other weekend off, so they like the gig.

I'll try to update more this month.

The Shark Powered Network is now offering advertising spots on all 5 sites. Welcome new advertisers, PartyPoker Germany and Cardschat.