Poker Road Warrior: My bud Conn hits the Road!
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Friday, July 21, 2006

My bud Conn hits the Road!

The Big Easy. Harrahs Casino Trip Report. By Doug Conn

Thought it might be fun/interesting to take a few minutes and post some hands / experiences from my semi-regular visits to Harrah's Poker Room.

I usually make it out there once/twice a week...

I'll be making posts here if/when I take my shot @ the touri-donks


Arrived @ Harrah's a lil after Noon.

Was happy to see a 'list of interest' for Omaha Hi-Lo (4-8-12) 5 people were on the list... I promptly added my name
(they won't open a table unless they have @ least 10/11 peeps)
So, While waiting I head over to a $3/$6 holdem game.

I move into the game on the 'cutoff' (one off button)
... First hand, I get dealt KK!
whooo hooo.... gonna be a good day!
(well... at least that's what I thought)
board comes 10-5-2 rainbow....
Guy in early position bets... 3 callers... I raise
... to make a long story short: I was head's up by the river (with the original better)... and.... I lose to 85o...
when a 3rd five hit the river to give the donk trips... whee

5 min in and I'm stuck $30

The pain continued as I proceed to fold for an hour 1/2...
didn't rake in single pot...

so, I get up for a walk.... and go ta check the Omaha hi-lo status...
Still only 5 peeps on list
Looks like the Hi-Lo session aint gonna happen. ;(

I get back to the table just in time for my BB
75off suit... (the fun continues)
Family Pot... 7 peeps in...
Flop comes: 3-6-4 rainbow. I Flopped the nuts! whoohooo!
I check..... UTG bets
Mid position raises... EVERYONE calls
It gets back to me, I re-raise / make it $9 ... everyone calls
Turn comes another 6 (and puts 2 hearts out there)
Scary card .... but... I gotta bet... I do... 5 callers
River is an 7 (no heart) at this point, I'm either beat or tying (with another straight) so, I check....
mid position bets.... buttons calls... I call (expecting the worst)
and guy in early position calls.

...dig it...

UTG had 10-10, Guy in Mid position had KK (thank god he didn't raise pre... I'd have folded my 75o!) and a guy in late position had trip 6's

I SCOOPED that monster pot!

That HUGE win put me back in the green
(I bought in for $100... now had almost $200 in front of me)

A few hands later, I get AA UTG
I raise.... 3 callers
Flop = A-K-10
board ends up pairing giving me AAA1010
and I take down another bigun

Then I went card dead for aprox 2 hours...
fold, fold, fold, fold, fold
(I did take down a small pot when I flopped 2 pair from sb)

Then, I finally get a hand.... AA again
I raise... 4 callers (fn 3/6 donks just won't fold!)
Board comes K-6-8...
and I end up losing ($50+) to QJ
who hits runner runner JJ for trip Jacks

@ that point, I felt a lil Tilt comin on...
and decided I should leave while I was ahead
left before the next hand was dealt..

all in all, a good session

Walked with $120 profit & that's after spending $15 on lunch;
Mcallisters Rueben.... yum! and a Carmel Frappacino from Starbucks
(needed sugar and caffiene: was up till 4am playin Badugi!)

I talked to the Poker room manager before I split....
He said they've been running a regular O8/b on Wed.
I hope he's right... I'll be back on Wed to check it out

I'll prolly be going back on Mon as well
(fave day to play: Cracked Aces = a rack ($100)

Well, that's the news for today.


Well, I went ta check out the 8/b situ (yesterday a.m.)

Arrived @ 10a.m. and was happy to see a list of 8 waiting for Omaha Hi-Lo

10 minutes after I arrived, they called us to the table

When the peeps took their seat,
I realized I was @ Mega-tough table... filled w/grizzled vets
I was the yougest guy @ the table... (I'm 37)
Don't think there was anyone under 50
This crowd makes the 4/8 Omaha game look like a day care

I've seen many of these guys playing @ the higher stakes tables
& from the converstation, I gathered that many of em were invited via phone calls from some old crusty old guy in seat 4 who apparently is the person responsible for getting this weekly 8/b game going

I looked around the table... and tried to spot the sucker...
I couldn't find him (uh oh)

Stakes = 4-8-12 with a 1/2 kill

first hour was uneventful, I was playing MEGA tight and folded just about everything...

Sidenote: Wed is 'lucky table day' @ Harrah's: Every hour they draw a table #, and if your table wins, everyone gets $25.. well, we won the 11a.m draw (the only time they called our table during the 10 hour session) & put me up $5(whooo hoooo)

Just when I was feeling lucky...
I ran into a bad streak...
and dropped 1/2 of my stack over the next 2 hours
(one of these days, I'll learn to let a low draw go on the turn
....especially when it's an $18 bet!)

I began to get that 'you're goin busto' feeling
when the following hand goes down:

I get AA45 in the BB
6 callers in a kill pot ($36 preflop)
Flop comes A-A-6 (I flopped Aces full)
I check, wanting to see if anyone's gonna bet this thing...
Guy immediately to my left fires out... button calls, I call
Turn = 8d
I check again... lefty bets..button calls, I raise (bets are $12 @ this point)
lefty RE-RAISES! button calls and I cap it @ $48 (button still calls)
River = Kh
I bet $18.... lefty calls, putting in his last $16 into the pot *buttons folds in disgust (missed his low draw obv.)

Lefty turns over A-6.... for AA666 (ouch... for him)
My AAA66 scoops the whollllllle thing

That single pot was pretty much my profit for the 10 hour session

I picked up a few splits (and won a couple small ones)
but, that was 'the biggie'

Had a real bad turn of fortune when I ran into quads... twice!

1st time: I Had A2KK ... board = 336Q3j
& on 2nd hand
I had AA2Q on a 33355 board
was drawing to nut low on both hands
(& expecting to scoop w/boat and low)
Low missed both.... and neither boat was good
(ran into quad 3333's each time... sheesh)
Painful stuff

those two pots cost me $50+ ea

without that BS, I woulda walked away a BIG winner

all together, I walked away w/ $100+ (after lunch, starbucks,etc)

I had a GREAT time and will def be going back for more.
Hanging tough w/the old timers was a big confidence boost
+ after a couple hours, I managed to spot a couple 'suckers'
(yeah! I wasn't 'the one' !!!) hopefully they'll be back next wed.... I know I will


Decided to make run out to Harrah's this eve
Had some $$$ (winnings from yesterday) burning a hole in my pocket
and had 7 kids/girls @ the house... so, I decided to make my 'escape'

Good thing I did... my timing was excellent:

I arrived in the poker room about 6pm
I took a seat @ a 3-6 table (only game that had a seat)

Very 1st hand I get AK UTG.... I raise it up and get 3 callers
Flop comes rags... I bet... 3 callers.... turn and river are more rags...
it goes check check (turn/river) and... my A high is good
nice way to start a session

2 hands later, I get AA in the Cutoff I raise it up... & get 4 callers
It's checked to me on every street... and I bet every street
board = 8 - 3- Q- K - K.... the bullets held true (no K! whew) and I took down a $70+ pot

and then... bout a 1/2 hour later.... the mac daddy pot:
there's a live straddle (UTG posts an extra bb in the dark)
I Pick up KK in mid position... & raise it up to $9 ... two callers (button and SB)
then, mr straddle makes it $12... Since it was a "live straddle" I get to make a 4th raise I cap it @ 15... everyone calls...
$60 in the pot preflop... 4 way action....
to make a long story short: the kings held and I raked a $120+ pot

A few hands later I got AA again! (wow! talk about getting hit w/the deck)
alas, the bullets didn't hold up that hand (lost to 10d-8d who hit his flush on the river)

then .... I folded trash hands for another hour or so
@ decided the rush was over... I cashed in and split

All in all, I had a sweet lil 3 hour session

Bought in for $90 &
Walked w/ $240
$150 profit in 3 hours @ 3/6 = 8bbs p/hr (not bad eh?)

if this keeps up, I'm gonna be making my trips to
Harrah's MUCH more frequent!

that's the news from the big easy
check ya next time,

Do you have a trip report or Tourney story? POST IT HERE!

If selected for a Road Warrior "guest blog" you will receive fine Shark logo gear/swagola

Hope to see you all Sunday night at the first weekly VET Series Event!

Time, and all details here

2500 chips, 6 handed, 20 min. levels (similar to 50-60 min pro structure live)


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