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Sunday, June 11, 2006

We Need Your Support!

I want a few thousand of our members to make a commitment to posting once or twice in our forum each month. Invest 10 minutes each month to support the Freerolls and the hard work Raisin and I do. If you wanna go crazy post more.

Heres my thinking. We all sit in our living rooms and are offered tons of freerolls. Why deposit many say? Well if everyone said that there would be no freerolls. NONE. The 3-5% that deposit pay the way for the rest.

Thats not just for our site. Absolute, and the rest will stop freerolls tommorrow if those loyal 3% don't do their thing. We have to make money (or at least break even) or we can't pay our web bills, hats, shirts, and added prize money.

I have never said "if you don't deposit, we don't want you". I will never say that. I thought of a way that all the non-depositing players can contribute until they decide free play is getting old. I built a forum (well awesome shark supporters, Net and Chippie built it mostly) and asked all members to contribute. So far 3% have. This is after at least 20 requests for the last 9 months and 3 special forum freerolls that got a shitty response. I dropped the added cash for many freerolls after the last one in frustration. I added the cash I took from the freerolls to the buyins cause I wanted to reward the players that are keeping us afloat. Funny, most of our buyin players are also our best forum posters.

Heres the bottom line to me. I think 98% of our players are good people and would like to support us. Say I bought a giant Casino and offered you all a $1000 freeroll and you showed up ready to play. 500 of you. You would be excited you were offered an invite. When you arrived I asked all for a small favor. Maybe a 10 minute favor. Stack chips, make sure decks were all 52 cards or maybe make coffee. You all would jump to help!!

We would play then and have a fun night. Do you see my point? Because we are behind our computers and there are a million freerolls 97% are saying "pass, i'm not making a post or gonna support you 1 bit". Since you know that most will do the same you are comfortable in your anonymity. I can ask 20 times and nothing will ever change. I bet most never even noticed I dropped the added money in many freerolls this month. I gave the money to my bud Born (and other buyins) for working his butt off for me with no pay. He just likes to help his friend and play for the Shark Tour.

I'm trying to shake you guys and girls up. I can stop the freerolls right now and do quite well. I could set up 2 or 3 a month and have bigger money buyins. Thats what most of the sites are requesting from me anyway.

Support us now by posting or playing in buyins or both. If you think this is asking too much please don't email me or complain. Go to another site, OPT OUT of our next bulk mail and we wish you luck in the future. You will find a good site to play and we will not be asking you to do something that you feel is unfair.

If we get our Forum rockin' you ALL will benefit from more added money. There are some great players posting in there. Ask some questions, improve your game, tell a joke, make a friend.

I wrote this very fast and never use speel check so I hope this makes sense.



At 7:37 PM, Blogger HartFlush said...

Hey Shark,

I played in your Omaha H/L tourney. Some things to why people may not play the freeroll some of the players in this community are not the nicest in world calling people donkeys and not putting off a positive atmosphere.

I am pretty sure you want a community that strives to help each other not bring each other down. My 2 cents.


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