Poker Road Warrior: Home from Vegas, Final #'s
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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Home from Vegas, Final #'s

Got up early Friday in Vegas, the warden did her usual awesum packing job and attempted to get her new mondo luggage under 50 lbs. They charge ya $25 if its over as I found out on the way down (61 lbs!)

I pick it up and it feels like 58 to me. We head down for sum Starbucks and to check our luggage in the departing guests storage dealo. We have been using the Starbucks in that horseshoe deal where they trap you into walking by all those shitty stands where 20 salespeople all ask "soo, where ya from". The over/under on how many times you hear that in Vegas is 47 . I was over on this trip.

Try this the next time one of these constant pests give you the big arm wave (come on over, i'm friendly vegas guy) huge smile and say "soooo, where ya from". Give him a bigger arm wave, bigger smile, say "where you from" and walk in the other direction. I tried it three times and they don't follow.

Homey don't play dat. I'm in Vegas to have fun not hang with salesman looking to put me in the front row of some crappy show.

We calculate that we have about 2.5 hours left to play poker, and get sushi. I have somehow not had any all week and i'm in need a sum bait.

Finally got me honey bunny RAISIN to move up a level. Shes been playing well but is a lil down this week. Shes only played about 7 hours so far. We slide into the Mirage draggin the laptop (I won't check it) and we find a 6 handed 6/12 game for the warden to play. Her biggest game before this was 4/8 kill (mainly cause thats all we have at home). Shes nervous as anyone would be, but I have told her for a while shes ready. I think she will be better in a game not full of chasers.

I buy in for 250 and drop my big ass into seat 5, raisin buys in for 260. It takes me about 30 min. to figure out this table is very nice. 3 passive callin stations, 2 chasers and one solid local. Oh Boy. This appears to be an excellent mix.

Raisin is playing well and we are almost outa time (90 min. in) when this hand comes up:

6/12 Mirage

Shark in mid position with KQd

Larry seat 1 calls
Curly 3 calls
Shark (KQd) seat 5 raise to $12
fold fold fold
Raisin (JJ) in BB seat 9 just calls (?) BORN!
4 playas see floppage of 8d 2d 10c
raisin bets, fold, fold, Shark raises, Raisin calls.
heads up
Turn the pretty J "o" diamonds, ooops. BIG POT

Raisin fires out $12, I raise and she re-raises!uh honey bunny....there be 3 lil diamonds out there, shark rayzes and dealer says "make it look like $48 miss".
Before calling she says "whadda ya got". I retort "honeybunny, I would take the next bus to RENO in yer spot". She always thinks i'm bluffin so calls anyhoo.


Riv don't pr the board and sharkmasta is golden again. We don't soft play each other or friends. I just don't think that will improve our game plus why not practice, her money is my money.

She checks, I bet, call and I show her second nuts.

I'm very proud of Patti for trying a bigger game. Shes on schedule to become a very good mid limit player.

Couple more hands and the table broke and we are off to sushi at RA in the Fashion Mall.

1.5 hrs at Mirage

Raisin -50 (was up until the big hand)

Nature Boy Rick Flair (me) +330

Final trip tally for limit Poker

Shark 5.5 hours +670 (good hourly, but didn't play much)

Raisin 8.5 hrs -180

I dropped $80 at Roulette and didnt play any other games.
20th outa 83 no cash in only multi tourney, Caesars nooner.
$150 cash (2nd) in Shark SNG 11 man, with $62 entry.

I didn't pay for our trip with Poker (just had to much fun doing other things) but had a blast with our new friends. I also walked alot and checked out all the new poker rooms and the sweet new Wynn Hotel. Check out the waterfall at the front of wynn. I also enjoyed the Treasure Island Sirens Show. Beautiful girls dancin der a$$ets off. 20 min show and is way more fun then the old show. Get the blended Magarita on the dock, get the prem. tequila side dump/mix, drink yes baybeeee. $12 for this concoction. 2 will make you wobble.

We also secured a small office space in Vegas for the Shark Empire (lol) and checked out apartments that cater to dogs/cats. We hope to be in Vegas soon for about 6-7 months a yr. We like the Summerlin area and the new Red Rock Casino might be our hangout when we move. It seems to be perfect for us. Great Poker room, super parking, 16 movie screens, killer seafood restaurants (7-8 restaurants) and a hi end food court that even has our fav burger joint (fatburger). try the shakes. Its part of the "Station" group that owns the GVR which is where they film "American Casino" reality TV show. Good show. They have nice comps for regulars and a friendly attitude.

Condos start at 650K so we won't be living there. Its about 20-35 min from the strip depending on traffic. Just head west on Charleston and you will run right into this beautiful Casino. Check out the rock work on the structure. BIG dough. Heard it cost almost as much as the Wynn to build.

Killer waitresses with naughty uniforms are a plus. I didn't get smacked in head once for lookin at breasteses this trip so our marriage appears to be solid (at least to casual observers, lol). I can't say "honey, look at those der perfect!" yet, but give me time.

Props to nice guy in 8 seat next to me at Caesars tourney. Nick moved to Vegas 2 years ago and loves it. He guided me to his complex with nice 2 bd 2 bath 1200 sq ft apts. and 2 dog runs/park nearby. They have 2 beagles so Cody may have sum new friends soon. Thanks Nick! Beers are on me if we become neighbors. We want 2 bedrooms so friends/kids/family can visit and stay. Not sharing a bathroom is key also.

Next trip we are staying at either the Red Rock or the TI.

I'll write more Vegas stuff later, gonna fire up 3 tourneys now and hopefully pull off a nice cash today.

I'm back to the real job tommorrow (selling Subarus)

Have a fun weekend all! Sharkeeeee


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