Poker Road Warrior: Old War Story
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Monday, May 15, 2006

Old War Story

Writing has been difficult lately. I use to hate all the bloggers that wrote posts every month or so but now I realize what they go thru. It gets old talking about yourself. I'm going to try to get better about finding new topics and funny stuff that hopefully a few will find amusing and keep me from getting bored stiff.If anyone has any creative ideas for my blog let me know.

If you have been kicked out of a bar or been in a funny fight go to our Forum and post it here: 8 balled I find girls fighting strangely erotic so please share if you are a grrrrrl.

Heres a lil fun I had about 15 years ago in a bar.

I almost got tossed outa a bar in Everett, WA (JimmyZ's) but they decided to send the 4 clowns that started a fight with me instead (I knew the owner, Jimmy).

I made the mistake of wearing a tie (just got off work) to a dumpy rock n roll bar and this Indian chick in a Tavern jacket didn't appreciate me over dressing. I was standing by myself getting ready to watch the first band come on and she walks up to me, grabs my tie and says "whadda ya wearin a tie for" as she squeezed it with her dirty hands. I said "thats a $80 tie and if you don't let go of it we gonna have a big problem". I think she realized I meant bidness so she scampered away.

Out of the corner of my eye I see her telling 3 guys at the bar something and shes even pointing at me. we go.

About 2 minutes later Larry, Curly and Moe are walking my way (they have to pass in front of me to leave, narrow area). I got a feelin they might try something although none of them look like they would be a favorite in any fight. But still its a possible 3 on 1. Sure enough the 3rd one decides to defend the 170 lb injun chicky with the bad skin, teeth and tavern jacket. The first 2 pass by me and the 3rd one throws a semi weak elbow that lands on my shoulder.

I was ready and instantly landed a sweet left to the jaw that left us 2 on 1 if his friends wanted to impress pocahontas also.

As the other 2 turned towards me I got ready to go again (they didnt seem very interested since their friend was not getting up) and I was hit from the side (pocahontas circled around!) with a weak punch to the eye. The adrenaline was going now, I turned to see who had hit me and I grabbed her by the throat with 2 hands, lifted her off the ground and body slammed her str8 back. I think I could hear the air go outta her when she hit. I got ready to ground and pound her and was quickly buried by 2 bouncers.

My friend Jimmy (owner) grabbed me after they all got off of me and said I had sum splainin to do. All that the bouncers had seen was me getting ready to pound sum chick that was experiencing problems breathing.

Nice family bar!

We had a beer and I described our lil dance. He booted them all out and bought my beer.

I didn't wear a tie there again and i'm pretty sure pocahontas won't sucker punch anyone again.

Note: I did receive a nice black eye outa the deal.


At 3:23 PM, Blogger Slimeface said...

Tossed out of a bar? No. Asked to leave? Yes, there were times and many years ago. )) The one that first came to mind was in a honky tonk down in shanty town Jacksonville, Fl. The local band I was managing/bouncing for got this gig to play for 4 or 5 sets being paid a big $50.00 and all the beer they could drink. Well, they dranks all the beer and got too drunk to play and we were all ask to get the hell out. I was the only sober one so I remember.)) Damn I miss those days....


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