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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Heads up on NBC

I TIVO'ed the HU on NBC. I wasn't surprised to see the first match featured Jenny Tillys mammories (and Paul Phillips). I think the director had plans to show other matches but since Jenn kept pushing them against the table bumper they had to drop plans to show other matches.

We missed several good matches including Mike Matusow and Allen Cunningham getting launched. Of course, we did get to see Philly boy act the fool against consumate pro Chip Reese. This show was horrible, but watch it just for Phils commentary on how good he is and Chip saying "yes, Phil you are a great player".

Check out more Philly boi craziness here:

Bill vs. Phil

Several requests for the Bill Fillmaff site

This show is a few hands and a bunch of interviews with players. We want to see HU action! With Phil/Jenn gone now we may see more hands next week.

More on Phils attempts to convince Chip how good he is here:
Chip Reese Interview

Okay, enough bad TV. High Stakes Poker is great! They don't explain the rules of Hold'em and Gabe Kaplan calls it like he sees it. I heard Danny N. gets pummeled in season 2. Hopefully more Phil bashing in the upcoming series of shows. Most of the pros tortured Phil. He is well known as a cash game donkey and he didnt disappoint in season 1. If you have not seen his insta push on Barry G. you have to see it. I think most episodes are available on torrents. Search for torrents+high stakespoker and you should find them.


Not much Poker for me lately. I dropped about $400 in limit 3/6 and 4/8 in the last week online. Runnin bad online and uninterested in Poker even when i'm rollin'. I'm bored and ready to go back to a real job. I'll play more next month, probably live more then online. I gotta get outta the house.

I think I will be playing much more when we move to Vegas (14 months). Locally I can't get a game higher then 4/8 w/kill. Muckleshoot has bigger games but I hate driving to Auburn. I'm running great live, just need bigger games. VEGAS baybee...

Hopefully I can play live for a living when we move. Many of you probably think i'm goofy for being bored with online Poker but i'm getting close to 1.5 million hands in the 3 years since I started. Most of that 4 tabling. My wrist has been sore for the last 2 years. I also have a herniated disc in my lower right back that hates it when I sit. I can't go to the store without an ice pack, lol. The best thing for my back is to be upright and active.

Way more fun to write about live action also!

Have a great week all!


At 10:13 AM, Blogger Poker Dreamer said...

Hey Steve, nice post.

Are you talking about the hand where Hellmuth had 6s vs. Barry's set of dueces? That was incredible. Phil 1st puts Barry a set of 5s, maybe even a set of dueces and then puts it all in... His read was right but decided to call which was mind-boggling.

Danny N. was destroyed at the 1st High Stakes game. He's lucky he hit a set of 8s versus Doyle's A-A or he'd probably go on to lose the full $1 mil he bought in for.

Did I tell you about Daniel at Reno. He was sitting behind me and literally had like 80K to 100K and chips and when on to bust out pretty early. I heard one hand earlier when he built up his chips, he had A-9 vs. somebody's 9-7 and the flop came 9-7-2 and they got all the money in and the turn and the river was K-K and he won that monster pot.

Anyway, my 2 cents.


At 9:04 PM, Blogger GUMBY said...

I know how you felt man. My bad run was just what I needed to take a break. You're still making some money from the affiliate thing and the SPT. Why not take a break for a while?

I've played about once every other week, mostly live and have looked forward to it. I might play 1-2 sit 'n gos a week, just to keep fresh. I'm not making a ton, but to keep it fun is the toughest part.

With the warm weather approaching, I suggest getting out more and just playing when you feel like it. I know that you're committed to your job, but insanity will also get you committed.

Just a thought.

Good Luck


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