Poker Road Warrior: 24 Hour Live Session, Blues and Din Din!
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Sunday, March 12, 2006

24 Hour Live Session, Blues and Din Din!

Arrived at the Tulalip Poker room and got into a good 4/8 game about 6PM Friday night. Me and another guy succeeded in turning it into a KILL game since again the choices were 4/8 or 40/80 with a kill if you like a limit game. Hows that for a spread? No 3/6 or 10/20, just 4/8 or 40/80. The 100 buyin (200 max) or 300 buyin (500 max) No Limit continue to be the most popular games. Even the old farts are starting to jump into the hi variance donk filled no limit arena.

I just can't get excited about live no limit. Maybe i'm goofy but playin less hands per hour then I do in limit (about 25% less I figure) doesnt sound like much fun. Also, I have noticed many of the no limit guys are pretty rough around the edges. Its hard to explain but some look very dirty and are really loud and obnoxious. I also see some asking the older successful players for "loans".

I think many have what I call "poker crack". They get stuck and play until its all gone. "All" to me means they use the car payment money and the kids food money to play. I just don't wanna hang with these guys for 15 hours or more.

I was playing with a guy last week that bragged about his HUGE rush where he won $1600 in one day. The brag turned into a sad story when he admitted that his truck payment was 3 months behind and so was the rent. I see him often and he just can't leave with a win. He gets up $500 all the time but its never enough. I would never feel bad taking these guys to the felt, however. If I didnt do it someone else would and I didnt invite them to sit at my game.

You get some of these poker crack guys in limit but many more in No Limit in my Casino. I can't wait till I actually have a selection of Casinos to play next June (move to Vegas).

If I don't like the quality of people i'm hangin with all day I can go to the next room. Grumpy floor mgr or bad dealers? See ya! Bad selection of games spread? Buh bye....

I hear the Poker room boom is still in full force in Vegas. The Venetian is building their room now. The MGM and Wynn rooms are rockin I hear. Ceasars Palace 40 min. blind structure tourneys are doing very well. Can't wait to play those in May when we have our Shark Convention.

At least the Poker crack guys have a better chance of winning than the millions of people that feed slot machines all day.

Slot drones amaze me. I will never understand why people feed these -EV machines. I understand the play for an hour or three for some fun but so many are hooked and just can't stop feeding the bandits until they are broke. And do they ever stop smoking? Do they light the new one before the old one goes out? Our state just banned smoking in all public places. Of course the indian tribes are exempt so now all the smokers have a place to hang and smoke. Business is very good in slotland in Marysville, Washington. The Poker room is non smoking and enclosed or I wouldn't be able to play here.

Back to the 4/8 kill game. I started out strong and never had to rebuy which is unusual. Hovering around a 300 to 500 profit all night I was never able to get a sustained rush or even a good run of cards. The usual AA cracked by 10 2 off or miracle back door flushes were the usual suspects. Had a lil fun with this hand about 20 hours into the 24 hr session.

I have 10 10 blk in mid position. Flop comes 10 10 (red, ha!) 8. I'm thinking how the hell do I get action here after my pre flop raise. Poor bastard in seat 7 has 2 EIGHTS! ha!

We bet a whole bunch (he was slow playin at first, I usually just bet out and did).

And he raised me on river. ooops. Shark wins.

Recruited 2 new players for our Shark team. Martin a software guy from Seattle and John a yung longshoreman from Seattle. Both showed strong skills and Martin uses Pokertracker and showed impressive skills in a few hands we played against each other. Next time you tell me I have 2 nines Martin, lay it down. ha!

My lil Raisin showed up with 3 hours left in my session and got seated at another 4/8 table. She has been on a tough run and needed a WIN badly. She got it posting a 120 WIN and a $60 bonus for her first live Royal flushie.

Final tally when she said I needed sum sleep and a bath.

Shark 24 hrs, +350 net after all food and several Maker Marks whiskeys (rocks). They don't have my fav (knob creek or bookers). Tough hourly rate but a WIN. Mrs Sharkee was +180 for 3 hrs. and enjoyed rubbin that in. I just look at the bottom line and +520 plus gettin me outa the house is a good day. $500 is our Costco bill for the next 2 months so thats where we will be this week. we really need 400 bars of ivory soap? Can the girls buy their own tampons? I feel weird needing one cart just for feminine hygiene. Why do the ladies that make all the free samples at Costco look so fuckin scary? I'd love a free wiener wrapped in pastry but I want someone semi attractive handing it to me. If you look like Tammy Faye Baker in a hairnet work at Value Village or Toys r Us, please.

Earlier in the week I played for 12 hours and took a small loss. I don't remember much (still groggy from the 24 hr session), except I broke a string of 13 consecutive wins live. -70 was the end of an all nighter where donkey boys and grrrs hit big and won. Good for them. More reason to come back and try to do it again.

So last night starts a new string. I don't think this 13 session string is that impressive. To be honest many of the 4/8 players are newbies or unskilled. If I struggle early I can be patient and eventually beat the game easily at some point in a long session. The -70 loss session only ended because it was 6am and no one would play me shorthanded.

WINS will become more important when I start playing 10/20 to 20/40 and up. Right now a win pays a few bills and gets me closer to the limits I should already be playing (if I had a day job).

I have a new goal of being in the 40/80 game by summer. It will be tough but I like tough goals and that game looks soft to me. I'm watching it closely and the players sumtymes eyeball me when i'm eye ballin them. I'll have a good feel for the game when I am bankrolled for it. They have started asking me questions about online play and that allows me to watch them while we chat.

Its a friendly game and I think the few pros in it are cleaning up. More research to do while I save and improve though. I'm also going to quiz my online friend "Seattle Jon" (great blog) he plays those limits and lives in Seattle. He may have some ideas and tips for that game. I wouldn't be surprised if he has picked up a few racks from that game. I'll email him and get a report.

My friend Netsurfer John fixed our Forum today with the help of my pals Chip Trix and Beer Man Mike from Thx kids!!

Soon I will be joining my friend Shark Member and guitar playin' madman Charles Wheal for a night of blues/harmonica, dancin' and booze. Check out his band on Tour if you get a chance. You might see him sportin the Shark tee. Great band here. They are on a west coast run right now. Check out the calendar. I will be seeing Charles and Band in late March in either Anacortes or Seattle. Let me know if anyone wants to meet up and maybe I can score extra tickets from Charles. Either way i'll buy sum adult beverages fer sure. How bout you Stewie in Portland? Anyone else?

Heres a great review of the Mark Hummel Band which mentions Charles strong vocals.

Our newest Shark member is Comedian Steve Eblin. He's a strong supporter of our military and has performed all over the world entertaining our troops. Follow his web site and maybe you can catch him on the road sumtyme. It appears hes on a long Cruise ship tour right now. Check out the cool photos of his travels. The 6 hours of internet time for freerolls are spendy on cruise ships I bet....

Raisin and I have never been on a cruise ship. Maybe we can get a deal thru Stevo. Poker cruises are huge right now. I'm guessin the donk factor is huge on a big boat. Cha ching...

Sharkees invade Lost Wages May 23rd! More info here... click ya ATM All Members are encouraged to JOIN yer Hero (me)and Mrs Shark for sum fun in da sun. I will be hosting all to a fine dinner (International House of Pancakes) and a FREE Vegas show (Mirage Volcano Show). World class Sleight of Hand Pro Doug "Connjure" will be there (we will get sum free shows) and also Shark Personal Bouncer and Limo Driver Matt "Bornsupreme".

My favorite thing about Vegas is the food. This is my planned itinery for this trip. If we torture sum tourists at the Poker tables early in the week we will stop at these five eateries.

Circa or Olives, Bellagio. Window seat at night with Bellagio Fountains blasting

Seafood Buffet, Rio (I never miss this stop). Monster Buffet, King Crab, Lobster enchiladas...

Delmonico, Venetian. Most Vegas locals say this is the best steak house.
Bone in Ribeye please

Wynn Buffet, Lamb t-bone

Nobu, Sashimi @ the Hard Rock (trip to pool to see newest swim attire also)

I'm gettin hungry....Post in the forum if you can go to Vegas or have any questions!!


At 7:46 AM, Blogger Veneno said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 1:08 PM, Blogger Veneno said...

Wasn't Spamming. It was an invitation.

Please remove my link from your blog. I will do the same.


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