Poker Road Warrior: Rough Day!
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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Rough Day!

Saturday Mornin' 10am. I wake up and realize I gotta play in the 11am Tulalip $90 buyin cause its full of dead money, lopasses and $100 buyin NL players with no clue. Usually when I wake up this early, I look at clock, readjust me pillow and whistle for dog (wife gone early usually, so I need body heat). His big rump throws off a large amount of heat and I enjoy that. Me and Cody snore till I have had 7-8 hrs sleep (he needs about 18)and then I make the Baileys and add sum coffee and start tendin to Shark bidness.

When he was a pup (yellow lab), I taught him to fetch the paper. I just had to open the front door, he would run out grab it for me and get a bone. Until one day when he was about 10 months old and a bird flew over his head as he reached for the paper. He came home about 3 hrs later. Wife said no more paper fetchin'. I may have mentioned i'm not even in charge of my own dreams now. In fact, when I was single I always dreamt in color, now its black and white baybee.

So, I jump outa bed, wash whats left of my hair and hit the road. Its about 25 min. and I get a light tongue lashing from usually nice tourney director lady (3 min. late).

We got 137 players (I use that word loosely) and I quickly add 2000 to my stack (start with 3500) when my limp with A7o sees a sweet floppage of 7 K 7. oh boy!

Checked around to me, light bet (1/2 pot and we got someone with a KING,very nice). She calls. Turn Queen. I bet 1200 and she quickly calls. River blank and I decide that she might call 800 more with just a king. I bet it, she quickly calls and shows KQ. Rats, coulda had her whole stackage.

Now with a little room to play I can be more aggressive. About 20 min later I get AA, raise to 300 (blinds 50/100) 1 call to see flop 5 2 8 rainbow. He checks, I bet pot, he calls. turn J. He leads out and bets big, I put him on something like KJ, AJ. He only has 600 left so I put him all in. He quickly calls and shows 55 for a nice set. Now i'm back to where I started. Just a flesh wound.

I built it back up and tripled up with AA about an hr later. 3 hrs in we have 11 left, they pay only top 10 (10th is 300, 1st 3000). I'm short stacked with T15K and 2 others have about the same (at other table). With 2 huge stacks at each table and blinds now 5K/10K every hand is an all in pre for someone.

I'm watching the other table (we are hand for hand) but i'm also not playing for 10th. I look down and see 55 in middle position. My bet will be called by at least 1 big stack but I like it and push. One caller with KJo, and flop was a durty J 2 J. nh gg, mfer.

Bubble boy got a complimentary umbrella and a radio/flashlite (batteries not included)combo that you couldn't get $2 for at a flea market.

I like my all in and after being short stacked (25 chips left) friday night in a UB Aruba Qualifier then coming back to win the $200+15 seat I was feelin like I could roll to a nice cash here as well.

I may have to put my partner "Mike the Beer Man" on retainer. He was sweating me in the $10 qualifier and saw me take a knarly beat early (guy called off all chips needing a club on riv) CLUB comes. Leaves me with 25 chips and blinds are 10/20. I go all in a couple times, catch a hand or 3 and about 90 min. later i'm sittin with 15K. You have all heard this before but i'll say it again. Never give up.

At the final table still some work to do as 1st thru 3rd get the $200 aruba seats, 4th gets $5 and 5th gets the shitty flashlite.

Only recognize one killer (SailorLobell to left) and 2 big stacks are across the table. The big stacks did their job and gave 6 guys the complimentary rail pass as its now just 4 of us. Good players, and its a fun fight for the 3 seats. I put a few nice bluffs on Sailor as I read him as real tight on the short stack. This hand was fun. Pre flop folded to me in SB. I just call, knowing that he will rayz me just on principle. Most good players will punish you for limpin on their blinds. He does a small raise and I pop him back quick about 3 times his raise. He folds, I show K5off, lol.

We eventually get Sailor to fall and we have a seat for Saturdays Aruba $200. I'm tired of typing so i'll just give a quick recap on that event. Played well early (90 players, 1- 10K aruba package), then ran into quad 5's with an overpair (poket QQ) and it was see ya lata sharkmasta.

I shoulda layed it down but he played it well and got all my chippies. Next case.

Online Ring Update: Playing lots of 5/10 short limit on Absolute. Serious donkfest. Doing well and enjying my new PA HUD (works with Pokertracker) until last night (10PM till 4am Sunday) when the chasers got a much needed win. I was down $700 at one point (playing 2 tables) and lost pots of 247, 180, 170 in one hr. all to riv beats (2 outer, 2 outer, 4 outer). These guys have stats like 66VPIP/32% PRE Rayz in a 6 man game. Just horrible players that know one thing. Build a big pot, get lucky and you go home rich.

Most nights this is a flawed strategy. I got it back to -260 about 4am and shut er down. I highly recommend Late Fri, Sat. A HUGE one night win is very possible playing these chasers and unskilled Poker savants. Of course, some nights they will beat ya. They gotta have a reason to come back, right?

I got a little tilty and am gonna work on that. Besides that I played well, my Pokertracker stats looked great (except the 44BB loss)and I love my new software (HUD, I think it stands for heads up display).

Totals for 6 hr session. 1300 hands, -$440/-44BB, rakeback +120, Bonus money +60 Net -260. Happy about the nice comeback and continue to destroy when its ultra short (3 man) or heads up. I don't win every night, and am going to play hard tonight and may put in 2000 hands. I'll book a strong win and have a nice report with hand histories tommorrow. DON"T beat yourself up over losses. Don't feel like the poker gods are against you. What can you do to improve? How can you exploit bad players? Patience, trap them, read PT! These guys are betting with nuttin or raisin with nuttin. Pop em back. Make them pay every bet for their chase. Value bet river!

Check out PT "folds to riv bet". A high number here (sumtymes 40% or more) means they fold when the chase is over. Make sure you are not missing bets against these laggs. Its hard to do that when they are 2 outin ya, but keep firin!

Shark Tour News. HUGE sit outs in our FREEROLL today at Titan. I'm really disappointed in all the players that could care less about our Tour and continually register then "no show". NRG70 said there were only 2 players at his table.

I'll go back to announcing Freerolls right before since many don't follow directions and unregister if something comes up. If you are a fuck up and can't be a good Shark member please just find another Freeroll site. Hit OPT OUT at the bottom of our next bulk mail.

Announcing late is tougher on me because I can't set tourneys up early. There are hundreds of players that just enter every freeroll all week then don't make it to most of them. Get some ADD meds, a calendar and tell yer MOM that you need the computer when we have a tourney.

I have been asking nice in every email, on all of our 5 sites and it doesnt help. Please unregister, please don't sign up if you can't play. I'm tired of asking nice.

Maybe this info above will work? If it doesnt next week I will start blocking players that "sit out". These will be lifetime bans from our Tour.


At 2:46 PM, Blogger LAZRUS said...

Sorry to hear 'bout those sitters
I missed the titanfree
but I didn'r preregister
I might play the rebuy

to go from sleepin with your dog
to banning no-shows
with your bad beats in between
gave me a much needed LOL

I got a hand it to ya,Sharky
you sure got a way with worms

At 2:57 PM, Blogger Poker Road Warrior said...

Thank you sir! I can see you rarely use spell check either! I have a strong grasp of worms and when I play 1300 hands its not hard to find sum knarly beats. I layed a few nice ones down as well! ha! Chasin the chasers! Its fun if ya need a lil comedy at 4am. I reraised a guy on the flop with only a gutshot and hit me gutter on the turn after hit hit trip jacks. Fun stuff!

See ya at 4PM. $25 knockout on yer hero (me).

At 1:51 PM, Blogger worm1973 said...

you know the bad part about that flashlight/radio is i spose it came batteries not included.dammit out another 5 bucks.just a thought later, worm


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