Poker Road Warrior: All Nighter, Tourney Results (lack of)
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Saturday, February 04, 2006

All Nighter, Tourney Results (lack of)

“I can dodge bullets baby!” – Phil Hellmuth.

Thursday Night $110 buyin at Tulalip Tribes money machine. Played bad. In fact the worst performance at a tourney ever for the sharkmasta. I bluffed into calling stations, folded poket 3's to a 300 raise early (blinds 25/50) of course a 3 hit flop and I woulda tripled up. I know ya gotta gamble early in these, had a perfect chance to gamble with the 3's and I muck, yuck.....

I got what I deserved (a complimentary pass to the 4/8 kill game). nuff said. 100 lopass entered I was about 75th. 6 entries in this event (last 6 weeks str8)and only 1 cash ($700 for 5th) so I can't be happy with my efforts in this dead money filled extravaganza. No excuses, just gotta get better, analyze my play each night and get ready for the move to Vegas. There I can enter events with better structure whenever I want and can drink premium beers while wandering the streets! Boooyah! 17 more months and we are outa this rain forest! We will keep our home here near Seattle for spring and summer.

Ok, on to the 4/8 game which as usual is biggest game in the room (non weekend). I sit in the 5 seat so I don't need my glasses and the player in the 4 reads my mind and requests a kill. Then the funny lil dance goes on (this always happens) while the newbs are explained how a kill works. Almost no one ever complains or says no since 6 or 7 always say cool (no one wants to act weak) and the newbs don't know any better and say okay.

The first time they get raised and have to call 16 buckers you can see them shake as they have to toss a whole stack in the middle. I love that part.

I quickly drop about $170 in the first 90 min. and rebuy. This use to bother me but I realize its just part of the chaser 4/8 game now. Before I would watch a table of bad players (7 outa 9 anyhoo) and think to self: How can I lose money here?

I'm not losing. Thats backwards thinking. Now i'm patient, rebuy and wait for my spot to punish the table for their lack of knowledge and skill. That not a put down. It's amazing to me how many players have no clue and just leak chips like crazy. Call $32 preflop with 85o? Sure! Had a guy call $32 pre with AJo early, I had AKs and was the raisor. He hit 2 pr on flop and scooped a nice pot from me. Nice kid, I said man callin $32 cold with 4 way action you didnt think maybe 1 (or 2) players had you dominated? (which 2 did). His answer (standard answer from monkeys) "hey its 4/8 right"! I hate that line. Why dont they just say "I play bad". Don't blame it on the game. Don't you wanna move up? Don't you wanna play well and build your BR and be a force at the table? Cold cappin with AJo means you suck. Nuttin personal. Play bad, please continue. I need all the help I can get so I can play 40/80 w/kill (spread friday afternoon).

In my last 4 sessions at Tulalip I have come back from at least one rebuy and posted a win. Tonight will be #5. As usual my big starting hands start holding up and I start hitting flushes and str8's like all the chasers have been doing. Huge pots with no one ever laying down preflop to 1 (or 3) pre raises.

I was up almost $500 about 12 hours in (7am now) and lost 2 massive pots. Heres the first one which is a great example of the typical horrible player that you find in these 4/8 games. I have QQ, and get her to call my cap $16 preflop. We get 2 others out on flop with another cap and its heads up with floppage of Q47 rainbow. Turn J.

This lady has been punishing table with her flush chases for an hour catching miracles and scooping huge pots. Time to get a lil back. She bets the turn, I raise she calls. Riv is a 6. I look over at her and she seems a lil to happy. She checks and I check. She throws her 85o down with glee as I was correct she was going to check raise me on the river after hitting her 4 outer gutshot. Huge pot.

You want this weak player in your game all night. All month. They cannot win long term against skill. Can they win one night? Sure. Smile, dig in and punish them for never learning strategy.

The other huge pot was just a cold deck where I had QJo on a rainbow flop of J28. Turn was a J and i'm sure i'm good. Nice regular "Ray" had AJ and did what he does well (call down) to the riv. Good for him.

About 10am a drunk guy sits close to our table and starts a running commentary like hes John Madden or sumthin and I get tired of it and prepare to leave (15 hr session). I tell the dealer i'm leavin if ya don't lose the drunk and another cool regular (Mike) says same. Floor is told and does nuttin. Then drunk sloppy takes my advise and joins game. Okay, we will take yer money and send you home. He buys in for $40, lol. Then falls asleep as action comes to him for the first time. CHECK! I'm done, say goodbye to Pat, Ray, Mike and post an okay session.

Pat (60 yr old regular) and Mike are on a marathon session (Pat 49 hrs, Mike 43 I think). I'm not sure why they are doing it but they are both good guys and a little rummy. I have never done more then 17 hrs and have no idea why anyone would, but you see it alot in poker. I start missing my toofbrush and clean clothes after 15 hrs. I mention this to Pat and he says he has those items in his car except the clothes are all dirty now. lol.

Many of the regulars will be gentle with each other and not bet the riv with monsters or will just call instead of raisin with the nuts. I won't do this (ever) and I think they are all okay with that since they know thats how I play. I don't recommend playing soft with friends. Don't start bad habits. Extract all you can. Expect same back at ya.

This room has more strong players then most. But its still only about 10% of all players approximately. I can't wait to start playing the late night tourists in Lost Wages baybeee.

Shark Ledger: Thurs 7PM Tourney -$110., 4/8 short, 4/8 kill full ring +$280.

+$170 (15 hrs) 11.33 per hr (yuck) or 1.41 BB per hr. 2 big (well played) pots late killed me from a nice cash here (happens) and a nice comeback from a horrible tourney and bad first 2 hrs of ring showed good patience.

What can I improve on today? It's not Poker related but i'm not happy with how much I spent in this session. 3 Baileys and coffees, 3 beers and 2 stoli tonics+dinner= $60. I cut this to $20 and my net profit is $210. $20 is dinner and 3 beers.

The baileys alone are $21 with tip and I can just drink free coffee with cream. I play to pay bills. I don't want to go back to the #*&^ing car business. I like not having a schedule and getting on a plane when I want and coming home when I want. It's a great schedule.

I have a plan to rent a home in Maui for a month soon. I can run the websites and play poker on my 2 laptops while watching whales breach off Kapalua. My family can visit and friends too. I wanna get so brown I look like a homeless dude in Florida. My ruptured disc and 24/7 sore back likes Hawaii. No live casinos (entire islands) but probably a home game on every block. Just need to ask around when you are at the golf course. I'll bet every golf pro can give you directions to a great home game.

Back to online Poker now. Going to play some 6 man sit n gos and maybe 5 or 6 tourneys today. Tommorrow, Shark goon "BORN" and I are playing in the Absolute Affiliate WSOP event for a WSOP seat. I cashed in this last month and look to take it down tommorrow at noon EST. Stop in and sweat _SHARKY_ or bornsupreme tommorrow. Curently only 42 entries so its a great chance for 1 of us to win a nice trip. Last month I think it was only about 80 laggs.

We both feel the same about the WSOP and its 2006, 10K? entries. We could care less about a lottery ticket. We both would attempt to cash in our seat for 4-6 WSOP prelim events. Born may even enter the ladies event if we can schedule his surgery in time.

I want (and need) experience. Thats how I will improve and move up to bigger events and strong ROI (return on investment).

Aloha, Shark


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