Poker Road Warrior: Tulalip Tourney Results, Shark Heads up Tourney
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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Tulalip Tourney Results, Shark Heads up Tourney

About 100 loose passives (lopas?)tossed in 110 buckers to enter the big Tourney this week, 1/19. I'm seated at table 17 seat 1 and two seats to my left is 3rd place guy from last week that I final tabled with. Cheap cowboy hat, $3 7-11 wraparounds and a ton of gamble in him. I make a note to self (don't buy shades at 7-11) and win the draw for button. 25/50 kids, 20 min rounds and 3000 chippies.

I'm jacked for a good event with 3 final tables in my last 6 events as I look down at AJc. Nice first hand! 4 players call the 50 BB and I bump it to 4XBB (200) and all 4 callin stations do all they know and call the 200. Floppage is J 10 9 w/2diamonds. I'm glad i'm last to act with that flop, First to act is BB cowboy and he pushes all 2800 chippies in.

I immediately think semi bluff. Before we started he was trying to get everyone to put all their chips in blind on the first hand. He's totally serious and actually is taunting the table for being "chicken". I'm thinking I can get better odds by playing roulette (about a 90 sec walk) if I wanna throw it all in against this table of dead cashish and WPT wannabe sunglass wearers.

I think hes tilting because he lost all his cash playing no limit 20 minutes prior. If he flopped the nut str8 he would trap, it looks like a diamond draw or str8 draw but who pushes with 4 still to act on that flop. Folded to me and I put him on a flush draw or 9 outs. If hes on a open ender even better with 8. I think for about a minute, take a look at him and am sure I got'em beat. Call allin.

Cowboys got 82o no diamond. Shitty call PRE, bad semi bluff into 4 players and he should be toast (67% to 30%). 7000 pot, first hand. Turn blank. River Q. nh,gg. He acts like there was never a doubt. I saw him give the same look to a guy he sucked out on last week at the final table. Kinda like he knows that hes bad but hes so lucky it don't matter. Its a 20 min drive home, tourney started at 7PM. Home by 7:25. Really. lol.

Great call. Thats all I can say. I'm looking to chip up early against bad players/plays, found one, called, thats the way it goes.

Had a blast playin a $1 rebuy with me buds Born, Net, and NRG747 last night (UB). We got on IM and were rooting for each other. Net led in rebuys with 5 and I was second with 4. Only half hour rebuy period or I think we coulda got it to 10 or more. I like doing these. No pressure, play any 2 and laugh if ya suck out. Born and NRG chipped up early and Net and I got launched right after the rebuy period. Nrg got 12th outa 600, nh gg, ya atm. I'm going to set up a $1 rebuy for my crew in early February. Our first heads up event has a tentative date of 2/3 and will be at Titan.

I went over to the UB heads up sit n gos while I watched NG and Borns blinds go sky hi (turbo). Had a nice run and won 11 straight (10 $20's and 1 $30.) Then went card dead and ended the night 14-4, +200 (about 2 1/2 hrs). Played one $50 before bed and won it easily. I am starting to think the $50 sits are easier then many of the $20's. Seriously. Hard to find many 50 and up games and there are a million $20 players. Some are really good. A good $20 sit player that just one tables can make $30-60 an hour and its not hard to 2 table HU. So it figures there will be a few studs (or studettes).

So will try to locate more 50's this week. Right now Full Tilt, UB and Absolute have my favorite heads up games. I tried today and hated it (slow and clunky with only 1000 starting chips). Played Battlefield (prima) and it seemed okay. A few games and very fast software there.

2 Heads up tips. (1) Compliment your foes. Be nice. The hardest thing to get when you are playing well is a rematch. Be nice or hope you are beating up an "ego" player. They will play you 3, 4 or maybe 5 games before they realize you aren't just lucky. Many ego players will play until their cashish is gone. cha ching!!

(2) Play for a while and then come back in to the site with your wifes account. You know how your opponents play and they will play you again even though you couldn't get a rematch from them earlier. They will run after one game again but its still a win. Mo money.

I have had a few requests for heads up games with me from my members. I will set up a night where members can take a run (or 5) at me for low stakes. Email if ya wanna take me on sumtyme. If ya beat me 4 outa 7 i'll post your pic under our "Featured Shark Players" with a nice bio of yer bad self ( ). How bout caption "I pummeled Shark HU and sent him home for a depends change"? Free Shark tee also.

Please bet, raise or callin stations (or min. bettors) in this Army!



At 9:06 AM, Blogger KajaPoker said...

Way to go on the heads up! 11 in a row is no easy feat.

As far as the call againt the crazy cowboy, I guess you had to be there to feel him out, but reading through your post (before you said he had 82o) I thought he either had Q-Q or even K-K. I always fear the overpair in these situations. Usually someone in first position who will go all-in like that is either bluffing or trying to push everyone out in order to defend his hand. That's why I thought he had the overpair Q-Q with the straight draw. Sorry you got busted on the first hand.

On a lighter note - I really like the Army. Do you have an affiliate program already?

At 10:18 AM, Blogger Poker Road Warrior said...

I could tell he was steaming right when he sat down. That was the biggest factor. He had a "last longer bet" with a player at our table and told the guy he had just went broke at the no limit game and would have to pay him next week if he lost. It was no act, the guy was fried. His play into 4 players was very fishie.

I think your suggestion that many players push there with an overpair sounds like a freeroll but not a $110 buyin. A pot size bet by cowboy (1000) would get you the information you would need to see if you were toast or not and discourage someone to chase a flush draw for their 36% win rate (most likely opponent IMO).

I would lay my AJs down probably 98% of the time to a play like this but it smelled wrong and i'm very happy I went with my read. Coulda done sum serious damage with 7000 chippies that early. That he got caught bluffing and sucked out doesnt really matter to me.

I'm glad my story got you thinking and hope you will add your 2 cents again!

We have a nice afffiliate page here

Lotsa tourneys in next 2 weeks, join my team for sum no limit action.


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