Poker Road Warrior: Poker Room Review, Riverrock Casino
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Monday, January 09, 2006

Poker Room Review, Riverrock Casino

Headed up to a suberb of Vancouver, BC., Canada (Richmond) since in the last 3 months I have heard 2 players mention the great cardroom in the Riverrock Casino. We had Raisins cool sis in law (Jenn) visiting from Coeur d'alene, ID and headed across the border. Good idea to have your birth cert. or passport when crossing over although we just smiled, answered 2 questions and drove thru. I requested a full body cavity search but it was declined. About a 2 hr drive (+wait at border)and we were in the Casino looking for our $116. Canadian for $100 US. Seems this Casino likes to make 6% on you at arrival cause they only gave $110. Buy your Canadian cashish at home. Or sometimes US Casinos near the border pay a lil more then the going rate to attract Canadian customers.

Beautiful Hotel/Casino with great entry, rockwork and waterfall. I was nervous about the planes headin for the runway that appeared to be missing the roof by about 100 feet. How are we gonna sleep? Great rooms, and some amazing sound dampening. We didnt hear any planes from our 9th floor room. Only one complaint, horrible bed. Cheapest room (fri, sat) is 179. canadian and they kill ya on taxes for a total of 2oo. which is about 180 US. During the week you can get 139. on the net.

They have 4 restaurants and we ate a quick meal and I headed off to pay for our room. The grrrs had their eyes on the hi-limit slots (.05)

The Poker room is on its own floor with just a few slots and a nice sports bar. 20 flat screens and hockey on 18 of them. What a Pokerroom! 25 tables and the place is hoppin at about 7PM on friday night. Computerized player waiting list (flat screen), about 4 floormen (w/walkie talkeys)and well organized. I see several big games but they all seem to be no limit. Several 5/10, 1/2 NL and 1, 10/20 NL. The biggest limit game is 4/8 in the whole room. No kill. Weird. Theres about 6 going, i'm 18 on the list. Only takes about 45 minutes and I get a seat.

Lots of chips at this table and it appears no one is shy about using them. 6-8 players seeing every flop and enough raising to build sum huge pots. About 30% of the pots are capped pre flop and no one folds pre to a raise if they have money in. Not one, ever. I sat with 160. and was quickly down to about 60. Saw one guy scoop a 280. pot and several others over 200. It was wild. I missed two flush draws and was about to rebuy when I finally took down my first monster pot of the night.

I got the feeling it was a table of guys that wanted a bigger game and just wanted to gamble it up. 8 hrs later I had our room paid for and headed to bed (4:30 am). I was kinda disappointed in the +2.5 BB per hour at this table of chasers that felt group 5 hands should call 4 bets pre. But it's a win and I had a good time.

Nice room, great hotel, horrible selection of limit games, and a ton of action junkies ready to pay for your weekend.

The ladies had a good time with the slots and watched Wedding Crashers in the room. (Raisin says 2 stars). Had a nice buffet breakfast about 11 am. Poker Manager comped me 3 tix after I told her we liked the Hotel but were disappointed no Poker room rate. Ask real nice and you should be able to score this added $40 bonus after a long session. Always ask before you are ready to leave the Pokerroom. If they think you may stay a few more hours it helps your chances I think.

Played very little online this week. 2 Tourneys, One at Full Tilt, 1 at AP. Tilt I made final table (5th outa 180) for a 375 cash and at AP 9th outa 85 for $50. 1st scored a WSOP 2006 seat (11K). These were affiliate freerolls. I'll spare ya the bad beats, 73% favorite all in at Tilt and 63% all in at AP. Continue to get pounded on the river. I love small field events and will be searching for more. When I score a WSOP seat I will attempt to cash it in for 4-6 prelim WSOP events to gain live experience.

Today I played heads up sit n gos for about 75 min. on UB, went 5-1 and cashed 130. Tommorrow more heads up. My hourly rate is good the last 2 months, I just don't play enough. My friend marty409 sweated me for a while and is going to take on the sharks 1/11 at AP.

Have a good week.....


At 12:38 PM, Blogger Poker Dreamer said...

Nice cash at the casino Shark.

45 mins waiting for being 18th on the list; thats pretty short. I have been like 6th on a list and had to wait that long. Learned to reserve a wait list and then eat and comeback and there will be a good chance that your seat would not have been called yet.

Saw Wedding Crashers in the theaters. Thought it was a great movie and need to find me a book on how to pimp it up.


At 4:19 PM, Blogger Stewart (stewnana) said...



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