Poker Road Warrior: Chippies on Fire, Tourney results
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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Chippies on Fire, Tourney results

Chippies Pic Here

Chip_Tricks in her magic hat (clik above) nh! (nice hat)

One of my Tours best players is on fire. Michelle "Chip_Tricks" from Florida (above) qualified for three big UB Tourneys last night after taking down our Titan buyin event a night prior for a $170 cash on a $5 buyin. Your hero (shark) was first launch of tourney on this hand. I have KQo in mid position and raise 4XBB, get one caller in early position. Floppage came 2Q8. I bet out a lil more then pot. Call. Turn blank. I bet out again. Call. riv, 7. no flush no str8's. Early position finally bets, I push last few chips in (500?) he shows 77. gg nh. Callin all the way with 2 overs on board hoping for a 2 outer. Typical low limit play. Typical reward for playing bad. At least be aggressive if you are gonna play a very weak hand to the riv. Raise don't call.

Back to Live Tourney action from last week. Played at Parkers Casino $55 buyin which includes a free breakfast and service from 2 grumpy waitresses that looked rougher then "X22" after a 3 day bender and a 48 hr session.

Ho hum structure 15 min levels 50/100 no rebuys, 3000 chips. About 30 laggs entered (light because of Seahawk football). Nothing exciting here, couldn't get it going and finished in middle of pack. My bride Raisin was out early and was now as grumpy as my waitress. I may try it again. I'm really losing interest in these fast structures that are set up just to get over fast and seat you at a table where the rake can pay the bills. When we move to Vegas (18 months!) I won't have to play these weak events again. My lil Samantha is a senior next year and then we can move when/if she graduates. I promised her we would leave a forwarding address but hey i'm a former car salesman so the kids are a little nervous.

Raisin continues to improve her ring limit online game and will cash her $600 bonus on Eurobet today! It only took her about 3 weeks and shes up. Sweet....Her aggression is improving and with the large rake at Pokerroom/Euro/Hollywood a profitable month of sessions is a strong effort. About $200 in rakeback, $600 bonus and $200 in profit for a +$1000 run at Euro. Shes heading back to her favorite site next (Absolute). Look out ya laggs.

2 More Tourneys, Poker Room Review and Hand Quiz later today. Play against me and my low buyin crew on 1/18 (tonight) at Titan Poker. $100 added, $5 buyin. Probably only 40-50 players. Free Shark hat if ya knock me out!

New to Titan clik above


At 2:45 PM, Blogger Doug Conn said...

"which includes a free breakfast and service from 2 grumpy waitresses that looked rougher then "X22" after a 3 day bender and a 48 hr session."


At 6:12 PM, Blogger tmass36 said...

Try the Mountlake Terrace Silver dollar. 11:30 every day, get there early they only have 2 tables. First place guaranteed 300, usually like $370, $170 and $65 for three spots. $25 entry fee with one rebuy before the end of the 3rd round of $20. It’s easy money trust me.

At 6:15 PM, Blogger Poker Road Warrior said...

good tip Tmass. What is your first name? I might know you. I'm a little tired of the bad structure events, seem like a "push fest". But its 10 min. away i'll try it.


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