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Friday, January 27, 2006

Deck Facial, Tourney Results, Live Short Handed Action

Sharks Favorite Pro Player above Layne "Laaaaynooo" Flack

Hello Worldwide Army of chip tossin' loonies and gamblin' degenerates;

Dropped $110 down as usual for the buyin Thurs night. 95 lopass entered (loose, passive, copyrighted Shark term) and I get table 17, seat 8. No killers at this table lets shuffle up and steal!

I flop the nuts (str8) on second hand and guy in 10 seat flops 2 pr. He leads into me with 500 bet (3/4 pot) and I just call. Turn is a blank and he must sense weakness from my call and fires out 1200. hes only got about 1000 left from our starting 3000 so I raise to 2000 and he pushes. nh, gg.

He had won the first hand so my new buddee had me covered and is still in tourney with T300 (T is Tourney chips). Quickly ran my 6K stack up to 12K and was probably chip leader after first hour. I don't go around and count chips so this is just a guess. This early it doesnt matter anyway, still plenty a work to do.

I ran into my little bro ("ArtieStegman", manwhore)Mike and talked him into playing this tourney. He was short stacked early, hung in there and finished just outa money in 15th. 10th pays 250. Good job, Artie. I believe this was his first higher buyin event and he played well. He has been tearing up the fast structure 20-30 man low buyin events around town and is no rook. My criteria for good tourneys is blind structure, Arties is whether or not they have a free breakfast attached to the buyin. ha!

Card dead for next hour and then get a nasty table change with about 40 left and sittin with about 11K. 2 aggressive huge stacks to left. Blinds are 400/800 and Artie is on my right still short stacked. Strong "big stack" play as both stacks are taking turns opening for huge raises (about 3.5K) and just lookin to knock us lil stacks out. I'm not often impressed in this event but I am by these 2 guys. I'm ready to go into push or fold mode with about 25 left sittin on 8K. Can't find a decent hand in position and finally push last 8K with KJs as expected 50K stack calls with AJo and its gg nh, one toofed, no skilz shark. Out 17th. Lil bro made his move moments later.

Played well and getting better at "chippin up" early. Still much improvement to be made here. I need to be more fearless in middle stages. The blinds escalate so fast that you need to double thru a few times to survive and win in middle stages, IMO. I'll continue improving and think my hand decisions have been excellent. Just a little to conservative on entering pots and mixing it up. I have to remember that I can outplay these guys that play live twice a week and see 200 hands a month. Thats my first 1/2 hour on monday morning. Use that experience to outplay and build a bigger stack in mid stages, then punish small stacks with aggression when we have 30-40 players left.

I get grumpy when I get knocked out in any event (common knowledge with my members)so I take my customary lap around the giant Tulalip Casino and try to decide if I wanna play 4/8 since that is the biggest game going currently. No Limit seems to be the rage and plenty of $500 buyin action there, but I like limit ring. One good thing is limit will get shorthanded often lately and thats a game I won't leave. 10 hrs, 15 I don't care. Its almost always very profitable and its so much more fun. More on that 5am game later.

So I grab a seat at about 9PM on Thurs, we play a few hands and I convince table to play a KILL which means the stakes double to 8/16 if a player wins 2 hands in a row. I buy in for my regular 20X the big bet or $160 and I get pounded by river beats for 2 hrs. Huge pots, kill games and a drunken pot builder add up to one of the worst 2 hrs I have ever had live. I re-buy for another hundy when I get below 60 and was stuck $250 in first 2 hours. Couple gems from my new drunk bud. I got KK in mid position. He raises in early position ( he does this almost every hand, could have anything) I raise it to 12 bucks and he never misses a chance to cap. 4 players see flop of 3 7 J, no suits. Me and PB (pot builder)get HU by the turn which is a blank. I know I have him but it still goes bet, raise, reraise cap cause thats what he does. River queen, huge pot, bet, raise, call. He shows Q3o for a huge pot scoop. He says man, I dun that 2 you three times, you don't learn....then he laughs as he adds to his $500 stack.

I say "yes, you have been very lucky, but I want you to know I would never leave with you in my game", "if you decide to move to that table I will move with you". He mumbles something orders his 12th shot of sumthin nasty and then this comes out of his sloppy pie hole. "Hey, if you so good we should play heads up later?" cha ching! I say, "well I haven't played HU before, but i'd like to play you now". He declines and I proceed to punish him every half hour "lets play now, you have a nice stack and i'll rebuy again?" He won't play me.

I like this table. Hes making the pots huge and playing every hand. Big mouth has skills and is just running over most of the players and outplaying them post flop. I find out later hes a 20 year cardroom drunk that is a small winner playing the hyper aggressive, pot builder role. He works at liquor store 3 minutes away and has to be to work at 7am. Its now midnight and I have a lot of work to do. For the next 3 hours nothing happens. Stuck. I'm thinking about leaving at 3am (-250) but then he says something else brilliant and it fires me up. Hes sittin with about $500 and one other player has almost $400. We are now shorthanded and with a kill it seems we are playing more kills then regular 4/8 games. 5 handed. This is my game. I kept the kill for 4 hands at one point, punished the 2 big stacks and made several bluffs ridin my heater. About 6am, drunk sloppy (he goes to truck for vodka on smoke breaks, so still drunk) is down to about $140 and not so cocky. I'm now +170 for a sweet +400 swing in about 3 hrs. Finally my big cards are holding up and the poker gods are punishing the chasers and 80% see floppers.

"How bout a lil heads up sloppy dude?" haha! I can really stick the needle in if need be and hes outa gas, money and blurry from me showing him huge pairs, sets and flushies for 2 hrs. I gotta goo ta work buddee. He leaves.

Just 3 limit players in the room now and 2 nice guys say sure lets continue. We request (and receive) a rake break for the short game, and the deck continues to hit me in the face. I don't think I would need cards with 2 inexperienced short players but it certainly made it a easy on me and I felted them both in about 45 min.

+380 now, 2 no limit games going and i'm the last limit guy in the room. Its about 8am for a 13 hr session and I can wait for the regulars to roll in (about 9am) or head out. I hate leaving on a heater but i'm rummy and hit the road.

Totals, 13 hrs, -110 buyin for Tourney (no cash) +380 limit ring, profit $270 or 33.75 bb, 2.6 BB per hr. These totals include food, drinks and tips. It's part of the cost of being there so I don't subtract to inflate the bottom line. A good night. I'm proud of how I hung in there, didnt tilt (okay maybe a lil)and saw that there was an opportunity to turn it around with patience and aggression with my dominating starting hands. And then I got to play shorthanded! This is rare in many Poker rooms.

Get out and play sum live tourneys! The competition is so weak compared to a Shark buyin or even any good $20 buyin on the net.

I had another great live session today and will write about the Saturday $90 buyin and another deck facial when I have a little time.

Hope to see you all in our Sunday Shootout at Titan! 2 events! Huge freeroll and $5 buyin!

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At 6:41 AM, Blogger imjusthere4thebeer said...

Great story from the trenches of the Clay Chips! I think if this article shows anything to the masses, its that good, solid, tight play is rewarded over time.

Sure, you were knocked out of the tourney out of the money (no one can cash each and every time), and sure you were being donked on quite a bit from the sounds of it (i.e.-Q3o outdrawin ya KK). But, you hung in there, played yer game and walked away at profit.

Nice thing about statistics is that the larger the sample, the closer to the "norm" one gets. Sharky's a profitable player. He might be down early, but the more hands he plays, the more likely he will be "normally" profitable. Same with the donks who play -EV cards. The more they play them, the less "lucky" they will become over time. Lesson to be learned there.

Great stuff, great story! Keep the results post comin!



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