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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Heads up Challenge!

I'm going to devote the next 10 days to HU (heads up) sit n gos. Ultimate Bet, Full Tilt and Absolute seem to have decent HU action. I love UB and FT software and can tolerate AP. Prima (Battlefield, Pokertime) may be a 4th option if action gets hard to find but i'm not crazy about their slider bar (to bet). Maybe I can get use to it. Anyhoo, heres the deal.

I'll play as many as I can each day (depending on website work) and give a full report here (with profit/loss). For the last 7 days I have been playing, winning and taking notes on players. I'm having fun and the bad beats are not as hard to take because with 1500 chippies you can take a beat or 3 and still recover to win, often. I will play $30 to $50 sit n gos and move to $100's when I have more notes and am dialed in. Usually i'll play 2 at once and keep 1 bigger game (100-200) open for note taking. Seems to be the most action at $20 games so I may fill in with those if action is scarce.

As I have mentioned before there are many very tough $20 players at UB and i'll give a report on the other sites as well. AP has very weak competition in the 20-30 range but i'm not crazy about their clunky software. I will test the 50's out and play there more if its as soft as the $30's.

I love heads up and think I may devote more of my time to it as well as 8-12 Tourneys a week. My main game (limit 3/6 or 5/10 short) is getting hard to fire up lately and I think I just burned out on it. I have been beating that game for 2 years now, picked up a ton of bonuses/rakeback and am ready for a new challenge.

This week I have played 3 UB tourneys and had 1 cash in the UB $30 buyin, 6 handed event (I love 6 man). 170 chip tossers entered and I went out 4th for $480. 1st was 1450. and I was the chip leader briefly with 4 left but 2 coin flips came up tails and I had heads. Tough final table, strong aggressive play and 4 of us went at it for maybe an hour till I got launched.

In one of the 2 events I didnt cash in this hand came up. I'm one off button with AA and my bud (bornsupremo) happens to be on me left with a nice stack. I make a note to self to play totally different then usual since he knows all my moves before I make them. I'm gonna get his chips, I just don't know how I will trap his lagg a$$. I make a std, 3X BB raise and only the big blind calls. Perfect HU with AA.

Floppage rolls out J28 rainbow. Yaaa Baaybeee (yes baby). I bet 1/2 pot to induce a bluff and it works just like I drew it up. He pushes all his (soon to be mine) chips. About 600 more for a 1800 pot after I call. I quickly push my CALL button and S L I P. Yes, my hand twitched, moved or I had a minor stroke and hit the "fold and show" button. So the whole table saw me fold aces. One guy said "man, how can ya fold in that spot". At first I was in shock, then explained what happened. Thats the first time I have misclicked in a tourney. I guess I was due. The whole table had a good laugh and I made 1 guys day for sure. Bornholio took it worse then me and I few hands later I was toast. That will not happen again. Born cashed in 10th so at least we had 1 good thing happen in that event.

I'll be playing my favorite Tourney at the Tulalip Casino on Thurs night and will have a report on that as well. Great structure and a weak field is all I need to get outa the house. I'll be lasting longer than last week and am ready to take this event down. In 4 runs at this Tourney i'm 20th, 20th, 5th and first knockout (110th?). Usually about 120 start and I really love that size field. So with the one cash i'm +260 for about 7 hours of hard labor or $37 per hour. They pay top ten.

After I final table i'll pull an all nighter at 10/20 ring and pay sum bills.

Key Hand from 4th place finish at Ultimate Bet yesterday morning. I'm pattij in this early mornin slugfest.

Nuttin' better then a good bluff. Fired 3 bullets:

Hand #11308974-89 at Tue1amA-Final (No Limit tournament Hold'em)
Powered by UltimateBet
Started at 24/Jan/06 04:41:58

pattij is at seat 0 with 41270.
digger20 is at seat 1 with 49395.
dg152 is at seat 3 with 68275.
chrislo2 is at seat 4 with 75060.
The button is at seat 1.

pattij posts ante (200).
digger20 posts ante (200).
dg152 posts ante (200).
chrislo2 posts ante (200).
chrislo2 posts the small blind of 1200.
pattij posts the big blind of 2400.

pattij: 6c Td
digger20: -- --
dg152: -- --
chrislo2: -- --


digger20 folds. dg152 folds. chrislo2 raises to
4800. pattij calls.

Flop (board: 8c 5h 2d):

chrislo2 bets 2400. pattij raises to 7000. chrislo2

Turn (board: 8c 5h 2d 4h):

chrislo2 checks. pattij bets 9000. chrislo2 calls.

River (board: 8c 5h 2d 4h Jd):

chrislo2 checks. pattij bets 10000. chrislo2 folds.
pattij is returned 10000 (uncalled).

pattij opts to show 6c Td.
pattij has 6c Td 8c 5h Jd: jack high.

Hand #11308974-89 Summary:

No rake is taken for this hand.
pattij wins 42400.

I showed cause I get bored being nice.

Play great and build yer Bankroll this week!


At 6:41 PM, Blogger CEV2nd said...

Yo Shark -

Nothing so spectular as your bluff with J high but played on the reservation in Phoenix Thursday night. 3/6 table for three hours. Way up until three bad beats just before pulling the plug - up $60 plus for the night.

Like online much better. Food, drink and bathroom when I feel the need! :))

Glad to be back in Texas and ready to see you online.


At 7:30 PM, Blogger Poker Road Warrior said...

Good to hear from ya bud. You don't like the whiny players, bad breath/body odor and horrible service? Me either. Give me my puter and a .80 beer and i'm good to go. Nuttin better then turnin chat off. Wish you could do that live.

At 8:39 AM, Blogger Veneno said...

Okay..I love HU..look me up for a game sometime.


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