Poker Road Warrior: Strugglin' Poker Player? Variance Gods Attack....
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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Strugglin' Poker Player? Variance Gods Attack....

I received an email from one of my best players today. He got wacked by the Poker Gods this week and dropped a geezer ($1000) multi tablin 3/6. If he wasn't a student this might be just a flesh wound, but he is a student and it isn't much fun when you get punished. Most real money players have been here and its never a picnic.

But he is a winning player. Below are a few ideas I had for him. I hope you might get a thing or two outa this to help you when the Poker gods torture you. Or maybe you will get smart and switch to golf.

My friend is so bummed (and busy with school) that he decided to take a 3 month break. I have felt the same way (need a 3 month break) and lasted about a week before I went back to clubbin all the baby seals that call themselves poker playas. He feels bad since he won't be earning rake for me (and him). My dog is a lil fat anyhoo and the kids can go to work in the coal mine.

Shark wrote:

Not a problem. Remember if you lost 1000 but picked up 600 in Rakeback and 200 in bonus money you only really lost 200.

Also, this is a very small swing of variance. I have had much worse. I suggest tightening up. Its easy to get loosy goosey with everyone else doing it.

Quit calling raises with A10o. Quit playing KJo out of position when you know it will be raised once or twice to you. Quit playing Axo. When I struggle, then tighten up the first thing you notice is you get in way less tuff situations. You also improve your image so you can steal more since you are in fewer pots. Way more respect for your bets and raises.

You don't use PT right? I wouldnt play without it. If its 3 bet pre by a tight pre flop rayzor I can safely muck AQ or even 10 10 or JJ. Really. This is unheard of in a low limit game but not at 10/20 or above. Why not play like a 10/20 player if you are strugglin?

If a guy is showing 4.6 % rayz pre and he 3 bets pre or caps get the hell outa the way. He only does this with AA KK QQ or maybe AKs.

If you don't have this setup let me know. You gotta have it. If the guy is a 30% pre rayzor (many of these on ap) I will play those hands (not muck) and probably be ahead.

Just some ideas bro. I'm playing a ton so I won't miss yer play as much. I think you should fight thru it and get better (not bail) but its yer decision.

The donks/fish/atms/call station/leaks/lopasses must have good weeks or there wouldnt be enough to go around. You need to improve (PT, tighten up, whatever else you can think of) so next time you only lose 500 when the variance gods hit yer ass in the face.

Man hugs, Sharkmasta


Online Play this week (Absolute Poker). Played 5350 hands of 3/6 and 5/10 limit, 6 max. Happy with play (a little rusty multi tablin) and got rivered a bunch in huge pots and couldnt make a flush draw all week. It happens. Had my 4th or 5th Royal Flush last night.

Lost $620.

Rakeback +380

Bonus +200

Net -40.

Notice how a tough week turns into break even when you use bonus and rakeback. Then when the cards turn you play more, win more and have huge weeks. These ho hum weeks are part of the game. Its a marathon not a sprint.

Having a blast with my new software (PA HUD, AP hand grabber, previous post) and will be posting some huge wins soon with the high volume of horrible players, chasers and mental deficients. cha ching....

With proper table selection a good player will be a very consistent earner at this site and these levels. The games at 5/10 are often much better then the 3/6 (more pro grinders at 3/6). I have noticed weak stats at 10/20 as well. I will be in that game when the BR is ready.


At 2:24 PM, Blogger GUMBY said...

Yes, this player is me and yes, I will get back to it. Everything I've lost has been winnings so it's not so bad. I just need to clear my head and hook the fish later. Fishing is better in summer anyways.


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