Poker Road Warrior: Weak/Passives and a little Fan Mail
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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Weak/Passives and a little Fan Mail

Tonight! 9PM EST Absolute Poker $5 buyin with your host Shark "cleaner" Bornsupreme. $20 launch on Bornholio and $100 added! Click here to go to Absolute Special this week for new depositors at Absolute, Titan, PokerTime or info here clik Password is shark5

Pounded away at the computer most of yesterday (Shark emails, forum posts) and was able to clear all the Stacks banners off our 5 sites. Stacks went under 3 weeks ago without even giving affiliates/reps the courtesy of an email or phone call. The Shark Tour was the #1 affiliate in the world for Stacks (#1 idiot for working with them also) with almost 1000 players registered. They had promised $1000 freerolls (2)and massive swag (polo shirts) for our depositing players.

I don't fault people for failing in business. It's happened to me and millions of others. However, I have no respect for Stacks or their affiliate rep Kevin Jennings. It would have taken 1 hour to notify all affiliates what was going on 3 weeks ago. Instead they lock the doors and sneak off with their tails between their legs. Losers.

Sorry to all Shark members that anxiously awaited the new site that I was so excited about. I'll try to find another one that actually has the backing to make it happen. Someone took a huge bath on the shitty, Stacks Poker. I like that part.

My back was about to lock up about 4PM yesterday so I headed out for some 1/2 price mussels and blackened ahi tuna, oh boy. Ivars at the Mukilteo Ferry landing has great cheap appetizers and killer full sail pale ale and Knob Creek whiskey. YES. Happy hours twice a day 3-6 and 9-close. I can eat about 6 orders of mussels a week. A lite red curry broth is the nuts fer dippin'.

Then its off to Tulalip for sum POKER. I had hopes of making this a short session since I have been averaging about 15 hours the last 5 sessions or so. Got seated about 5PM in an extremely weak/passive 4/8 game which is my personal favorite. No pre flop raisin', scared bettors and very little raisin post flop or even guys raisin with draws. Oh boy.

I start out hot and looked for a spot to do my favorite early "image" trick. I won 3 hands after aggressive betting led to folds at the turn and the river with no showdown. You can always see the look they give ya when this happens. DID YOU HAVE IT? I don't show or tell so they can give me the puppy dog look all they want.

Heres my fav trick. After a few strong wins with no showdown, pre raise with crap. Bet aggressively and if you feel you can take the hand down without a showdown do it(if this spot doesnt feel good after the turn, do it a hand or two later). Then you show the 2 6 off or 9 2o that completely missed everything. This is fun. Some guys will tILT (fun/good) some will chase you to riv with nuttin for the next 2 hours (vn) and others will call your pre flop raises everytime then fold when you bet the flop (nh,gg).

The set-up for my image trick was perfect tonight and I posted a sweet +290 win in 4.25 hours. You can do this trick at anytime during a session but it works best if you have just recently sat down and win 2-4 hands without showing your hand.

Headed home early to surprise my lil bride and she even offered an adult beverage and snugglin. ya baybeee (yes baby).

Today i'm heading to Muckelshoot Casino in Auburn. Its a crap drive (1 hour) but they spread higher games so i'll have a report in a day or 2.

Shark Fan Mail Received 3/16:

In regards to my request of depositors for this weeks events:


I bet you do need more depositors..Thats Funny and I hope your sight crumbles because of the lack of money...Your sight does nothing but take unknowingly persons money...
Your sight sets the hands up and determines who wins and the odds of the person winning and its as simple as, IF A PERSON DOESNT DEPO THEY DONT WIN and even a depositor these sights will take their money... There is no LUCK to any of this FUCK SHIT and there damn sure isnt any skill involved...Sure Ill come to your sight and I will campaign to everyone in that sight to STOP DEPOSITING MONEY.....WHAT WILL ALL OF YOU DO THEN??? YEA RIGHT???SINK..

ATTACHMENT: My Last fukkin Shark Freeroll Video Here:

Shark responds:

Dear Shark Member;

Man, I about fell off my chair. This is too funny.

You sound like you have lost a lil cashish? I'm not going to even start explaining all the errors in your thinking, grammar and spelling.

Many skilled players make a very good living off Poker. You don't have the temperment for it. Go back to video games. Oh ya, OPT OUT
of our Membership at the bottom of the email. You sound like you may have changed your mind regarding playing in our FREE Tourneys? ha!

Cheers, Sharkmasta

Note: I obviously added the video clip but the letter is a real member.


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