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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Sippin adult beverages with.......

Password for Freeroll 5/26 shark33

Shark Vegas Playas, Reel (steve), Born, Fred, GAR812, Bruce (shammy), and of course Sirens of Treasure Island cast members Raisin, Dawn, and Tammy. Don't ask about or even mention the Sharkette wet t-shirt contest organized by yers truly.

I may have had a lil to much to drink in this next post, I hope you can figure it out.

7 Sharks accounted for. Gar and bud Fred arrive tommorrow that makes 9 Sharks for our first meet-up.

Dinner at the Red Rock Tommorrow night on Raisin.

Everyone is tired today but we had sum serious fun. Reel (Steve) and funny and much yunger wife Tammy are a gas. Born seems about 6-8 but says hes 6-5 (remeasure?) His girl Dawn is pretty and seems to like his bad beat stories.

Reel has been beatin every limit game he has played since Sat., mostly 2/4 & 3/6(big surprise, he could torture 6/12 or higher here IMO) and went in the hole tonight early but still pulled out a small win.

Born went on a heater at 3/6 and cashed about 200-250? at the mirage. I sat with them for a while but was card dead so moved to 6/12 and dominated. +250 in about 4 hrs. Raisin played 3/6 at another table and struggled -60. I Had no cards but agg play lead to sum sweet riv laydowns when I continuation bet with nuttin. Tilted 2 guys when I showed them no pr. This is a way better game for me. At home the 4/8 chasers won't lay down bottom pr. or a draw gone bad. 10/20 tomm.

I called Bruce/Shammy but we didnt hook up. I'll call him in the mornin. I'm playin the Ceasars $130 nooner Tourney the next 3 days. This is the best event in town at that buyin. 40 min structure and 4000 chippies i believe. 3-5K for the win.

Great group, can't wait to get sum sleep and hit it hard tomm. We'll get Dawn and Tammy into a SNG tomm.

I'll try to post sum pics soon.

We all got snockered and BORN made me drink Patron Teq w/me sieera nevada pale. Smoooooooooooooth. More a dat tomm.

I'll write more later. Wish you were here!!

Shark and Raisin


I'm a lil liqured in this next update. Hope you can figure it out.

Man i'm bad about picture takin. Gotta get on that today. We had a great dinner last night at the new red rock casino. 7 entered as born and dawn couldnt make it at that time.

It was all you can eat barbecue, ribs (beef, pork) beef brisket (best I have ever had) and kielbasa sausage. Potato salad (weak) and slaw (weak) beans (excellent I heard, I don't eat them) and several adult beverages washed it all down. I think its called the salt lick barbecue (3 1/2 stars outa 5)

Poker may have came up once or twice but mostly just getting to know each other. Bruce (shammy), GAR, reel/tammy, Fred, shark and raisin did a quick tour of the fantastic casino then headed back to the strip.

Patti and I are having the best vegas trip ever and i'll write sum better posts later. To much to do here. 95 sunny today and need to get sum sun on me pasty white poker player legs. I played 8/16 at Bellagio last nite (2am) and it was a great game. small win +100 in first 90 min. when the table broke. Saw David Williams and Chau Giang (does he ever go home) and David Levi. Heard I just missed Doyle, Greenstein and a few others playing directly behind us in "bobbys room". I have never bothered any celebs but I mighta bugged Doyle for an autograph. (50/50 depending on alcohol level)

Previous nite I played 6/12 at mIRAGE and was +250 so and on way home from bellagio I stopped at Paris (I love the lil hats the pretty servers wear) and decided to donk it up at 3/6 for an hr or 2.

folded first 3 hands, then flopped set of 10's and of course the 3 drunks paid me off for a 60. pot. I g0t the feeling the 4 drunk buds playin were about toast and 2 hands later the table broke. I tried to sell a short game but no takers. raisin and reel were at the MGM while I was playin paris and bellagio. Reel +100 approx patti -40.

I'm now about +400 in only about 3 hrs play. just need to sit more. meeting up with all today for a sit n go and maybe rio parade in sky and free TI show. my goal to pay for our trip with poker is behind schedule. I'll get busy and put in 2 long sessions in the next 2 days, I hope. I'm a goofy goal setter but I won't cry if I don't get in the hours I need. I love checking out all the new rooms and casinos. Going to GVR today where they film one of our TIVO shows :american casino".

Meeting this small group of friends is really fun. I think we are making friends that we can meet lots more in the years to came.

Patti just called reel and tammy. Reel got 4th in the ballys $60. +125. 50 entered. nice cash sir.

GAR812 is not yer typical poker legend. humble and really sweet (raisins words). we'll see his other side when we play a shark sit tonight before born/dawn head for airport/ I'm callin luxor now to set up a table for us. I think he will get great pleasure showing me that I should stick to my best game (limit). its on at 5pm GAR!

Sounds like Fred is a ringer so I will be careful with his unknown a$$.

more later. pics to I hope.

hugs and kisses, sharkeeeee and raisin


I'm a lil snockered in this next post, hope you can figure it out:

News of the day!

Gary812 played his first live multi table event today. Me and GAR entered the $130 buyin at Caersars Palace (daily at noon).

Shark Legend GAR played brilliant and final tabled! 83 entered and it was a tough field. Approx 25 strong playas, 20 tight passives and 37 complete donks. Great structure w/40 min levels and 4K in chips. I snapped sum good shots of GAR right before he busted out when his 77 couldnt lick AKo.

Nice cash sir! +250 and Shark scored $30 as I was smart enough to put him together and exchange 20% of our action.

It looked like a good wager on his part early as I appeared to be the early chip leader about 2 hrs in with 26,000 chippies. I went out in 20th when I hit the turn hard and seat 1 made his gutshot with the same turncard (Q). I still had outs with the flush draw I had on the flop. missed it and it was nh, gg since he had my 24,000 covered by a whopping 200 chipsters.

Final Board

J 9c 2c Q blank

Shark shows AQclubs

Mr Clean (nice bald guy) shows K 10

I'll post the full hand in the blog.

Good event, Congrats to Shark Legend GAR! Good trip!

In the Shark Sit N Go it was a $65 buyin with Born, GAR, REEL, Shark, Raisin and Fred battling 5 unknowns for a $400 first prize and 150 second. Shark added 50. for top Sharkey or Sharkette and $30 for 2nd Shark/eete.

Saved meself sum cashish finishing second overall. My K7 couldnt beat the dominated K5 and again it was nh gg.

$30 to newest shark member FRED who played very well. GAR was first out when his sweet set 888 got all in against KK and was rivered by a flush. Shitty structure at the Luxor (not recommended) 250 chips (5/10 blinds) and 15 min levels. Mirage is a good, cheaper SNG. 1000 chips, $70 buyin 15 min levels. We'll play there next trip.

Poker gods have been kind to us so far. I have everyone up playing ring. REEL, me, Raisn and BORN in limit. GAR and Fred are cashing in on the drunk 1/2 no limit at the Imperial Palace the last 2 nights.

I had my first losing session last night but only dropped 90 at the Mirage playing 6/12. The table broke when the ATM's wouldnt play 5-6 handed with a reduced rake. How ya gonna learn to play short if ya run everytime a game gets a lil light? WEAK... Same thing at Bellagio 9/18 nite before. It was 5am so that mighta been part of it at Bellagio to be fair. Maybe sum day they will set up a few short tables just like on the net?

Saw Ivey, Hennigan, Chau, Joe Bartholdi playin in Bobbys Room about 3 am last night.

Finally got sum good pics of our great crew!

A special thx to BORN and Dawn. 5 hr flight each way and 3.5 hr drive each way to airport. That with a very busy schedule, upcoming tests and Dawns a mom too! I hope the huge commitment was worth it...We sure are glad ya made it.

It was fun finally meeting my special ops director and lovely TI Siren Dawn. More in the blog later. REEL promised a guest blog on the trip and will surely have sum good stories. Don't ask him about getting hypnotized on stage at the Riviera (not spose to mention what happened), Also don't ask me about callin the riv with the nuts (boat), saying nc then havin it pointed out that I had the best hand for a $200 scoop (5 pale ales should not preceeed poker on empty stomach). Good thing I showed the winner.

That Gary812 feller now calls me full house.

Our next meetup will have more good times and more hugs from us,

Shark and lil Raisin.


At 6:00 AM, Blogger imjusthere4thebeer said...

Hey Steve,

The old "value call with the nuts" is supposed to come on the flop or turn, according to Fillmaff's Secret System ("shhhhh").

Sounds like you guys and ladies are having a blast. Wish I could have made it, but it just wasn't in the cards.

Glad you guys are having fun. Talk to you soon.


At 3:05 PM, Blogger GUMBY said...

I'm almost crying I'm so jealous. I can crash at the pad when you move there and I come down to visit, right? Need to find a job first.

Have a great time down there!

At 12:29 PM, Blogger Poker Road Warrior said...


We will have a pool and a pond. The pond will be nice for you.

Man I was proud of GARY in that tourney, played great. He doubles up when he went in as fav 77 vs AKo and he can take that down for $3100. We need to get him in more big buyins.


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