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Monday, November 27, 2006

Videos, NL Update and More Tourneys!

12 tables no overlap. My setup above. I'm not playing more than 6 yet but nice to have extra room to preview Borns hockey fighting vids or Headwaiters S & M archives. I need NL Bad Ass and Portland native Joey Wong to send sum wrestlin vids and i'm set.

So 15 days into my switch from LIMIT to No Limit i'm 10-1-1. The BR is healthy and the tude is good. I have stats on 24,000 Tilters at NL100 and am starting to play NL200 as I datamine players at that level. It seems that there are more bad "stat" players at that level so big fun should be had as I move up. Hopefully 1 month there and then NL400. I like 25 buyins for each level before deserting my previous level but will take shots and datamine before I have the full 25.

The Shark Network signed 2 NEW Poker sites today. Big Freerolls and buyins will be added for December at Crazy Poker and Vegas Poker 24/7 next month. Check out our forum for updates and info.

I'm going to do a video to promote the new Sharks Vegas Strip site. It will be a NL100 video on what I do to prepare for a session, then i'll play. I'll show how I use Pokertracker, Poker Ace HU display, identify donkelicous (I hate the word juicy) tables and players, datamining, the use of gametime (if you don't have PokerAceHUD), I'm not professing to be a great NL player or a great teacher here. Hopefully my low limit players will get some ideas and maybe it will inspire a few to finally get PT.
One thing I don't see on Cardrunners, PokerXFactor or Stox Poker is playing based on reads I get from villains tendencies. I know who is a stealer and whos weak based on a huge database. You can steal super tight/agg "TAGS" blind. Good players with great stats often are playing 12 tables and are just playing ABC poker. Exploit this, its easy and fun. I'll show how I do this in the video.

I think the key to my early success in NL is due to PT and table selection. There are many real good players at this low limit. Great stats, aggressive and huge winrates. I don't play those guys much. I'm running good and adding to my roll daily against bad players and making plans to move up to bigger buyins.

This video will answer many questions I have been receiving lately on multi tablin and using stats to clobber your unsuspecting foes.

If you have anything you would like me to address in this video or have any ideas please post them in our Pokertracker Forum. Your ideas would be appreciated.

I hope to have guest videos by Connjure (Omaha sit n gos) and other top Shark players. These will be free to all members. We'll take requests too. Limit? Multi Table Tourneys? Shoot me some ideas in the forum.

Had a nice turnout at for the VET Series last night. I took 2nd for a small cash. Several cry baybees couldnt understand why big stacks put them allin with mediocre holdings. Hey, if ya don't have a big enough stack to protect yer hand don't cry when ya get launched. You didnt chip up early like your opponent did. So you had to hope you win races allin as a small (or big favorite). To these whiners I say.......Buh Bye.

Shoot me some video requests in the forum NOW! So far Born suggested I tape me an Raisin playin' "lucky burglar". Lets keep it Poker related ya pervs. Jiggy...don't you start!

Participate in our FORUM now. Huge lineup of Tourneys upcoming in December. More MONEY added!! Omaha, and maybe a ladies event.


At 4:07 PM, Blogger Michael said...

Hey, Shark:

Would you update your link to my "Counting My Outs" blog? The URL is now


At 2:15 PM, Blogger GUMBY said...


Why discontinue the blog? I like reading up on your play and to see how you're doing.

Hope you reconsider.


At 2:32 PM, Blogger Poker Road Warrior said...

Hey Gumster

Thx for the support. Lotsa reasons. The #1 reason is all the non supportive players. I have 15,000 players that won't support the cause with a few forum posts and will never deposit a dime in support of our sites. Every month I go begging to get sites that will add money for players that won't do anything for me except sign up for anythng FREE. I'm sick of freeloaders. Let some1 else enable them to play.

We have 1% that are awesome. I can relax, not set up shit, not take up time writing in the forum/blog and still get paid (for life) from the 4 yrs of hard work and catering to 99% that wouldnt make 1 or 2 forum posts for me each month.

I see blogs all over the net that post once every month or two. I could be medoicre and do that. They always start out their latest post with "sorry I have not posted in so long". That doesnt interest me.

I want my family/free time back.

At 8:01 AM, Blogger lightning36 said...

Hiya Shark:

Sorry to see that the blog will be no more.

In October, I won a bloggers tournament, "The Mookie," on Full Tilt. The winners are always profiled in Mookie's blog the week after the victory. Here is a short excerpt from the interview:

"Q: What was the first poker blog you read ?

L: Poker Road Warrior by Steve “Shark” Hathaway. I like Shark’s attitude."

So ... this blog has been influential to some of us. Thanks for all that you have done to promote poker excellence.


At 1:29 PM, Blogger Poker Road Warrior said...

hey Lighter

You made my day! It was fun to do for a while. I'm excited about more playin and less writin'.

Keep up the good play, see ya at a live final soon I hope!


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