Poker Road Warrior: Bloodbath for Sharky
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Monday, November 13, 2006

Bloodbath for Sharky

I dropped 1K this weekend to sick beats and bad image since I never hit the flop. 8700 hands. $400 in rakeback makes it sting a lil less. A horrible -600 weekend, stiff back and puter headache.

Typical hand. Capped pre I have AQs. Flop 629 I bet get raised, I reraise turn is a Jack, I bet, call. riv blank, I bet, call. bad guy shows QJ. I saw a version of this at least 10 times.

I play this hand above so good and just can't win.

Over and over and over. 4 tablin I get my first set in an hour. Chased down by 24s flush. Capped pre of course.

AA loses to 73 and K2 in span of 10 min. QQ goes down three outa 4 times in 1 hr.. PT shows for the last month I have received KK only 64 times. Average would be 90.

Every time I have AK/AQ the flop is 284 with 4 callers. lol. Flush draws are converting 15% of the time. You know the drill. Back to sits and MTT for me. I'm even this month only because of rakeback and sits/mtt/

Can't beat 2/4 to 3/6 what a fukkin joke.


Well I changed my mind after a good nites sleep. I'm playin $100 buyin NL today.

After getting turned and rivered till I puked this weekend I decided to play NL Ring, newb stakes $100 buyin. I'm a newb at ring so thats a good spot fer me.

Holy table selection batman! I had no idea. Over 50 NL100 tables going at Full Tilt. I was having trouble finding one good limit table at 2/4 to 5/10 limit. Ton of 6 tablin pros at that game now.

I can't seem to find a bad one at NL.

I hate to say never but I don't think I will over go back to limit. +280 in the first 2 hrs, 2 tablin. I think I will go to 4 tonight.

Playin 6 max. These donks are not seein the river cheap.

Before I understood variance (especially limit short) I would have shut my puter off for a few days and reevaluated my game after taking a beating like this. But now I know when i'm playin good. I have stats to back it up to. My riv aggression sucked all weekend. That means time after time I didnt make my draw. If I have a so-so hand i'm bettin for value.

I'm jacked about the new game and runnin great so far. I'll play it all week and give you a new post in a few days. Hopefully the NL donks will be gettin the bloodbath. As I was writing this sentence another guy went all in against sharkees nutz. Stacked him. Yes baybeeee! He had second pr weak kicker. GG nh.


At 9:16 PM, Blogger GUMBY said...

Found a new game Sharky? I thought you were a limit man all the way! You are definiely solid enough to play NL though.

Glad to see you enjoy your new game! I want to switch to NL, but still don't have the guts to put up big stacks when I have big hands, but not the nuts.

At 11:15 AM, Blogger GUMBY said...

Let me redo this! I am enjoying stacking players in NL on Full Tilt! Playing .25/.50 with a $50 buy in is comfortable to me, especially when I only put in my stack with a great hand while others do not. Patience, patience, patience, patience!!! It's a marathon, not a sprint. Just like limit, but even moreso.

How I have played is raise with the top 10 hands and limp with a lot of suited connectors in late position and small pocket pairs in any position.

I actually folded quad 6s preflop yesterday to 2 players who ended up having Q-J and A-10. Easy money playing NL.



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