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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Git Outta The Kiddie POOL!

Why do millions of long term players still only play freerolls or play chips?

Are you still in the kiddie pool? Why? If you want to become good at this great game you must deposit and play against real money players.

I believe the main problem is most players will not take the time to link their checking account up thru Neteller. Its not that $25 is too much to deposit.

Its very easy to get an account just for poker and link it thru neteller. We real money players all know that. But for many, this is hard to do. I think most are just lazy. They'd love to play real money, and pay no fees to deposit but just can't stop procrastinating and sign up.

Whats $25 nowadays? 2 burgers and 2 drinks at our local burger joint.

A good concert is $50 now. You can play a lot of real poker for $50.

That $25 will get an avid poker player into 5 AP tourneys with $1000 added in those 5 events. Its not value, they see the value. Its laziness and procrastination. Even if you have to go to your bank, open a separate checking account and sign up online at neteller its 60 minutes tops.

I realize this isn't 100% of the problem. But I bet its the #1 problem.

We are enabling these players to play with all the freerolls. Hey, if you wanna play 500 player fields for $100 have at it. I'd rather play against 50 ($5 entry) for $300. I get all that extra value (and 3 hrs less spent if I make the final table) because I was willing to set up my neteller.

Of course many are new freeroll players that are just not ready to deposit yet. I'm not talking about those players. I'm talking about the "career" freerollers that are never going to take the 45 min to get linked up to an online bank.

Of course, you and I know they will never become strong players playin freerolls and play chips. They will pay dearly when they decide to play live or finally make the jump to real poker. Then the players that dumped freerolls and play chips early on will make them pay for their procrastination, laziness or lack of a checking account to link up.

Do I wanna play real money ring games against someone that has only played freerolls or play chips? Give me a whole table of them.

Whats more fun? Real money or free/play? Damn.....if I only had the time to link with an online bank and deposit $25.

I'd like all our players to enjoy real poker. I want the ones that study strategy, work their way up and practice to have a profitable hobby they can play till they are 90. Its a great feeling walking into the Mirage with my wife and knowing that we are 3-1 to leave there with a nice profit.

Get off your butt, deposit a small amount into neteller and start playing .10/.20 no limit or .25/.50 limit poker. Play a few low buyins with us.
Stop learning bad habits and playing with every 14 year old that sits at these huge freerolls.

When you are crushing .10/.20 move up to .25/.50. Its easy, you will know when you are ready. In a year or 2 you are a winning player at 4/8 and can confidently walk into any poker room and have a great chance of beating the game you are bankrolled for.

I have a good friend that has a wife that won't let him play for real money. He makes good money and they are very wealthy. He wants to talk poker with me all the time. How great he is at play chips, the freeroll he got second in last week, etc. I've offered to take cash from him then transfer but hes afraid he'll get caught.

This is the only subject I don't wanna talk about with him. HE"S NOT A REAL PLAYER. He made a choice not to deposit. I wouldnt stake him for $30 at the local casino. He'll get his ass kicked. No real money experience, been playin against 14 year olds for to long. It's sad to me.

There are probably 100's of similar stories.

Hes a 3 year player now and probably has 20 million play chips. Is he a good player? What do you think? Has he ruined any chance of being a good player? I think so. Bad habits are tough to break.

It kills me that this great guy is not playin with us on Thursdays!


At 8:56 PM, Blogger lightning36 said...

Great entry, Shark. I played for some time before I became more comfortable playing for money. In fact, my first deposit was a personal check to Ultimate Bet.

I have been using Neteller for almost a year. I actually set up my account six months before, but never used it.

To be extra careful about money, I opened a poker checking account at a different bank than I normally use - just to be safe. Great decision.

If you really want to get better, you have to play for money, and you have to play good players. Otherwise, you are just living in a poker fool's paradise.

At 11:05 AM, Blogger GUMBY said...

You know! Take a chance with $100 at one of the sites where Sharky offers rakeback. See how it goes! Maybe a big score is in store for some.

At 10:32 PM, Blogger CashChaser said...

For u that live in USA, Canada and Europe, u get lucky enough payment processor support ur country. In Asia like me, Neteller even didnt support my country and Click2pay need CC which i dont have. Very limited option for some area.
Bank Transfer/Money Transfer need some question to send money, tell for gambling ?! I am sure not. I kinda lie there.


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