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Saturday, September 02, 2006

September Tourneys being loaded now!

Online No Limit Star Mahatma (formerly Spirit Rock) Prahlad Friedman

Great Shark Tour Hold'em MTT playa Steve Lanza dba "juzfishn"

9/27 9PM EST
Absolute Poker Ladies Night, $100 added, Freeroll SPT. Ladies Only. Boys with NO integrity will play. Please no complaints, have fun and ignore them. To mute them right click their avatar, hit mute. We get to 300 players we can go to $200 added! Tell your lady friends!

Okay, back to my TOP 100 Movies. 75 to go. In no particular order, heres the next 50.

History of Violence (might make top 10)
French Connection
Marathon Man
Drugstore Cowboy
GlenGary Glen Ross
Annie Hall (one chick flick!)
Groundhog Day
Usual Suspects
Angels with Dirty Faces
Deliverance (Reelcrazy thought this was a documentary)
Das Boot
LA Confidential
Saving Private Ryan
Forrest Gump
The Sting
Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid
The Way of the Gun
Borne Supremacy
Hunt For Red October
Silence of the Lambs
Cinderella Man
Master and Commander
True Grit
3:10 to Yuma
48 Hours
Donnie Brasco
Dances With Wolves
Sixth Sense
Die Hard
Dog Day Afternoon
Bonnie and Clyde
Almost Famous
American Beauty
Field of Dreams
For a Few Dollars More - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly - Fistful of Dollars
Rain Man (in top 10 for sure)
Road To Perdition
Millers Crossing
Raging Bull
Midnight Express

Hope everyone had a good August! Would love to see you post in our FORUM!

Good folks in there and some funny peops too. I'm spending an hour every day taking out all the f*%#in spammers. Its pretty much spam free (not easy to do). I now realize if I want horse sex, phetemine, xanax, or golden showers I can get all of the above online! Does anyone really click on these links? Besides me I mean....

Congrats to Uncle Lazzy winning the Thursday Absolute thingy dealo for a sweet cash.

No Vet Series this week. Got too busy building the NEW site and got behind. More info in the Forum.

I played 4 $20 sit n gos at UB last night. Played them all at once and went out early in the first one (6 man) got 5th. Then went on a tear. Won a ten man (+100) then won a six man (+84). Got Heads up in the last one (10 man)and we were about even (7500 chipsters apiece) when this hand almost made me pop a vein.

I'm on the button with K10o. I got a read on my opponent (hes shitty and wants to get me all in on a coin flip so I can't outplay him) and raise standard 3-4X BB. He calls and we take a gander at a K84 rainbow flopola. He bets min and I raise him allin. He insta calls with 83s. 3 in a ROW, I tell Raisin...Turn 3! nh gg, fuck me.
2nd was $60 so a nice $160 or so in the BR for 70 minutes of play. I'm rusty, i'll take it. 83 calls a 7000 raise for all his chips! Where do they find these guys? He said "wow, I didnt think you had a KING". Was he hopin' I had middle pair with a worse kicker then a 3? ha! Funny now, man I was hot.

I found a buncha Vegas pics. This is one of my favorites. Makes me wanna jump on a plane.


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