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Monday, August 07, 2006

Epic Battle at Sun Poker!

Shark Vet Series at Sun Poker was taken down by long time Vet and avid Shark athletic supporter CEV2nd! Nice work Lee and a sweet $170 cashola score-arama. chachachachingy! Chingy was 6th!

Unknown chip tossin loon carlasw was hittin 2 outers and rammin and jammin for second and $102! Nice effort from the new girl (I think Carla?). Carlasw also launched my dumpy ass in 7th with a 2 outer on turn for a bigger set. I donked Titokhan earlier when he hit a str8 and my 9 outer came for the nut flush on riv. Sorry brudda (not).

freethinker was killin it as usual (3rd) and feared sandbagger Gilbee was 4th. Gilbert is tuff. Only 27 entries for a disappointing turnout. Lets go playas! This is a killer event. Sun apologized for the chip error (only 1500 starting chips).

This week its Uncle Tito! Titokhan hosts at Shark Pool Party. HUGE add, NL hold'em, Britney Spears, Lindsey Lohan, (search engine help, pay no attention)64 funny cars and fire breathin, tire burnin' check raising action! Have no friends? Lets play poker Sunday night at 8PM EST. I'll be your friend. I never steal blinds and rarely bluff. I also am an honest car salesman.

Bring it, ladies..... register and play now laggsters

More Vet Series info here

This is our forum. Most of you registered and never post. A few vets succumb to my begging and post regular. We need your forum HeLp! If the forum grows the added money will get HuGe. Its really fun once you get over the initial fear of posting. Post a joke. Tell a story. How bout your favorite trip this summer? I love camping stories. Hell, I even read Triple B's bad beat stories (appearing daily). Get in there, help us out. Thank you.

The Shark Is in Action at WSOP

Not Shark Hathaway, not Mark "the other" Shark Seif. It's Humberto!

from Cardplayer:

Humberto Brenes Is Having a Blast
Humberto Brenes is giving Spanish lessons this week.

“How do you say shark in Spanish?” he asked ESPN’s cameras the other day. And no, Mr. Scholar, who taught my ninth-grade Spanish class, it’s not “tiburon.”
According to Brenes, everybody should know that the English-to-Spanish translation of “shark” is “Humberto.”

During the tournament, the Poker Prince of Costa Rico has protected his cards with a novelty chip protector made to look like a shark that Seth Weinger, the owner and creator of a line of markers called Poker Faces, gave to Brenes at the Gaming Expo last week.

The shark has followed Brenes from table to table. He’s started calling it his friend. He even says the shark’s making decisions for him, despite the clear rule that calls for only one player to a hand. He has said the words “chomp, chomp, chomp” over and over again this past week while building his stack, smiling and laughing all the way.

Brenes, who has been playing tournament poker for many years now and has many cashes (he cashed in seven events at this year’s WSOP alone), has a real chance to make it to the final table again even though he sits below average with about $600,000 in chips.

And that would be phenomenal for Weinger, who debuted his product at this year’s WSOP. He created his line of chip markers, which feature 14 different characters that are supposed to represent different kinds of poker personalities, to fund buy-ins to major poker tournaments, he said. “It was just a stupid idea that I thought would be a fun thing to do,” he said.

He’s thrilled to have a high-profile player like Brenes enjoy his product so much, and expects the footage filmed will help his small business in a major way.

“He’s the perfect guy to have playing with it,” Weinger said.

Brenes just spent most of Sunday playing at the featured table, so people everywhere will be able to see the shark in action. They’ll also get to see Brenes play some poker.

Poker Faces Card Protectors


I like Humberto. Great player as well.


Play a sit n go tonight, take it down, then post details in our forum.

Your Pal, Sharkeee


At 8:16 AM, Blogger GUMBY said...

I actually dislike people who bring their own card protector. If you don't have any chips to protect your cards, then find another profession. The only one that's worth anything, in my opinion, is the Casper lighter that Doyle Brunson has. It's more of a collector's item, not a card protector. Howard Lederer has rights to that one though.

At 7:30 PM, Blogger Poker Road Warrior said...

I agree. Its like going golfin and using a special tee you brought from home.

I was at the Mirage one night and this guy had 10 stories about this fuckin coin he had that was so "special". Snooze fest. It even had its own lil pouch. Guy had a 8 dollar watch and 2000. card protector.

He left with only the coin.

At 7:24 PM, Blogger Seth Weinger said...

Thanks for reproducing the article in Card Player magazine, concerning the newest "Shark", Humberto Brenes. You even put a link to my distributor, card sharx, however for more information on Poker Faces, The Shark, The Donkey, and lots more, check out the direct web site, where you can see all the updates on other Sharks, even have your picture with our Shark posted, and see "The Donkey", "All Balls", "Lady Luck" and the other Poker Faces the Pros are using, and purchase the same "Shark" that took Humberto to the top 40 of the 2006 WSOP

Thanks....Seth Weinger, President/CEO
Poker Faces, Inc
Do you have your Poker Face???


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