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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

No Play For The One Toofed Shark!

Sorry for the lack of Poker play from me lately. I have plans to hit the road soon to play sum tourneys (and online MTT's also) but the "real" job and too many affiliate sites are keeping me buried. I miss chatting with buds online like BORN, Tito, and many others. My plan is to build these last 2 sites (under const. now) and (partner is my friend John on the Deep Sea site)then get back to what I really wanna do......Play Poker. Move up a level or two and be playing great for the move to Vegas in a few months.

We had a HUGE month at the ole Subaru lot this month. 137 new cars, 98 used, which puts us #1 for the west coast and probably about 3rd in the nation. This was done with only 15 sales people (2 rookies) and one internet guy (hes an animal, 29 cars in one month). I did okay, 12.5 cars and the first kind words spoken to me from the Gen Mgr. "good job". whoooooooooo. I was so excited I went home and had 3 ensures with a whiskey back.

Can't wait to hang up the old plaid jacket, white belt and bell bottoms (std car salesman). Next year I will never again mutter these excellent phrases "if I could....would ya" or "i'll have to check with my manager" how bout this one "what would it take to EARN yer business today?"

These of course are all phrases a good saleperson would never spew. The next time you go to a dealership and are attacked by 3 young guys with a gallon of dippity do in their hair just turn around, drive out and find another dealer. I'll guarantee you that dealer does not have the customers best interests in mind. Put a buncha fast talkers into attack mode! Pasadena.

Check out a great new Omaha article in the Forum (me bud Doug Conn is becoming a great writer). Go to his Conned Forum, its under "Omahalic". Tommorrow he will be posting rules and strategy for a fun new game that is getting a ton of play at the World Series of Poker, WSOP, BADUGI. You can now learn to play Badugi online. I'll post links tommorrow.

See you at Sun Poker this Sunday for the PRO structure "Vet Series". AANuts took it down last week in a surprising upset heads up against famed Shark playa Sweetness. Join one of the best NL players on the planet, my buddee ReelCrazy (Steve), this Sunday and 64 funny cars, budweiser grrrrls and autographed pics of Carmen Electra's nekkid boobs. Okay, to be will just be me and Reel plus about 70 of our best Shark players. Money added, Shark gear to launch REEL, great structure. blah blah blah. 8:30 PM EST. More details in our forum. Its only 5 bucks. You can miss hangin at the Sizzler one weekend can't ya?

Strong stuff from fellow blogger doubleas
from double aces blog
Sell Your Hand

The way you play your hand will either convince your opponent to fold or will create suspicions that you’re bluffing and will get them to call you. The interesting aspect of selling your hand is that you may play your bluffing hand exactly the way you would play a great hand, but it all depends on how your opponent believes that you would play a great hand. If you play your hand differently than they think you would play a good hand, they will be more likely to call you. The best way to sell your hand is to pay close attention to how your opponent plays their monsters. If they always slow play big hands early in the hand, they will be less likely to believe that you have a great hand if you bet strong early in the hand.

Play your hand the way you think your opponent would play a great hand in your position. They will be more apt to believe you and fold to your bluff. Many times, you’ll find yourself in the late stages of a hand when you start to consider a bluff. You may miss your draw or just pick up a sense of weakness from your opponent. Before you impulsively bet a lot of chips, think about how you have played the hand up until now and think about whether your opponent will believe that you have a big hand instead of a drawing hand that missed.


Start Savin' for "Sharks do Vegas" May 07. Here you will witness me lil wifeys favorite phrase "honey, I need another hundy". I'll be available for prepaid lap dances, sashimi gorging and a Shark pool party with cabana and heavily stocked bar at Treasure Island. Boodles and Tonic big lime for me! A double? Honeybunny..can I have a double? Hope all yer lagg asses can make it to Vegas.

I never steal,



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