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Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Check out this Online NL animal, tuff_fish

Mr Fish

Bad Day?

God Bless America

Heres a bunch more if you need a few more laughs

Lotsa Tuff Fish

Question in the forum:

Just wondering what peoples opinions are. I have never played live yet but am getting ready to. Where are the better players. Live or online? What should I expect. I have no problems with $2\$4 limit full table online and have even tried $5\$$10 successfully albeit for only about 20 minutes.
So with that in mind, what limit should I try live. What type of players should I expect? Will they be better, worse or the same? I ask because I was watching "Live from the Bike" this morning and they were playin $5\$10 and I could not believe the cards these people were playin. Even the commentators called them fish. So with that in mind I look to you guys to point me in the right direction and as always many thanks for your help

my reply:

We have weird casinos here. Most like to spread 3/6 or 4/8 or 4/8 with a kill. The players are almost always horrible. Probably the same as 1/2 online (or worse). I quit going because its a long drive to a casino that spreads bigger games.

Always play at least 4/8. The rake kills ya in smaller games. Str8s and flushies are king cause thats what it takes most of the time to beat all the chasers. sooted connectors and sooted Ax are powerhouses when you hit the flop. Top pr, good kicker sucks in 4-6 way action. And you will see alotta 6 way action.

Just put as many bets in as you can when you have the best of it. They'll follow.

Moving to 6/12 or 8/16 the play improves, but there are still plenty of donks per capita. I enjoy these games much more because you can bluff or re-raise pre and get sum respect. The 8/16 at the Bellagio usually has 3-4 good players and 5-6 bad ones. The bad ones are similar to what you would see at Sun about din din time at 2/4.

Mirage is about the same. Every table is different but those are sum general observations. In Vegas you might find 5 good players at 4/8 (local grinders, usually retirees) but you'll know quick enough if its a bad table. Then move to another table or move up.

You will get much better reads live. Thats the best part. You can intimidate much easier. Many live guys just want callers, I reraise and check raise alot. Watch their sphincters tighten up. Fun.

If you try a bigger game, expect to be nervous. It will take a few hours to feel comfy with bigger bet sizes. Example: My wifeys first 6/12 game. Mirage last May. She was playin great at 4/8 so I talked her into 6/12.

Early on she raised my flop bet to $12 and I reraised to $18. Turn I hit my draw, checked, she bet and I raised to $24 and she raised to $36 and when I went to $48 she got ne ne ne nervous. Thats alotta money for a 4/8 playa. At 4/8 it would be no biggie since she has dun it many times.

It just takes throwin a buncha chips in several time to get use to it. Take some shots at bigger games, get comfy with bigger bets. You'll play tighter at first, thats okay.

Good post from Gumby:
(check out his bloggage at bottom. It's stronger then battery acid)

I would have to say that there are going to be fish anywhere you play. You can see fish playing the $1000/2000 game at the Bellagio. Just because people have money doesn't make them any better at poker.

What I have found, is that there are some tables that play extremely loose and others that play extremely tight at the same poker room. I play 2/4 and have only had 1 losing session playing live. I think playing a tight aggressive style at an loose aggressive table is right. As far as a loose passive table, the best table, I tend to see more flops cheap and make them pay to see the river if I hit my hand or draw. Otherwise, I get out with only $2 lost.

I don't know what casino you are going to play at, but I know that many games are very fishy, no matter what limit you are playing. Within one rotation, you'll find out who the good players are.

Hope this helps!

Good Luck!
Read my blog!
Gummster bloggage


Shark Staked playa, Connjure report from WCOOP

PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker is coming soooon
$10,000,000 spread throughout 20 events in 20 days

The 'bigun' is a NLHE $2600 buy-in $3,000,000 guar.
Satellites are runnin now

Full WCOOP schedule below

I'm eyeballing event #12
Pot Limit Omaha Eight or Better ($200k guar)

Da Sharkster is bankrolling my initial attempt at this goal
Stay toooned for reports...

Lotsa good Omaha and Holdem strategy in the Conned Forum


This Sunday! Sweetness takes over the Vet Series hosting gig. $350 added for this small field, pro structure event. Check out the great reviews and good times players are having in this event, clik laggsters

Poker Ocean is the venue. New to PokO? Clik

Already have an account there? Then log in to this event, plop down chump change ($5.50) and soot up to play my best 50 or 60 players. Scared? Don't wanna risk $6 when you know Cardluvr or Charterboss will trap you like its your first day playin' play chips? I feel yer pain. Stick to freerolls, it's safer.

Password is sweet

Sunday 8/20, 8PM Poker Ocean.


Check out my new favorite Forum post. CliCk

It has pics of many Shark players. Lets keep this thread going. Post a pic for us.
Instructs on posting pics are at the top of the thread.


At 11:46 PM, Blogger lightning36 said...

Shark - Saw the Goo Goo Dolls and Counting Crows at the Illinois State Fair Saturday night. What a ripoff! Third time I have seen the Goo Goo Dolls. Most uninspired performance of theirs I have seen.

Counting Crows? Very disappointing, as you reported earlier. They did NOT sing Mr. Jones and Accidentally in Love and did a crappy version of Big Yellow Taxi. Ticket was only $35, but still a waste at that. Wish I had seen your review before I bought the ticket!

I am paying around $90 to see Chicago in November and am sure that I will feel like I got a steal!

At 8:31 PM, Blogger Poker Road Warrior said...

Hey Lighter,

thx for droppin in. hope your summer is going well!

Post in the forum sumtyme, wouldya!


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