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Saturday, October 14, 2006

True Poker blindsides Shark

True Rep responds to Sharks unhappiness with non disclosure of the "NOT FREE" freeroll. No apology or admission of doing anything wrong from this clown.

Chris at True:
Do you want to run a freeroll next week, with the same requirements as this weekendpast ?

Tell your offended database that Truepoker runs Newbie S&G freerolls everyday, giving away money to players that have not made a deposit, They are welcome to return this week and try their luck there.

Thats funny, I hope you talk that way to me when we meet in person at a convention. You might not like the result.

I'm offended that you set these up late, and didnt disclose that they were not true freerolls. As I mentioned, 4 years and 400 events with 30 sites this has never happened. You should apologize and be humble or explain why you forgot to mention they needed to deposit to play a freeroll. Instead you send this unprofessional response. You don't even mention that your setting these up late hurt my promotion of the event. It costs $$ to send emails to 20,000, are you aware of this? I sent the email on Wednesday you don't get the event up until late thursday after I emailed you asking what the problem was. You promised they would be up a week earlier. No apology on this either.

Chris at True:
If someone opted out of your database because they were asked to deposit, what was their real value ? (There is an unlimited market for FREE money, a player who refuses to make any deposit is probably in the less valuable segment of the FREE money market.)

Your actions cost me 30 members and this is your response? Unbelieveable.
I'm not a "short term" thinker like you. Players that were only freerollers 1 year ago are now multitabling 5/10 short at Absolute for me. AP and I never alienated them 1 year ago by offering free rolls and not disclosing they would need to deposit to play. I signed up 2000 playchippers 4 years ago at Absolute. Some are now making their very first deposits. Absolute never played non-disclosure games and when they made mistakes they apologized and treated me and my players with respect.

There is nothing wrong with saying upfront: "Players, you need to deposit to play this freeroll" If we had agreed to this its an easy disclosure. But then I don't get 400-600 players to register. I only get 50 or so.

You don't GET IT. Plenty of good sites left that do. Next case.

The Shark Freeroll at new Tour stop True Poker was set up by True for depositing players only. Excuse me? A freeroll that you can't play unless you deposit?

True didnt tell me they set it up so that only depositors could play. Then, when I sent them a note they didnt even say "sorry" that they didnt communicate their little trick they pulled. Its an attempt to get more deposits. Couldnt they just be honest about it?

We got more OPT OUTS from our emails this week then we have ever had. It was because players went to True and couldnt enter for free, after I sent them there to play for free.

I've never had a site pull this (400 events in 4 years) so it was a total blindside.

I've instructed them to cancel both events. I don't feel good about promoting sites that play games. Just a "sorry, we should have mentioned, it was a mistake" probably would have appeased me.

I'd rather play less events and fewer sites than allow sites to play games with our members.

We didnt receive our first complaint about this situation until friday (email to 20,000 went out wednesday). We need players to post in the forum and let me know when things don't go correctly. Thats why we set our forum up.

Sorry for the problems,



At 9:28 AM, Blogger Viktor23 said...

Well Shark I think you are 100% correct on your assuption of True poker. I think that not being honest about a freeroll is disrespecting to all poker players in general.And for them to not even appologize is downright wrong.
Also for you to lose shark members becauese of a dishonest move is totally crappy. I also aggree with the fact that time is money and time lost is money lost. Money feeds family's.
The rep from true poker must be a total idiot, and for him to be representing a poker site is even more baffling. Just after the US goverment (under total stupidity from a guy named frist) put a bill into affect making it just a little harder to depostit into poker sites itno action. Just after True Poker advertised that they wanted american players is totaly past me.
Just an example of a good poker site that wants amercian players is Last night the server for poker.conm crashed and lost all of theire tables. I contacted them to find out what was wrong, and they apologized in a very timely fashon tellig me that the server crashed and that they would be back up as soon as possible. That is a site that obviously cares about their players, and wants to keep them.
I was going to deposit at True Poker, not to play a freeroll but because it was s stop on the Shark tour. After i heard that shark was dropping them, I decieded to drop them also. And after i heard of this mess i would not even play theire freerolls. I advise player to deposit in (through shark of course). Well I guess that all folks.


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