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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Poker Post!

Hello Readers! (both of you)

Played 4 tourneys online last week. Cashed in two. The first was a 3rd place finish in a 200 entry (guestimate)at UB. +395. Played well and of course won a few flips along the way. The other was the Absolute Shark Event (Thursdays) where the always tough field (50) couldnt handle my late rush and I took it down. Mostly weak starters for the first 2 hours and a nice rush of cards and a few sweet bluffs at the final table. This only paid $130 but is really a true test of poker. Mine fields at every table. We have some great players.

Playing his always strong game was NL Tourney animal HokieFan816 (2nd) and a player that needs no introduction, tight aggro playa BC5457 (3rd). Another nice cash Bob!

In the future all AP Thursdays should be set-up with 2500 starting chippsters. Join us tommorrow night! Always $200 added. Always fun peoples and no ALL IN specialists (usually weak post flop players).

So a light poker week of just 4 events led to a +580 week with a little ring play thrown in. I know the real money for me is ring limit short so back to that this week.

I'm playing Full Tilt a bunch this week and feel good about my game. After 1700 hands this week i'm -$25 in play, +30 in bonus and about +80 in rakeback. Not good numbers but the cards have been mediocre. Very few flushies and str8's and thats where you make the big money in the low limit chaser games (2/4 this week). I don't like to play this low but thats the way it goes when you are rebuilding your roll and have a large nut (bills).

Quick plug for Pokertracker and Poker Ace. They are the main reason I can survive when the cards go bad. Many bad players at Full Tilt and these tools help mark your donkelicious opponents. I saw several 70-80% "see floppers" in the last 2 days. Sit to their left and raise it up when you have the goods preflop. Then watch them call to the riv. No need to slow play, most will follow with bottom pair or any draw. This is a high variance game. These bad players will hit for an hour sometimes. They almost always give it back. Stay positive and tight aggressive and you should deliver the beat down.

We have info on these software tools in our forum. Check it out.

Many reports from several Shark Vets that play is getting juicier at all the USA friendly sites. PartyPoker will be shutting down for all US players as soon as Bush signs the new law. Then look out! The site with more bad players per capita will be turning all their USA players over to Tilt, Pokerstars, Absolute and all the other sites that are not runnin' scared. Get yourself Pokertracker and Poker Ace (heads up display) now. Post in our forum if you need help with these tools. Do not try to beat online poker without having both. The rake, small % of pro low limit grinders, and variance will eat you up if you don't use all the tools. If you like Absolute Poker you need the AP Hand Grabber as well. All 3 are under $100 total I believe.

If I can find a few heaters this week i'll be back to playing full time.

Good news today from Pokerstars and Neteller. It sounds like both are staying with "bidness as usual" for the US players.

It's just about time for a Guest Post. Anyone interested? Free Shark Tee or a $15 Poker Transfer is yours if selected and posted here.

Big Lineup of Tourneys this week! Reminder email goes out tonight. If you are not on our mailing list go to and register now.

Note: Shark rarely uses speel check and is a very good speeler.


At 6:52 AM, Blogger TheBigNumber said...

Hey Shark, love the blog. I have a question though - I'm trying to use PokerTracker as effectively as I can on FullTilt. Obviously there's the issue with FullTilt not allowing you to import your player notes but that's no biggie (unless you know a method of doing this). However, I've been trying to find a handgrabber for FT - do you use one or can you suggest one out there?

At 9:40 AM, Blogger Poker Road Warrior said...

Hey BN

No handgrabber needed at Tilt. Just open tables (16 is max) and hit auto import/full tilt.

Should work fine. Email me direct if you need help.

At 9:51 AM, Blogger TheBigNumber said...

Cheers mate.


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