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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Grind update

Played 2700 hands Friday and 4200 Saturday. 5-7 tablin' 2/4 to 5/10 short limit at Tilt. Not sure if you have ever stared at a puter screen for that long before but it feels like some1 kicked me in the back of the head with work boots this mornin'. 2 tylenols, 3 baileys and coffee, greasy breakfast is the best cure, IMO. Just need the breakfast and i'll login and try to knock out 2-3K hands today.

I played well and booked a small profit friday (bout $200+Rackback). Normally I would not be super happy with a small win with this much time invested but I can't make a fuckin flush. For 2 days now, i'm running about 15% conversion on a flopped flush draw. I like to mix up my play on flush draws. Sometimes raise, sometimes just call. I'm so sure it won't hit at this point I have mostly been calling to save the few extra bets. Also, in this short game its very aggressive, often you get reraised as 98.5% of short monkeys raise all their flush draws. Thats why a call is a good option often.

I dumped almost $400 on saturday. Mostly the flush problem. I tilted briefly but then got refocused and waited for the inevitable 6 table heater. It finally came when I was stuck $600 (about 3000 hands in) and I made $400 in about 45 minutes. Flopped str8s, flushes all hit and this bit "o" fun in a 3/6 game. Raised pre and I just call with 45c. flop comes all clubs and I don't need to convert my flush on later avenues. I'm gonna play this fast since my flush is dangerously low. The other 2 guys cooperate as one flopped a set of nines and the other guy hit his set on turn. We all pour every bet avalable into the middle and no more clubbies come and i'm good. $121 pot. Rakeback swallows up about half of the $400 loss so i'm about even for the 2 marathon sessions. Its a shitty result but considering the bad run of cards I feel really good about my play.

When you look at your riv aggression factor in PT and its almost half of normal for 5000 hands (1.2 instead of my normal 2.0) that means i'm not betting the riv since I didnt make my hand, over and over and over. Sure i'll bluff at the riv at times but these guys are not laying anything down in a $50-70 pot for a $4 or 6 riv bet. Many will reraise with middle pr. Then whadda you do with your 8th missed flush draw in a row, Bufford?

I'll still usually call with an ace high because of odds (or a small pr). This stat helps me mentally. It proves that some nights you can't make a hand. Keep firing and hope the variance gods decide to help ya out.

I was a winner at 5/10 and also 3/6. Got pounded at 2/4. 5 to every flop and 4 of 6 players at each table chasing gutshots or playing any ACE RAG. Normally thats a good thing but somedays (see 11/10, 11/11) that A3 that calls every bet to riv beats my AK on the A 8 6 10 3 board. One of the 5 callers will hit his rag and you will go down. Same with the gutter chasers. Over and over they hit after passively calling all the way. When the weak passives finally bet into you on the riv you know what happened, cry call them and say nh monkey boy.

So the new plan is to stay away from 2/4. 3/6 and 5/10 only.

Do I want them playing good? No. Just make them pay to chase, and hope that your night will turn around. Go to bed at 4am, wake up, take 3 tylenol, baileys and coffee , greasy breakfast and login and try to play your best. Thats what i'm doing. I'm going to get so good that i'll be bulletproof.

I wanna be 6-8 tablin 10/20 in 2 months. See ya at the tables!



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