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Friday, November 24, 2006

Win Streak Ends, Lets Start a New One!

Played a 22 hour str8 session starting at 4pm Monday and ending 2 pm Tues. 4700 hands were played. As expected I was due for a bad night (I try not to think about the inevitable, but dark thoughts creep in)and the beats and coolers arrived early and often in this crazy day. Heres a fun hand I played. My lil buddee with the 3 4o got very aggressive on the flop and decided the turn made it time to go to that happy place on the turn, ALLIN baaaaybeee. I like that part at da bottom that says"Raisin" wins $247.

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Appears i'm rollin huh? haha!

So i'm stuck 600 about 8 hours in and can't stop now. The PT was saying all tables were donkelicious and hey, I gotta increase me streak to 6 wins. 14 hours later I got it back to -300 and SED (shut er down). My kickback ate up almost 1/2 of the loss so certainly not a bad outcome when AA is only +60 (24 times) and KK again comes sparingly (14 times). Average would be 21 times. I am adjusting my play with AA and reading 2+2 strategy on the play of AA. I'm fine tuning that part of my new game. No doubt I have not played it optimally at times.

Wednesday night i'm back in the saddle, datamined 16 tables and sit in the 4 best seats. The plan for tonight is to reraise pre more to 1) disguise monsters. AA and KK will get more action if you rerayz with 87s, 99, AK, etc. 2) the 12 tablin tight regulars will often fold to this play 3) rerayz outa blinds. this will keep stealers honest. Play back hard at guys that are hi % stealers.

1300 hands later its a small win and learned some new tricks. The rerayz outa the blinds worked great especially against a 52% steal artist that pounded my BB even after I made him pay several times. This was the action several times. folded around to cutoff, stealer boy raises 4XBB fold fold sharkee pops it 12Xbb stealer calls. I bet flop, buh bye. Most guys think this move is a big pair. I did it mostly with hands I would normally fold to a raise. Fun.

I did get more action pre on my monsters since I rerayzed about 30% more this session. That will continue. I think I played AA better. I'll continue to work on how I play the most powerful hand in pokah. Its fun to play long sessions since you get many opportunities to work on different situations. I replay key hands in PT and try to improve each time I sit.

I continue to play back at any player that bets $1 (several bet this strange amount into $8, &$12 or $20 pots). It doesnt always work. Apparently thats a tricky move to show weakness for many of these highly skilled bots, I lol'ed. They bet 1, I rayz to 5 they call with monsters and fold anything else. A ton of MIN rayzors also. Just horrible weak play. 6 max is about aggression and 3/4 to 1 pot size bets, IMO. Don't play weak and bet $1 or 1/2 pot. Don't ever limp first in at 6 max. Come in for a rayz or fold. I won several hands with 22 or 33 UTG with a rayz and CBET (continuation bet).

Sharks in the News!

Zacaroni makes another big score. This time at Absolute. Sweet win and $3300. Cha cha ching. Read about it in the Shark Forum

One of our top posters and all around fun lady "HyppieChyck" made it thru 487 donkeys to score another big cash for 2nd ($823) at our top site Absolute. 6 hours and lotsa shark member sweat helped her torture the final table. Read about her play in our "Success Stories" thread in the forum. Proud Shark! Way to go HC!

My right hand girl ChipTricks will be making the big move from Florida to Vegas soon. Big move for a young family. Best wishes and looking forward to having you back playing soon. Great lady, player and mom.

Texas Dan. Long time Shark aggressive Vet picked up another reader for $800 in a Bugsys (Bugsys? lol) $55 buyin. Great 4th place finish and more cashish for a great MTT player. VN Dan! More on this in Success stories. Whos Next?

Please no MIN raisin or MIN reraisin! All Shark vets use the same policy. You will be re-popped on principle with or without a hand. Bet, raise or fold. Your bets should make a statement.

Thank you, Shark.


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