Poker Road Warrior: Shark Legend and Captain of the Shark Staked Team
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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Shark Legend and Captain of the Shark Staked Team

Gary812. If ya don't like your chances against this man in holdem....maybe ya should try arm wrasslin' him?

Rumor has it, he recently was deported to Canada and Canada refused to accept him.

Gary812 would prefer Forum questions about Nascar, but you can ask him Poker questions also. This guy can move chips and is fearless. He not only has your hero Sharks number, but then issued him another number and took that also.

Since Gary is buried at work currently, he may only play a few events until mid Nov. Welcome aboard, sir!

My enforcer, and special ops director BORN! apparently is unhappy about my bossing him around and the constant chores that I require of him (strip club locator, grey goose chaser, limo driver). Look for a guest post from this too tight, short stack likin' goon next day or two. He should be refreshed since he only sleeps on thursdays. After taking a look at Gary812, Born may be out of a job soon. Should I keep him? Hes kinda skinny (6-5 250) and has a glass jaw. GAR!

Keep BORN or hire Gary? Comments please........


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