Poker Road Warrior: Big Fun at the "Tank" (--- click here to register at the Tank so you don't miss our next event
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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Big Fun at the "Tank" (--- click here to register at the Tank so you don't miss our next event

245 sooted up for our Tank party. After technical difficulties my pal Doyle Brunson told me it was okay to shuffle up and deal and he even told me to enjoy the tourney. I still can't believe he takes the time to say that at the start of 100's of tourneys every day. I love that man. I hope he gets to spend 20 more years in cardrooms and with all his friends/family. I will shake his hand soon (no autograph, unless he offers). Just a handshake will give me a great memory.

Next to my granpaw (lost him 6 years ago) Doyle would be my first choice for a din din at Sharkees! I'm a bad a$$ cook and would probably do my pesto halibut with the garlic/shallot butter scallops and a knarley $30 bottle of chardonnay. I make my own burnt creme (way better then creme brulee') to end the meal. My granpaw was a master salesman (venetian blinds) and was the greatest man I ever met or will ever meet. He loved So. Cali where he lived and was a serious beach bum and good frisbee playa. More on him later since I don't wanna get misty while talkin Poker.

Great Tourney at Fish Tank Poker! Scott was feelin' frisky early and broke many Sharkees dreams before gettin' launched by strong Tourney player ematanane in about 18th! Nice cash for Scott (1.50) he may have to change his schedule and play all our events in Nov. ha!

Scott was a fun host and chatted graciously even though he was probably 9 tablin'. I can't believe I was a tool and told him that his "Doyle, Scott 05 WSOP showdown was awesum TV" How many times have "tools" like me asked him questions about that? Geezus Shark.

But that really was a great moment in Poker to me. The ole stud starin the young gun down. Scott showed not one bit of fear, and then replied "you been settin me up this whole time, huh Doyle? Sure his read was wrong, but Doyle has a little more experience. And, i'm sure Scott or other top pros can pull similar moves on Doyle also. I just liked how Scott handled himself and went with his read. You could tell he enjoyed the showdown with a legend! Man, would I like to be in that chair someday...... Seen that show 4 times and would love to have it on my TIVO.

I also told Scott I have located "Doyles Millions" offshore and he agreed to partner up and fly out to see if we can get a small chunk for "investments" vegas strip clubs and boxes of grey goose.

Back to the Shark Tour: So Shark is cruisin with a nice stack after battlin' animal Texas Dan heads up (many sit outs at first). This guy is %$&*^% tuff! I survived he didn't, I came up against unknown chip tossin lagg "ALLIZZLE". I'm UTG, and bet std. 3 times BB of 1200 to 3600 with AKo. ALLzibble is 2 seats to me left and raises my soon to be sittin on the rail hillbilly ass another 2K puttin me in a spot to gamble after all other sharks fold and I got 2K left. Lets dance, I wrote hopin to see the AQ or maybe a mid pair. Most of my members know i'm very agg. pre and love to play back at me. OOPs. QQ pkt bitches, nh gg, m'fer. $25 and a great move put on the poker savant and escaped felon (don't wanna talk bout it) Shark.

AllSizzle took 4th also for a nice double cash and didnt talk smack as your hero was sent home to momma. Please work on that newb. At least a " hey shark QQ is yer fav hand right?, seeya you smack talkin bubble boy". Shark out 23rd, no cash. These guys are good Scotty!!

First WINNER! went to ME_JOSH and he needs to email me to set up our heads up match if he has the stones to play my best game against your hero and feared limit guru. Rules are stated in a previous post. We will announce when/where so you railbirds can watch Josh go down in flames as Shark don't lose head up bayybeee.....

Second was Stan324 a quiet and deadly competitor that not only ignores Sharks frequent chat but sumtymes answers in an unknown language that may be swahili? Not sure. Hes damn good though , I know that.

3rd ematanane The pro killer who dropped Mr Fish when his str8 draw didn't get there. Nice double cash E!


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