Poker Road Warrior: Anyone catch the Phil Hellmuth show on Ultimate Bet this mornin'?
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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Anyone catch the Phil Hellmuth show on Ultimate Bet this mornin'?

Thanks to Shark Vet and Final Table master "thestudent" my bud Joe is movin' up the limit ladder and stealin' chippies from unsuspecting frat boys, late night east coast drunks and loose/weak UK'ers (not all of them, general statement). Great pic "stud".
Shark tee in mail Joe....

A huge thanks to great blogger and high limit player SeattleJohn .
Shark tee is in the mail! Thanks for the invite to your friendly lil 30/60 game. He gave your hero his first link for my weak posts and naughty thoughts. His blog and Quiet Lion (Richard), Matt Mattros are a few of my favorites and I read a bunch. Poker Chronicles (Matt) is probably the most frequent poster, speaks his mind, is a great story teller.

Okay on to the Phil show: This mornin' 3am, i'm sittin' in Shark Corp. Headquarters (my shitty basement) I fire up Ult. Buddy to check on known pros, sharkees and my fav ATM's. NOOOOOO! Phil is sittin at 50/100 no limit and we got fireworks. Phil gets tortured every time I watch him play hi limit and he always steams bad. He kills the .25/.50 game though and usually sits with about 3K (funny). He proceeds to get deep into several huge pots and folds to "nooneme?" (unknown player) several times on riv to huge bets. Phil can't pull trigger on this aggress. dude and its startin to heat him up. After dropping about 15K (mostly to noone) the attack starts. He berates the guy hard and finally noone has had enough and fires this gem "Phil, you have made several good laydowns". Phil knows he had best hand a few times and for sum unknown reason even showed big hands bein' layed down. Next gem: "Phil, I ALWAYS enjoy your action!" Bout pissed me self.

I love Ultimate Buddy! I laughed so hard one night I needed a depends change. Layne "Layno" Flack is shit faced drunk (at minimum) and playin on UB. He's losin, but just gets funnier the more he loses. Not one word is spelled correct or even in english. Calls one guy a m'fer at least 300 times then drops another 2G's to him. Guy says "layno, go to bed, bud", Layne says "fkuck yoo, im Layyyyyyyynoooo you nodoby". Guy just laughs. No doubt Layno could be a strong comedian. His commentary at the WSOP simulcast was classic stuff also.

Get yer own Ultimate Buddy here it's FREE It works for Pokershare as well since they are the same players at the same tables. Our OnlineShark site has the largest list of Pro, celebrities and known online killers (screen names) on the net. On this page you will also find the largest list of Pro websites in the world. Click a banner while you are there so I can feed my lab, Cody.

My fav player to watch (on tube) is Layne (it isn't close) and his WSOP final table with Doyle, Scotty and Ming La was classic last tuesday. Catch the rerun if you can. Doyle and Layne know what each other have several hands and Layne called K9 and was right on one. Jeesus, I got work to do.

$5 buyin at Titan Poker tonight 9PM EST. Login to Shark Tour for easy password entry. I need your support in low buyins to work the Poker sites over for more added money freerolls. Support us please! Enter a $5 buyin ya cheap freeloaders JOPKE

Tell a bunch of yer friends about my weak dribble of a blog or i'll post more Hellmuth photos! I have the meditating Phil one and i'll use it.......



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