Poker Road Warrior: Shark movin' to Vegas (soon)! No more Seattle RAIN...........
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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Shark movin' to Vegas (soon)! No more Seattle RAIN...........

Got the go from the Warden! ! 1 1/2 years till lil Sammy (17) is sent to the Gospel Mission (or college if I change my mind) and I can hit the ROAD and live in Vegas when its raining here from Sept. till April.

I'll be at the RIO pool with me laptop multi-tablin 50/100 as I slurp gold margies (on the rocks, no salt) and try to make my biggest decision of the day. Pee in the pool or make that long walk to the mens room? Food? hmmmm...That Bellagio Buffet is too filling, and I always get 2 creme brulee. I'll do the Jenny Craig/Oprah diet and hit the Alladdin for all the sushi I can eat. Its cheaper to so I can get a good napa cab to wash down the raw bait.

Hey did you hear? Oprah, got arrested at the Seattle airport...They caught her with 80 lbs of crack...

Can't wait to buy my new Poker buds (connjure-still has waders on in New Orleans, bornsupreme, sweetness, pokerpadre/jo, charterboss, gary812, eddie1255, CEV, Norman and all the other degenerate gamblin friends i'm pickin up,) a drinky poo by the pool when you come to visit. No shortage of friends visitin when you live in Vegas and I like that just fine. I know Born likes girly drinks with lil umbrelles and fruit and shit floatin in them so i'll get the bar well stocked. Ever seen a 6-5 250 man with a girly drink? Hope a giant beer can crashes down on him soon.

More from this drunken Tourney stud later. He is writing a guest post for me as we speak. Should be good. He gets in lots of bar fights, only sleeps on thursdays ("how come yer not in the Bodog 4am tourney Shark, its got a 3K overlay!"), and somehow still goes to college. His borderline ugly mugshot is on my Shark tour site (links page) for all you single grrrrrrls. Like um big an ugly? He lives in Virginia and is in between grrrrfriends.

Quick ad from our sponsor (me):

$25 boner (bonus) if you Launch Shark or Bornsupreme in our first Pokershare Freeroll Tourney (TBA, this week). Big money added and we are limiting registration for this event. Register now on our site click damit or you may miss out. Pokershare Download Leave "referred by" box blank when you register at Pokershare. Sharks screenname there is _steamrayz_

I already have my eye on a new toupee so it will be easier to get into the Voodoo Lounge at he Rio. If you are bald like me you understand this. By the end of the night the whole waiting line is just bald guys, ugly grrrs, broken down retired jockeys or retired 4/8 players.

Back to the move to Vegas:

Our plan is to stay at the residence inn for a month or 2 while we make sure we love it (uh, honey, we go there 3 times a yr. and never get enough) look for a decent condo to purchase and then get settled in. By that time my live tournament game will be stronger then battery acid (the warden will be tearin up 6/12) and my beloved and feared Shark Army should be 20,000 strong and a force to be reckoned with in online Poker.

Hopefully we can keep our home in the burbs near Seattle and live here in the spring and summer. The weather here is incredible for about 5 months and we can catch up with our familys in the summer. I am sick of our 6 months of constant rain and since I no longer snow ski (knees don't like giant moguls anymore) I hate our winters. A break from the craziness of lost wages will also be nice. "RaisinHavok" hates it when the temp gets over 95 degrees. I like it till about 105. So Vegas summers we will be in Seattle.

Back to the tables. Hope to have a few Poker stories tommorrow and will post win/loss. I'm not going to post a ton of win/loss money stuff at this time. Maybe later. Right now I have enough on my plate. I do keep a good ledger and track all my play, goals and used Pokertracker for a full year. I see many posters that get depressed when they lose, write on and on about bad beats and grumble about everything. I'm going to attempt to keep that to a minimum. Its not easy (i'm runnin good currently) when you are runnin bad, but I will do my best. I will steam/tilt on occasion and have broke mice so we'll see how it goes, lol. Strong competitors are usually emotional. If Hellmuth kept all the fire and competiveness inside he would fuckin' explode. Same with John McEnroe. I don't win every nite and I am a strong competitor. Its frustrating when mediocre players take yer dough but a necessary evil of this goofy game. Would the donkeys/ATM's come back every nite if they never won?

Remember this the next time you are sucked out runner runner. Playin multi-tables really helps. One hand just isn't that important. I'm playing 400 that hr. I will suck out a bunch to. I won't always realize it either (kinda busy). Does it sting when the pot is huge? Sure. And I might vent on a weak/loose/callin station/ ATM/m'fer. But thats just steam gettin blown outa my system.

Many "pros" say "don't tap the glass", "be nice to ATM's". Fuck that. Plenty more where they came from, 700 sites, and I need to blow sum steam to play better the rest of the day. If I ruined your table go to another. You certainly are not going to get a guy like me to change for you. Shit, i'm too old to change anything but my depends (and thats infrequent). I realize it's very hard to find good tables, lol. As my online Tourney coach says "its a violent game" and it really is.

Sharks Tourney coach plug:

Todd "nsxt2" Arnold has won over 50 Tourneys online this year and is rated as the 12th best online player in the world. I highly recommend his site and will be a member till I take him out at the next Lago Tourney at the Bellagio. Then he can join my site. I'm comin Todd. Check out the free video.

Okay, rant over.....but please ....remember.....Bet, raise, or fold, no callin/checkin stations in this Army!


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