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Sunday, October 02, 2005

On the Road Tonight

Off to the Hollywood Casino in Seattle to play in the $120 buyin tonight. My goals are to play in all the $100 to $1000 buyins I can find in Washington and Oregon. Tonight it includes a free din din. They have a ho-hum sushi bar, so hope I can grab sum bait and seaweed to get ready to take this event down. I have several sashimi joints I like and lately they are all starting to offer "all ya can eat". Thats a dangerous proposition for them and I check raised a joint in Silver Lake for about 80 bucks worth on a $15 lunch special. Might go all-in for dinner tommorrow. I do at least 2 giant KIRIN's to help them pay a few bills however. My bait buds there (Pedro and Elvis) are fun guys and do a nice job. Elvi appears to have sum sweet groupies that frequent his lil bait house. I made sure these naughty co-eds saw my wedding ring to avoid any weak pick-up lines.

I'll give them a plug later but right now they have all the peops they need. Lining up at the door some days. I bought Pedro some good Saki and he got lit up as he prepared the feast. Not sure if he'd have any fingers left if I bought him 2.

Back to Poker. Gonna grind out some short handed ring games on Caribe Sun Poker today, stake Bornsupreme/Matt in a few Tourneys (kid is a killer, 4 cashes last 6 times I staked him) and work on my old website. Updates coming on our "Pro players screen names" soon. My right hand man "Born" made a great list of top online and live pros monikers. Thx big fella! May get 2 or 3 UB Tourneys in also today. I'll be pattij at UB today if ya wanna say hi. I play several screen names at 15 sites so you never know who I will be. Playing a lot of different sites (especially short or heads up) keeps players from getting a read on you and many pros have Pokertracker stats to hurt my chances of a win. I have not been using PT much because i'm bouncin around so much and playin so many tables at once.

Just ABC poker really. Seems to work okay (miss PT) and the rakeback and bonuses I eat up multi-tablin makes up for lost profit since I don't get many reads (or stats) on players. If i'm playin 4 tables and a good player with PT stats on me is playing one table it can get ugly for your hero. Just the way it is. I can shut down 3 tables and just work on him or move on. Moving on is the best decision. Plenty of donks to find. Why beat my head against the wall with a player that took the time to practice, read strategy and set-up PT? Good for him/her!

Note on PT (Pokertracker). Great stuff. Without a doubt the biggest improvement in my ring limit game was this software. I have been peddling PT for about 8 months now, we have about 3000 players that have used the free downloads from my site and only 4 players have bought the full version. I don't care that its not profitable to me. I just don't understand why players will not commit to spending money to make money. It kind of shows that many will not commit to being great. They would rather play and let the chips fall where they may. As more good players become pros online this is a dangerous game (if you like your money). Sorry for the lecture. Read a good book (Small Stakes Holdem, Ed Miller) improve, practice. Make me more rake (lol). Set goals to take a great vacation with all your extra money. Write your goals down. Look at them every day. Keep track of your daily win/loss. You need a plan, and a tight aggressive game.

Todays Shark Absolute Freeroll is filling up and should be close to 600 players again today. We had 590 last week and a super turnout of 59 for our buyin event. This is a good turnout for a freeroll site! We had a good time and MRBREEEZE took out Shark for the sweet $30 launch Shark boner. I was a little disappointed he didn't smack talk me as I was leavin'. Grow sum stones man. How bout "seeya biatch?" Friggin' newbs..... 17 tourneys are scheduled this month. Email for a calendar if you didn't receive one.

I have been playing less of our Shark events lately to concentrate on the grind (6 max 5/10) and make more money in cash games. I am mixing in more tourneys and will be playin $50 to $200 Tourneys online more. I am bored with ring/limit but its important to have that cash to play more tourneys to survive the variance that is Tourney Poker.

I'm disappointed that I didn't earn a spot in UB/ Aruba this year because I was working so hard on our site and playing to many freerolls with my team. That won't happen again. I'm gonna be in early this year. I only played 2 Aruba qualifiers and 1 WPT Paris qualifier this year.

Tell a friend about my new blog, if you would..........



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