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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Table Change! Rough nite at the Tulalip Casino....

Played $110 buyin no limit last 2 thursday nights live at Tulalip Casino in Marysville, WA. Good tourney, no rebuys, 3000 chips, 20 min blind levels. 87 and 103 entries got 18th and 21st top 9 pay, yuk. Felt like top 3 players in room (weak competition live) had fun will take it down this week ($3,400 for first). This weeks event I was dominating table (approx. chip leader in room first 60 min) then they table changed 2 killers (big stacks) to each side of hero (Shark), I went card dead and got pounded from both sides, lol. Enjoyed watchin good live players (have not seen many) they got 2nd and 4th I think and have won it before, I heard. One guy was a dead ringer for Hassan Habib and fuckin played like him to. Impressive. Would love to have played back at him with sumthin more then the 93o that I received for the 1 1/2 hr till my exit. Card dead with big stacked, strong players is difficult. One of the keys is to make a move (with a hand or not) while your stack size will still get borderline hands to fold or just call so you can take some flops and out play them on the flop/turn. Note to self: Work on game with bad cards online. Build stack when card dead. Don't be a player that needs cards to win.

Interestin side note. 2 weeks ago had a WPT wannabe at me table. Headphones, glasses, and calls time and ponders every decision. you seen the type. He folded every time after a 2 min pause. fukkin joke, and of course I made a few comments. So i'm playin ring 4/8 waitin for tourney to start (this week) and hopin I dont see his mug show for tourney. No luck, here he comes. I tell a bunch of players about this clown and guess who is sittin next to me at first hand, lol. Bein a guy with a huge chip on shoulder, I eyeball him and give him a look like he won't be here long. I raised his blind a few times and could tell he was an "ego" player that was going to go all in first nice hand in BB to show me hes nobodies grrrrlfriend. First big hand I get, hero in Small blind, std. raise 3.5 times BB, he comes over top as expected in the BB. I get him all in with A10o and my AJs has him dominated in first hr. gg nh. later toolio. He tripped over head phone cord on way out and didn't finish his 50% comped portobello mushroom burger. Dessert? I love this game!

Hopefully I will have a new story about me lil buddy next week!

Had a $20 "last longer" bet with my new friend and excellent no limit player TJ. He plays Ultimate Bet, 3 tabler in low limit/no limit and does well. I took the $20 as he never picked up a hand. Hope to see him next week at Tulalip, as I will continue to play this Tourney as my work schedule allows. Amazing to me how soft the live games and Tourneys are. This $110 buyin felt like a $10 buyin online. So more live tourneys are on the agenda.

Got beat up bad in 4/8 ring after Tourney. Played 8 hrs and dropped $300. This occurs about once or twice a month to me when the bad players (tables of ten here have about 5-7 horrible donkeys) get their due reward for losing to the good players the other 75% of the nites. These nites are needed IMO, to give them the feeling they can win and keep them from reading any strategy or trying to figure out why they have to keep asking their wife for a draw on their dwindling ATM balance.

My normal plan is to buyin for $160 (20 Times the big bet of $8) and move to 10/20 when I reach $400 which is my buyin for 10/20. This nite using the same plan I would have been playin' .25/.50 with same plan, however they refused to start a game that low.

I'll give you one Bad Beat hand just to illustrate how bad some of these donks are. I raise with AKs in mid position. 4 callers, another raise from BB and I cap, all call (do I even need to write this) so 6 players see the flop for $16 bucks a piece (no one can ever lay down in this game, its comical). I hit my flush draw and a Pretty ACE. Flop came A92. Sweet. bet, raise, call. We lose all but 3 players. Turn is a 5 and I like my hand and pot is large. No flush yet but I'm ahead. I get a check raise in on turn and lose one more donk. Just me and worst player at table and room regular "Rick". River card a apparent blank 3diamonds. Rick all of a sudden comes out firin! He has called every raise that I have made and now its my turn to call. He flips over 93o with a big smile! You really can't play any worse then this guy and he feels like Mike after takin down Teddy KGB. What a game!

So thats how the nite went. No worries. You cannot win every nite and you want Rick and his retired buds to donate and pay $16 to see flops with 93o. If it was sooooted he would probably pay much more.


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