Poker Road Warrior: Shark Tees are here! Plus, Final Table excitement!
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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Shark Tees are here! Plus, Final Table excitement!

The New Shark shirts are in! As my pal Scotty Win would say: they are awesumm baybeee....... I have 25 to send out and many more next week as our Pokershare promo broke every deposit record in the free world (see previous post). As players reach their 300 hands, email me for your logo tee (size and address) Shirt is FREE, postage $18 (UK $28) joke. If you would like to win a shirt, follow our Tour. We give them out often. If you can't wait email us and you can purchase for $15 plus shipping.

Shark Tour Action, live from Absolute Poker:

Showdown at Absolute…..10/3, $5 buyin featured one of the toughest fields ever assembled since the 2005 WSOP. 50 players sat for this shootout! And then there were 4. Chip_Tricks, PokerPadre, Charterboss and chip slingin, smack talking Chipinaway. Man, I’m glad I was on the rail. Hard for me to request a table change at the final table. I could steal blinds for a while but it would get lonely. Anyhoo, back to the action. Of these 4 strong players only PokerPadre had been denied the coveted Global Invitational $1000 Freeroll invite and was in no mood to do the "walk of shame" and not be entered into this huge event. He quickly chipped up and the railbirds (Shark and 2 other drunks) watched in awe as he captured his berth to our Tour Championships (held in Nov.). Great job Guy, hugs to yer bride (and highly ranked Shark vet sempai joanne), JoAnne! 1st went to ChipinAway, 2nd dangerous vet Charterboss, 3rd PokerPadre, and 4th frequent final tabler Chip_Tricks. Nice job Michele!

Side note: Joanne "sempai Joanne": will not play with us if the NY Yankees are playing or if there is an A-Rod photo shoot in her area. Former Mariner star "Big Unit" Johnson is her fav player, I heard. My wife calls me "lil Unit" but thats a sad story for another day! Chip up, donkeys! oops, side tracked again, back to the action:

Great final table! I was really impressed by several things as I sweated Padre. First, these strong players don't rush their decisions. They take their time, think about bet size, table position and then make a strong bet, raise or fold. They don't risk their stacks with crazy all-in bets if they don't need to. Survive! Wait for a big hand and trap the all-in rookies. Its easy to hit the all in button or minimum raise button... Don't do it!! Most of the time all-in is a bad move. The hands that call you will be bigguns. You can make a bold statement with your stack without going all in.

If you look down at AKo don't get excited and push the action. Make a std. raise and go from there. Its a drawing hand and you may get picked off by 77 or 22 if you start making a big investment with your drawing hand. See a flop, outplay your opponent from there.

Registration is still open for our huge Pokershare Freeroll. Get in now or miss the huge prize pool and launch Shark or his trusty sidekick Tourney stud Bornsupreme for a sweeeet $25 boner. Sign up, login, sched. of events and click Pokershare event. Then enter screen name and email exactly. If 1 digit is wrong you won't get in! If you complain, I will send Born (6-5 250, proficient bar pugilist) to your home to make my own feedback statement. He will do anything if I put him in the UB Sunday $200.

Have fun at our 4 tourneys the next 7 days. Watch for our Pokershare date and more added money in this event on our Tour site.

We will be adding future events with better times for our members in other Countries. Many requests for 10am EST to 2pm EST. If you like these times let me know and tell your friends. Help us grow and I will work over the sites for more money added, satellite entries, Poker gear (chips?), naughty Bodog calenders and midget porn (oops slipped) .

Big excitement in first blog review from a veteran player on our Tour. Lets open it, shall we.......Bill "PoppaChubby" James from Sweden writes: "Shark, you have horrible grammar, swear to much, and don't use spell check" Please OPT me out of your bloglist!"

Thanks for the kind words, Bill! You make several excellent points and I appreciate your support. See you at the tables, Shark


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