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Monday, October 10, 2005

Just Announced! Shark offers top players a shot at a PRO Poker career!

Shown to left: Tourney Stud and Shark Enforcer Bornsupreme

As we build our ALL NEW Onlineshark Satellite Tour we will annouce some of our plans and dreams to make this site the Premier Independent Poker Tourney site in the World!

To achieve this we are going to have to be different then all the others. Heck, after I named my first site onlineshark (just 1 yr ago) about 8 other Shark sites came out. Pokersharks, dallas' sharks, sharkfinpoker, and other imposters. I choose that name cause it wasn't out there and I like to be different (no shyt sherlock). Now I spend my waking hours (21 lately, see server hit by lightnin post) not playing my beloved UB $100 entry nooooooo! I answer 50 people a day that wanna know why my Tourney (at betfredpoker) isn't listed on my site. "Don't you post PASSWORDS! You *^%$#+^# one toofed land Shark!"

As always I am calm, helpful and customer service orientated:

Shark: Hello "rudeboy213",

We are not Please inquire to their fine site as to what their Premier Poker site (ha!) would like to use for a fukkin password, you piece of shyt (easy, shark deep breaths ooooohm.....ooohhhhmmm.)

Whew..that was close (calmly sips his mornin' 20 oz ensure), almost popped a vein... anyhoo back to my strong soooot, cust, service:

I have taken the liberty to block yer email address and ban you from playing our events...ever. I have met yer type before and enjoy adding to my "banned" list daily, if possible. It's not personal, I just hate people that don't appreciate me and our FREE stuff we give out (including cash).

Please do not email and beg to come back. I never change my mind and just block your address when you respond to my email. Lotsa Freeroll sites out there!, check, hit minimum button or fold!

yer pal, Shark

Lotsa tools out there and I sincerely enjoy twistin' them up. Do I worry about a rabid Poker player on the grassy knoll behind my trailer(single wide)?? ha! BORN yer in the Stars 700K this week, I jus got a lil favor I need dun! Go to work, son!

Okay back to the Sharks offers TOP players thingy dealo. Today I notified 5 of our TOP Shark players (12,000 strong now) that they would be offered a special job on our new improved onlineshark site. This site is up but is getting a total face lift and database that will be the best Tourney portal online.

These players have not accepted my offer so the line-up could change but here they are:

Shark Legend gary812 (undisputed best Shark player ever! Including your hero)
nuf said

Tourney stud, Matt "bornsupreme" (Shark "enforcer, driver, special ops, Sharks personal grey goose pourer and strip club locator") Already a Shark backed player, BORN recently cashed in 4 out of 6 events that Shark staked him in. (nice neteller transfer, buddddee)

Only sleeps on Thursdays and likes to wake up yer hero at 4am "cutty shark, ya clown. wakeup! Bodoggie got a 3K overlay for the $11 rebuy, we can win this"

Rock Solid Matt "sweetness" unstoppable in early Shark days, busy family man w/limited time

Action Doug "connjure" Conn (semi famous magician and pro ring omaha/holdem player)

Hyper Aggressive Chip Slingin "TexasDan" (I'm pretty sure his name is Dan? Impressed Shark last week when he went toe to toe against da shark in my best game "heads up". He didn't leave unscathed but never backed down! I offered him a spot on this team later that day and he graciously accepted!

Congrats Players! If they accept their pics will be posted on our site and you will watch as they attempt to CRUSH the online Tourney NL Game.

Couple things to mention: They will not all succeed. They will all give 110% or they would not have been offered a slot. All have a ton of talent and have played hundreds (thousands gary?) of Tourneys. They may drop out of our staked players page or move on to greener pastures. I'll wish them luck and hope they always keep in touch (and wear a shark tee on the WPT). They are friends first and players second.

Now, we have 11,995 players that are disappointed. (Well 20 anyway). Heres the plan. Did I miss you killin Tourneys for the last year? Could be. I've been pretty busy. I rarely get to play with my team anymore (hate that). If you think you are better than these guys (and can prove it) send me your credentials (in word file) and I will decide if you will be on the short list of players that will replace these great players if they move on or are unsuccessful at higher stakes.

Do you know that you are not ready (yet), but want to persue Poker in a serious Professional manner soon? Save screenshots of your final tables or large cashes online, newspaper clippings (scanned) of live events or whatever. Put them in a file and send them to me. Show me you deserve my backing and a spot on our "Sharks Staked Players" page. Doug "connjure" sent me screenshots of 8 final tables in about 1 month and was my first staked player (real money events)! I don't put as much weight on Freeroll finishes as real money finishes, so keep that in mind.

These players will be our site Ambassadors and will help the newer players, answer questions and help our Army grow to be the best group of players online. People ask me what I do for a livin'? Shark: "I build Poker players" And really thats what i'm doing.

It's a good business. As my thousands of play chippers improve they get tired of "not real" poker and Freeroll "all-in fests" and 1800 player fields. They get good, deposit money and play as a Shark Network player at one of our 15 sites. As they realize that this is a pretty good side income (if they are good) and the online bonuses are huge they then move up the ranks. .50/1.00 then 1/2 then 2/4 etc. Just like I did 2 years ago. Raisinhavok' did the same and is tearin up Absolute 3/6, 6 max.

As you improve the sites pay me for all the hours I spent helping you improve and play FREE tourneys for cash money prizes. I get a commission, pennies (or maybe nickels) on each hand you play......chacha ching!. The bigger you play, the more I receive. I now kick some of that money back to strong players since i'm greedy but don't want to lose them to or signupwithmeand you'

These are very reputable players in the rakeback biz but hey, THEY don't have FREE TOURNEYS or super cool bad a$$ Shark logo shirts , do they?

As my ole friend Doyle says (great booming voice) Howdy Players this is Doyle Brunson, Welcome to our Tourney, have a great time and lets shuffle up and deal!

Can't wait to meet him! Who will introduce me? Scott?


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