Poker Road Warrior: Busy Shark.....Rummy and fueled be Starbucks grande Americano (no room)
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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Busy Shark.....Rummy and fueled be Starbucks grande Americano (no room)

I'll take a sip then add about 3 oz. of Baileys since me lil tummy sensitive to it str8. Averaging about 4 hrs sleep lately and thats about 2 short of goal and 4 short of my fav. Heard Bill Gates sleeps 3 since his mind always runnin'. Thats me lately. Course, he has made it. I'm just strugglin to "make it". Sleepin ain't overated. When in Maui I go 9 hrs and will wet the bed before I will even get up if have not reached 9. ah Maui....Thats me spot. Been to islands maybe 10 times and never gets old.

Would love to have a decent shack near beach there someday (grandkids can visit in summer, i'll teach them trip draw deuce-7, kansas city lowball, with a kill) . NO casinos in Hawaii. Yuk...Only drawback. Oh well fire up 4 sits...lets dance donks!

check out this deuce-7 trip draw action from 05 WSOP. It didnt make TV (I think) since its kinda a unknown game except to serious card players. Its really fun and a serious "bettin" game. Lotsa chips fly. I play a bit on UB (usually 2-4 or 3-6) and am gettin good. Ask Born. Jesus and Barry Greenstein go at it on this one.

WSOP Triple Draw Action (good stuff) scroll down to "see it here"

Maui...5 1/2 hr flight from Seattle (not bad) . Had a kid kick back of my chair for 5 hrs on one trip. Duct taped him (about 8 yrs old, but mean) to overhead storage bin dr and then open and closed it 60 times till he puked...okay just thought about doing that. Man, do parents even think they should control kids on planes? Its always bad.

I can run this biz and play pokah from anywhere so thats a possibility. Just need my laptop, raisin, cody, and of course my mistress (21' samsung flat screen). the rest can go to goodwill.

Real estate went thru the roof there about 2 years ago so please do me a favor today. Go to one of my sites and clik a poker banner, register as a new player and make a deposit. Play sum crazy pineapple and holdem,,,have sum fun. If you want sum tips or help email me with a few direct questions. I'll give ya sum ideas.

The blog is a hit, I guess. 2300 hits in first 10 days, Thx kids.... I knew there was a nitch for another Poker blog, just needed a new angle. Hmmmmmm. I'll be the bad grammar, no speel check, car sellin', potty mouthed semi pro online playa with a chip on his shoulder and an enforcer (BORN) so no one tries to lay the smack down on me (kiddin, I can still fight just fine if anyone wants sum). I'll be at Tulalip Casino Thursday night ($110 buyin) if ya hate me. ha!!

Speakin of enforcers. Don't that BORN pic (yesterday) look like hockeys newest heavyweight contender/enforcer. Man. I gotta give him a rayz. Who wants a piece a that guy (6-5 250). Thats about the size of todays heavyweight hockey goons too. May be a contract out there Bornholio! Can ya skate? Wheres my G. Goose, son?

Started a real job yesterday. Toyota lot I spoke of in earlier post (welcome players, I think). I'm excited about "just selling" for first time in 10 years and no babysitting messed up salesman anymore. Man, drugs, booze got many messed up. My last dealership we coulda dun a drug test but it woulda been me, the owner, and 2 lots guys left, IMO.

Great , great dealer! I know pretty quick if its a strong dealer since I have 16 year in and have worked at many dealerships. I was a "hired gun" closer/trainer so bounced arouund a bit. I like that actually. You get to learn from many good car guys and also see sum you want to stay clear of forever. Bart, Luke, Dave, Dick Campbell, Terry, Darren, General are all guys I learned a ton from. New boss (Bailey) is really fun and has serious skilz. Will do well with him watchin me back. "T' also seems strong and is other boss. I will get rollin and have fun there. With over 200 used cars its a salesmans dream. Aother 200 new Toyotas makes this a juicy game. It will be hard doing 2 jobs but i'm hiring help and puttin my grrrrs to work to.

Was impessed with GM that interviewed me as well. You don't become best dealer in big city without having a good GM. All say he is fair but firm and thats how I like it. Never had anyone grill me so hard on an interview. Man, he was tough. Most take my pulse (hmmm, you are alive) and ask if I can pass a drug test, then make a nice offer. Lyle told me I might not make it there! ha! I said you must have not read my resume?? ha! He was just testin me, I do it when I interviewed salesman in the past. Its a great organization. Can I do both jobs and keep a wife? Sure, just gotta hire prob.

Need a car/truck or need help with difficult dealership? Email me with questions or I will give you link to my huge inventory. oops gotta run, off to sell a truck...


At 6:09 PM, Blogger BrennanT said...

Knowing Shark for awhile, if you are local, go and see him for a rig... it will be well worth it. Straight (no pun) forward deal with him, friends!

Keep up the good work man.



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