Poker Road Warrior: New player ideas from yer ole pal Sharkeeee
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Thursday, October 13, 2005

New player ideas from yer ole pal Sharkeeee

Shark members, read previous post for IMPORTANT info on our Tour!

This is a reply to a new rake back player (girlfriend of one of my best players). I try to drop a few "words of wisdom" on newer players when I have time, since this game can be difficult if you don't strive to be great. Everyone gets banged up as they move up. I fell back a level several times as I climbed the poker ladder.

I need long term players. If you get good, you will grow to love this great game, enjoy the extra trips it pays for and receive huge bonus and rakeback each month.

Plus the Shark convention (spring, reno or vegas) will be a gas. ----)"PLUG"(---- email me with "interested shark conventioner" in subject line. Growing list and we gonna have sum fun. Live tourneys against Shark legend gary812 or Sharks right hand man (enforcer, hockey goon, Matt "bornsupreme").

Maybe even semi famous Magician Doug "connjure" Conn will make yer chippies disappear as you search for answers (and yer hole cards) ha! "? Get outa town! Gonna be a blast. Lee "cev", Guy "pokpadre", Norman "luvs 2 gamble", "ugothosed", local Vegas legend Ed Matanane (knocked out Scott Fischman, then smack talked him, I heard Scott filed a complaint with support, hahaha), "sweetness", Paul and Rose Marie Lane, Prince Sheba, Takoa, V. Reid, and FLA madman (and new Shark Network partner) fast talkin', stack movin' Alex "hawk" Logan will be in attendence...Many more great friends I have made will be there.

Manly hugs will be tolerated for first day festivities only. Then we gonna play sum Pokah, donks! Sit n gos, Tourneys and good food will be had by all! All in attendence will score Shark swag (gifts), I am searching for my gunny sack race partner and have several lovely choices! Still in negotiations with the warden on the "nekkid" theme of gunny sack races, however. So far i'm wearin my speedos but talks continue. If you would enjoy being my gunny sack partner please write in and tell me why you a sick puppy. Grrrs only please.....

Don't miss your opportunity to see "BORN" get looped up and say to me lil bride "raisinhavok" "are those real missus sharky" or "why you marry a bald, one toofed land shark, you hot!?"

We are really excited to meet all our new friends!

Okay, back to Julies email:

Hi Julie!

Thx for the info. Now I process it. A rare free day today so will get you rollin and email back later today with needed data to get you in under me.

Hope James takes you somewhere nice with huge referral he gets! I hope its huge anyhoo, lol.

You have a good teacher there and I recommend getting PT if you desire to be great. Good habits early are a huge key in this game. If you don't get really good you will lose often, get bored and quit. Just my 2 cents. Good habits early is by far most important thing for a new player.

I hate play chips for new players (pick up bad habits). Playing 2 or 3 tables early is good also. Helps with variance and also adds to rakeback and bonus eating. These are 2 very important things (James is seeing that when he gets $400 from me in a few days (much more on Nov 15th). You need this added cashish to even out the rough spots that we all have (I struggle just like James (we all do) and its difficult when some nights you can't beat inferior players).

I'm still trying to find a mouse like my fav one that I destroyed after 2 runner runners by serious donks in HUGE pots.Wife is the construction crew at my house (shes awesum) and didnt appreciate hole in wall I made, either! ha! You just can't WIN some days! But then my rake check comes! That covers 3 or 4 horrible nights and I get back in the saddle. Remember this when you get pounded (cause you will get pounded) These bad players need to book a few wins (or they would never come back). We need these ATM's! That is why the online game is sooooo good. A never ending stream of horrible players that will never read books, discuss strategy or use PT. They just wanna play! hahahahahha. They don't wanna play after meeting me short handed. I work on my game, and am not satisfied with being real good.

I have over 4000 free downloads of PT in my 1 year as a online shark. Only 4 have purchased! This proves my point. Most will not dedicate to being GREAT. Hope you will. If you just wanna have sum fun thats coolio tooo!

As you improve feel free to email questions, or you can always pick James brain.

I'm going to post this on my blog cause I have many new players. email your size and ill send ya a tee since i'm using this onsite.

Cheers, Shark


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