Poker Road Warrior: Vegas Run with the Sharkettes
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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Vegas Run with the Sharkettes

We did Vegas last month. Was for daughters 21st birffday.

Since the warden and stepdaughter had plans for chippendales and shopping I decided to play sum long sessions. Played well except last nite got 2 drunky and lost 4 hundo. +700 in about 30 hours in 3 days was the final tally. All NL now. I had not been that drunk in 20 years and would like to apologize to all I played with at Imperial Palace on our last night. I partook in several of the fremont street crown royal shooters and with about 10 hrs sleep in 3 days I was plastered.

One fun hand I do remember. Wifey decides to play NL for the first time. I bet pre, she raises, 2 callers and I reraise with A3o. We lose one and 3 of us see floppage of 7 8 2. I say "if I check will you bet?" She says yes so I check, she bets pot, other lagg folds and I reraise again. She folds JJ face up and I show the bluff. Now I never show except this night i'm really drunk and want to test the strength of our marriage. I also want to show her that NL is different then limit and guys will sense scared players and will bet them outa the pot. She was a lil hot here but I apologized and reminded her that i'm drunky. The guys at the table really enjoyed this bluff, hi 5's all around (after she left the table). She says I scarred her for life and won't play NL again. I think she should stick to Limit for now so I won't argue.

Played sum 2/5 mostly 1/2. Much less variance and game is improving. I told the grrrls I would definately go to "Thunder Down Under" but Chippendales was a stretch. The warden caught a ripped Chippendales man beater tee so shes got that framed now in our den.

Games in Vegas are incredibly good, especially late at nite.

Played 16 hours on arrival, Mirage 1/2 NL. Dead even. Brutal. Earned a buffet, lol. The Mirage Buffet (Cravings I think?) is weak IMO. No King Crab, very limited desserts. Free always works though. Eat at the back in the bar, cool barkeep (forgot name, hispanic guy) and great service. Gave him large tippage. Had not ate or slept in over 24 hours so I walked back to Ballys and crashed hard. I hate Ballys and won't stay there again. To long of a walk to the street and grumpy employees everywhere. At check in we had requested (2 months prior) 2 queen beds/non smoking and got 1 queen a rollaway and a stinky smokers room. The guy at the desk basically said tuff shit and his manager said the same only way nicer. I said no problem, lots of good hotels in this town, we won't be back.

Nite 2 I trapped a donk at the 2/5 Rio. I knew he was my huckleberry after a few hands. Set trap and felted him for about $400 1/2 hr in. poker fun.

Best dinner was at the Sushi Bar at Treasure Island. Its called "Social House." Again ate at the bar with great service from a fun and cool barkeep. Try the filet mignon sliders and sashimi plate. Ohh boy....Dinner for 3 with 6 drinks about $170 with tippage. Very fast service and the bait was excellent. I had a few Belvedere/tonics and they were stiffies.

If anyone is still reading this blog help yer ole buddy Sharkee out and post a lil in our forum. I'd like to keep it alive if possible.

I'm still looking for some guest blog posters. If you have a good story, strategy article or trip report let me know. I'll send sum nice shark gear your way.

This week i'm working with Pokerstars, and AP for some new tourneys. Check back for more on that next week.


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