Poker Road Warrior: Shark prepares to "throw down" , Heads up today.....
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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Shark prepares to "throw down" , Heads up today.....

With skilled Shark warrior and recent Tour Stop WINNER ME_Josh! Thats right donks, ME_Shark vs. ME_Josh HU at great new OnlineShark site Pokershare today. I was too busy Friday and he was duckin' yer feared HU Champ (and hero) yesterday. Its on today, Joshie....

Standard, Shark Heads up Steel Cage Death Match 4 outa 7 (u gonna need more then a coin flip to beat me, leak). If Josh wins (hard to type with a str8 face) he picks up a $50 online cashish transfer (at, ha!) from yer tired and broken down 2/4 playin (kill), ensure slurpin' leader. He also has prepared a caption to go below his pic on our redesigned site (will be up very soon).

As will be our std. HU challenge he can make fun of Shark in a few choice word, (within reasonable taste). How bout "I took his smack talkin, one toofed act down. It was like a knife thru butta" or sum shyt like dat.

Of course if"ME" or "Josh" if you prefer (ha!), loses Shark will have a few choice words for his lagg a$$ (caption below Josh pic) after he falls victim to the onslaught of raises and traps that signals the demise of another unprepared Shark member (get HU on Pokershare SNG's now and practice for a month like I did, donks).

Watch for Shark on your Ultimate Buddy software ( screen name _steamrayz_ ) today and watch our $5 sit n go table "throw down" This is not for the Intercontinental Championship but should be fun. Root against Shark, Josh needs yer support! Smack talkin allowed and may even receive a tee-shirt! Smack directed at Shark is always cool, but if you follow it up with "uh umm...just jokin Shark" or "you said we could smack on ya right, Shark" you will never receive anything free. This is weak smack and not encouraged.

I'm still on vacation (on the road in Oregon) but will check in every few hours to get this match in (there is a biz center at the Hotel, so I can check emails after check out, noon PST).

See last post for a nice update on "raisinhavok, thestudent (feared Shark playa), and Sharkys holdem play last night at great Poker room Spirit Mtn, Grande Ronde, OR.

Good luck to all my players (Absolute Tourney starts in 1 hr) that play today. Should be about 450 entries at our favorite Tour site and most loyal supporter AP! Thx to all the great staff at this premier Poker destination located in beautiful Costa Rica! Raisin and I will be there soon to beg for FREE drinks/lobster din dins from the wealthy yung fellers that run this outstanding site! Staff there (merange dancin' great support lady, Flor; always prompt Asst Tourney director Richard and legendary Tourney Mgr. Gian have been supporting our efforts since the start of this adventure 13 months ago. They continue to help our members daily and we are reciprocating with lots of deposits and play at their cool site.

As one site told me (no names will be mentioned, PARADISE, Affiliate Mgr STEVEN FREUND) you don't have any good players they are all .25/.50 players, we expected lots of deposits and ring play! And, sorry we can't support your Tourneys (after one event!, ha!). I quickly realized Paradise would not support our members. We played 1 event there and left (pulled all banners, also). While I was lookin for BORN or GAR! to visit this tool to have a lil chit chat about how we need a month (or 3) to build up play at a site, Absolute continued to help, support and add big money to our events. Joshua, and Noble Poker did the same. Joshua is now our rep at Titan and continues his great help. Joshua is a yung buck from NY that now lives in Israel (Where Titan runs ops).

I think its funny when Affiliate Reps/Mgrs. balk at adding $200 bucks for us to visit. Most have huge ad budgets and make a ton of cashish. Would you give me $200 to promote your Poker site to 12,000 up and coming Poker players? I am a pretty good promoter, no one denies that. I think its a great investment (for the future) and don't ask for money to go to me, just our event. Dear Mr Affiliate Rep., Will you be disappointed when I have 50,000 players and want $1000 min. for a freeroll? Will you wish you treated us better then? ha! Great game! I love it!

Coming soon...PokerBlue conference call confirms their $500 added commitment to our first tourney there! Banners and links as soon as I get back to my office. Also, has committed to 2 - Monte Carlo $110 buyin entries for our first event there! These Satellite slots will be the theme of our new redesigned site, (coming soon). Each event will have satellite entries so that our members will have a shot at Aruba, Paris, Monte Carlo Trips and other great Tourney events. I am sending players to the WPT also on this site (I hope)!

Who's going to win the first trip? Do you want it? Should be a fun site. Heads up tourneys, omaha, triple draw deuce-7, ladies only events, 6 seated events, limit events and more are on the slate at this site.

More rants on Paradise.....

Please do not support Paradise Poker. I hope that someday they will replace this affiliate mgr and then we will take another run at Paradise. 700 Poker sites, we get respect and help or will quickly move on. As we grow we will get better offers and not have to deal with tool boxes. To be fair, Paradise is known for being a good site (ho hum software) with good customer service (rare in this biz).

Where are you Joshie? Here lil fella....i'm online and ready to throw.....down....son! Do not try any a dat weak/tight Hellmuth stuff on me today or it won't be perdy.

My bride, Raisinhavok says hi.....cya soon, Shark


At 3:12 PM, Blogger Poker Dreamer said...

Hey Steve. Been at PokBlue for maybe 2 months now. Never seen a forum freeroll there yet? You da Man.

Still got my $600 bonus to clear there (good grief its tough to clear there). Tell me your screen name there; I'll be sure to avoid you in the cash games ;)

Note: lots of donks in the cash games. At least in the $2-4 and $3-6. Traffic is kind of low there so it will be easy to remember the donks. So far, turned my $600 in $1952 as we speak ($158.04 from bonus; $250 from a Tourny; rest are from Ring games).

Tournys are alot harder though. Will make good practice. If you haven't set up an account yet, I have a banner at my site (Looked hard for a rakeback to this site but no go)



At 7:09 PM, Blogger Poker Road Warrior said...

Appreciate the site review Joe! I need input to make decisions on where we play!




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